Help to stop smoking in Stoptober with hypnotherapy*

hypnosis to stop smokingAs we enter the month of Stoptober, this may well be an excellent time to take up the challenge and stop smoking for good. With this 28 day period as an incentive, hypnotherapy can help you to quit the habit by increasing your motivation and providing the support needed to achieve your goal to become a non-smoker*

Hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice focuses on the psychological dependence, enabling you to recognise this is more than simply a physical addiction to nicotine. During hypnosis sessions with Jonathan, he will discuss earlier circumstances in your life when you were drawn to trying your first cigarette and how the habit then developed.* Your conscious mind may have filtered out these memories, but when you are in a deeply relaxed hypnotic state you will be more open to recall any past experiences which have long been repressed.*

Perhaps you grew up in a family environment where smoking was habitual and this is likely to have been a significant influence in smoking cigarettes during adolescence. Peer pressure may also play a part when experimenting together becomes a form of rebellion against authority figures and helps to bond with the group. Sharing even a bad habit, often continues into adulthood and becomes a lifestyle without any conscious awareness of the reason for it.

Jonathan will help to you overcome the habit of smoking, which can be more difficult to break than the nicotine dependence.* Once the sub-conscious triggers are identified, it will become easier to recognise specific times and situations where you automatically feel the need to light a cigarette. This may be when you are angry or anxious and want to calm down, or during social gatherings with the re-association of sharing and wanting to be accepted. In being provided with help to stop smoking with hypnotherapy, you will understand how to develop positive coping-mechanisms to deal with stress and any lack of self-esteem, enabling you to focus on a healthier and smoke-free future.*

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