How hypnotherapy in Harley Street can help to reduce exam stress*

hypnotherapy for exam stressFeeling nervous before any testing situation is normal, but if anxiety becomes out of control and adversely affects performance, hypnotherapy in Harley Street can help to reduce the level of stress and increase concentration.*  Managing exam stress not only applies to academic evaluations, but is also relevant when preparing for a driving test or an interview when under pressure to achieve a positive result.

At the Conway Practice before using hypnosis, Jonathan will assess your level of anxiety and why you fear failure.* This may be due to undue demands for high standards of achievement from parents or tutors. Within the family comparisons to siblings can trigger feelings of inferiority, believing you will be unable to live up to expectations.

If you have under-achieved during a test in the past, negative thought patterns stored deeply in the sub-conscious are likely to result in the misconception that failure will continue in all similar situations in the future. During hypnosis while the mind is relaxed and more open to positive suggestions, changing how past experiences have been interpreted.* If impressions left by others that you will not be able to succeed, hypnotherapy in Harley Street will help you to recognise that these are the thoughts of others and are not your own or reality.*

Stress can affect your well-being, causing sleepless nights, poor appetite and physical reactions such as increased heart rate, nausea, panic attacks and palpitations. Hypnotherapy can enable you to challenge the destructive thoughts that have contributed to your lack of self-belief.* Anxiety when faced with an exam can be due to being overly concerned that others will think less of you if you fail.

Hypnotherapy in Harley Street is a safe and effective way in which to manage your stress levels and improve self confidence.* Calming methods and coping mechanisms can be used to approach an exam or an interview with a positive attitude, focusing on your ability to succeed, even while under pressure. When the mind is at ease, memory recall is enhanced and negative thoughts eliminated, changing your perception and putting you back in control.

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Stop smoking with hypnotherapy in Harley Street*

hypnosis to stop smokingHow can hypnotherapy in Harley Street help you to stop smoking?* If you are a long-term smoker, you may well have found that quitting is extremely challenging, both mentally and physically. Overcoming the nicotine dependence is only part of the problem and is often relatively short lived in comparison with the hand to mouth habit. Hypnotherapy deals with the deeper issues regarding the subconscious prompts which trigger the need to light a cigarette.*

During sessions in hypnosis at the Conway Practice, Harley Street, Jonathan Conway will help you to recognise the reasons behind your need to smoke and to trace the origins of your habit.* Nicotine can quickly become highly addictive, with cravings affecting the brain’s dopamine pathways and although a smoker can begin to use cigarettes as a stress relieving solution, smoking actually increases tension and anxiety giving only brief relief.

If you first began to smoke in order to mirror your peers during the teenage years, you may continue with the habit as a form of social bonding. Exchanging cigarettes is ritualised behaviour as a form of sharing and communication and can replace the need for conversation when lacking social skills and self-confidence.

Hypnotherapy can assist in re-programming any misconception of your self-worth which may have developed over a number of years, replacing negative beliefs with new coping mechanisms.*

You will have become conditioned to situations where you are unable to smoke, such as on a flight or when in a public place. Hypnotherapy in Harley Street will enable you to identify the times where you are at your most vulnerable to reaching for a cigarette and adjust your routine accordingly.* Lifestyle changes will allow you to disassociate smoking with certain activities and times during the day. A healthier regime can be introduced to manage your stress and any negative mood changes and with the help of hypnotherapy your resolve to quit smoking can be strengthened and maintained.*

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Control weight with hypnotherapy in Harley Street*

The Conway Practice - Hypnotherapy for weight lossIf you have been trying to lose weight without success, can you relate to the following scenario? You decide to manage your eating regime by only buying healthy foods; vegetables, fruit and salads, only to leave them uneaten while you continue to eat food which has contributed to your weight gain. If you associate eating with comfort, boredom or stress, hypnotherapy in Harley Street can help with your weight loss by enabling you to re-programme any negative association which may be weakening your resolve.*

During hypnosis, Jonathan will encourage you to recognise the issues behind your relationship with food.*  These may well have developed over a considerable period of time and can often be traced back to early eating habits, resulting in certain foods representing comfort later into adulthood. This non-conscious attachment can be used as form of emotional comfort to alleviate loneliness and a lack of social interaction, low self-esteem and anxiety.

