The Convenience of Telephone or Skype Coaching*

telephone and skype coachingFor anyone who finds face-to-face coaching too uncomfortable when discussing personal issues, telephone & Skype coaching provides the opportunity to share concerns freely without any awkwardness or unease. Jonathan Conway has found that when someone is in need of guidance it is often easier to open up at a distance rather than in person during an in-situ session.

Coaching by telephone or via Skype gives the opportunity to schedule sessions without compromising work or personal commitments and can be the ideal solution for busy executives who find it difficult to take time out from pressing responsibilities. Geographic restrictions are removed and time zones permitting, coaching sessions can be pre-arranged whenever resolution is sought to overcome an obstacle which may be self-limiting.

Jonathan is well aware that when faced with a crucial decision you may be located far from your home base and feel isolated with the choices that need to be made.

Skype or telephone coaching offers the convenience to seek help when the need arises without the cost or time limitations of travelling to keep an appointment. Many also find they are more at ease and less distracted in the familiar surroundings of their physical comfort zone.

Whether you find yourself at a crossroads in your life and need direction to find the best way forward, or are seeking help to improve performance and personal development, distance coaching by telephone or via Skype can be extremely effective. It’s often difficult to ask for advice from work colleagues, friends or family who may be unable to advise impartially. Coaching in a virtual environment can of course be alternated with face-to-face sessions at the Conway Practice, tailored to your individual needs and circumstances.

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