The Benefits of Life Coaching via Skype or Telephone*

If you are facing a new challenge in your life or have lost sight of your life goals and want to get back on track, Skype or telephone coaching provides valuable help without interrupting a busy schedule or the inconvenience of travelling. At your convenience and a pre-agreed time, life coaching sessions with Jonathan Conway will cover all the relevant aspects of your life both personal and professional, enabling you to maximise your true potential.

We all have the ability to create change, but at times life can become out of focus with no clear direction on the way forward. For anyone who finds it difficult to express feelings and concerns in a face-to-face setting, coaching via Skype or telephone increases a feeling of privacy from the comfort of the home, or wherever you feel at ease. During the first session, Jonathan will explore what is holding you back from achieving your aspirations and how you can progress.

If anxiety is limiting your success at work or in personal relationships, the stress triggers will be identified and new coping mechanisms introduced.

Any lack of self-belief can be addressed, creating a more positive mindset which will enable a clearer understanding of how opportunities can be seized when they come along. Understanding how to improve your communication skills and manage complex relationships in the work-place or socially will potentially lead to  less conflict and greater harmony.

Perhaps you feel have been stuck in the wrong career path and have now reached a cross-roads, concerned as to whether you should try to make the best of the life you have or to follow your ambitions. It’s common to be coerced while under familial pressure to take a direction that has been chosen for you, leaving you to later discover that this isn’t what you want. Although it may be difficult to seek advice from those who are emotionally connected to you, the Conway Practice provides impartial life coaching which will enable you to recognise that it’s never too late to change gear and begin a new journey with the confidence and courage to pursue your inner callings.

Telephone or Skype coaching with Jonathan Conway is available wherever you are, when you most need it and can be followed up with face-to-face sessions if required.

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