Distance memories stored in the subconscious mind can be a nostalgic recall of when food was given as a reward or a pacifier. However, the common habit of not wasting food and having to clear your plate even when you are no longer hungry can continue to be an automatic response, resulting in a pattern of overeating and the subsequent weight gain. Hypnotherapy in Harley Street will address the difference between emotional and physical hunger, helping you to identify the sensory cues which are responsible for any negative eating habits.*


Once these subconscious triggers are identified, routines with food association can be changed, such mindless eating while watching TV where there is no awareness of how much is being consumed. Hypnotherapy for weight loss can help you to adopt a more positive relationship with food, by establishing the root cause of any anxiety or negative emotions, introducing new coping mechanisms which will result in a healthy eating regime.*

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How hypnotherapy in Harley Street can help with public speaking*

public-speakingA fear of public speaking is believed to one of the most common phobias. At the Conway Practice in Harley Street, the reason behind the anxiety can be identified with the help of hypnotherapy.* While you are in the deeply relaxed state of hypnosis, Jonathan will discuss any negative thinking and why you may be focusing more on failure than achievement.*

These negative thoughts may have become an automatic response to a challenging situation, speaking in front of an audience perhaps where you are putting yourself under the spotlight and afraid of being judged. An audience by no means has to be a large group of people, as speech anxiety can be experienced when faced with talking to anyone where you feel out of your comfort zone. Social gatherings may be stressful if you are worried that you’ll say the wrong thing, making it difficult to interact comfortably with others.

Jonathan Conway will help you to re-trace your past experiences to find the key to your fears. Hypnotherapy in Harley Street enables the memories stored within the subconscious to be reconstructed, recreating past events which may have been long forgotten on a conscious level.* A fear of speaking in public may well be due to a seemingly insignificant incident which has left a profound and lasting affect on your confidence and self-esteem. You may have felt under scrutiny in the classroom and dreaded being asked to read aloud or to present your course work in front of your classmates, or stumbled over your words in an important interview.

A speech anxiety is beyond simply being shy and is often debilitating, with physical symptoms such as panic attacks, nausea and an increased heart rate as a result of the raised adrenalin and the ‘fight, flight or freeze’ mode.   Relaxed breathing strategies and calming methods can greatly reduce stress levels, ensuring you are calm and comfortable before you start to speak.* Negative self-talk can be replaced with positive thinking exercises, giving you the confidence to face situations where your voice needs to be heard, without fear.*

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Help to manage anxiety with Hypnotherapy in Harley Street*

Help to manage anxiety with Hypnotherapy in Harley StreetContrary to common opinion, not all stress is bad for us and positive stress with the raised level of adrenalin can be energising and motivating and is what drives us to succeed when challenged and to accomplish goals. However, when negative stress takes us outside of our coping abilities, performance levels decrease and anxiety affects both physical and emotional well-being. Hypnotherapy in Harley Street can help to cope with stressful situations by addressing the negative stressors, enabling you to build on the available positive resources*

During hypnotherapy sessions in Harley Street at the Conway Practice, Jonathan will determine whether your stress is due to external pressures, such as excessive demands at work, conflicts with colleagues or job insecurity and financial worries.* Distress caused by external circumstances can be managed with a combination of life coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnosis.* Any negative self-talk or counter-productive behaviour which has limited performance will be addressed and communication skills improved.*

Stressors can also be linked to internal unresolved issues resulting in life-restricting phobias, habitual behaviour and an unhealthy anxiety level. Although phobias are irrational fear reactions, they can nonetheless have a severe impact on daily life. This is especially so when the object or situation can’t be easily avoided. A travel phobia for example may not only limit air travel, but can also affect the ability to commute to the workplace, attend business meetings or visit family.

Social anxiety can put a strain on relationships with the avoidance of all social interaction, resulting in isolation. Relaxation methods introduced during hypnosis will help you deal with the way in which you approach stressful situations.* Your perception of stress which may well have developed over a considerable period of time, can be changed to a positive perspective. Hypnotherapy in Harley Street provides both support and recovery, transforming bad stress responses into adaptive and positive ones.*

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Help to reduce executive stress with hypnotherapy in Harley Street*

Friends and family may believe that the solution to managing executive stress is to take a holiday. For many however who are struggling to overcome work related anxiety, downtime may actually increase stress levels when deadlines and staff performance are no longer in their control. If you find yourself in this situation, being able to fully switch off from work issues and relax can become a challenge, adding only more pressure when holiday companions resent the fact that your mind is elsewhere. Hypnotherapy in Harley Street at the Conway Practice can help to relieve executive stress by introducing new coping mechanisms and relaxation techniques.*


During hypnosis you will be guided to focus on yourself and your own well-being.* You may have set unrealistic targets in an attempt to prove that you are worthy of the role you’ve undertaken. Social and financial pressures frequently have a negative affect on performance, with the fear that others are reliant on your achievements. Living up to the expectations of those who are dependant on you can be extremely stressful. Although there maybe an outward appearance of confidence, if there is an inner lack of self-belief it can be difficult to admit that you need support from colleagues and family members.


With executive coaching, improved communication techniques and more efficient time management skills, potentially harmful stressors can be reduced and then eliminated. Hypnotherapy is a completely safe and natural way in which to manage anxiety which has become counter-productive and is undermining your natural abilities.* Jonathan will help you to regain a sense of control and motivation, establishing a far more healthy work-home life balance.*

Harley Street Hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice

Hypnotherapy in Harley StreeyAs we enter a new year, it’s often a time of reflection on the achievements or regrets during the past 12 months. For those who feel there are personal or professional issues which need to be resolved, Harley Street hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice provides the opportunity to take make significant life-style changes and to re-take control of any areas which have been lacking in focus and direction.*

During the first consultation, Jonathan Conway will explain that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach with hypnotherapy. Phobias for example, such as a fear of flying, public speaking or social anxiety can share a common trigger which the conscious mind may be unaware of. Hypnosis in Harley Street enables access to the subconscious where negative experiences have been stored, resurfacing each time a similar situation arises.* For anyone faced with their phobia, avoidance may bring temporary relief, but when occurring on a daily basis this can be extremely disruptive and self-limiting.

Once these triggers have been identified, hypnosis can be applied to remove the learned response, whether this is something inherited from someone else or due to a traumatic incident in your own past. Fear and anxiety are self-sabotaging and dis-empowering and hypnotherapy can very effectively help you to recognise the origin of your fears and to re-programme negative thought patterns held in the subconscious. In seeking relief from anxiety or stress, hypnosis can change the way in which you react to stressors, with the power to increase confidence and creativity.*

Negative habits may have formed over a considerable length of time and be due to many different factors. Hypnosis can be applied to bridge the gap between the conscious and sub-conscious mind, enabling habitual behaviour such as compulsive eating or smoking to be understood and overcome.*  At the Conway Practice, hypnotherapy in Harley Street will help you to introduce new coping mechanisms, overcome obstacles that have been holding you back and achieve your ambitions for the year ahead.*

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How Hypnotherapy in Harley Street can Help Achieve Positive Change*

Hypnotherapy in Harley StreeyWhat can you expect from hypnotherapy in Harley Street at The Conway Practice?

If you know little about the benefits of hypnosis, it may come as a surprise that help is available which could bring positive change if you are underachieving or have psychologically related issues which are having a negative affect in your professional or personal life.*

Problems can be due to habits which have built up over a number of years and have proved difficult to break. This includes the hand to mouth habits of smoking or overeating, both of which are automatic responses to subconscious triggers. During the hypnosis sessions in Harley Street, Jonathan will help you to identify and trace the roots of any compulsive behaviour and introduce new coping mechanisms.* Stress is often responsible for a reliance on alcohol or an addiction to harmful substances such as nicotine. Hypnotherapy provides a safe environment where any anxiety can be managed, enabling you to overcome behavioural problems which have been disrupting your life.*

Phobic reactions are generally deeply rooted in the subconscious, often with no conscious awareness of the original cause. Phobias due to a traumatic event can be passed on by parents or a fear of flying for instance may be instigated by a disaster movie or a report of an air accident in the media. There can however be a combination of phobias, including social anxiety, a fear of enclosed spaces (claustrophobia), or a sense of panic when you are away from a place that represents safety.

Hypnosis enables the unconscious mind to desensitise and re-programme negative thought patterns.* Hypnotherapy in Harley Street with Jonathan Conway can help you to eliminate any self-sabotaging behaviour and learn how to practice visualisation and relaxation techniques which will ensure you are on track to achieve positive change.*

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Overcome Executive Stress with Hypnotherapy in Harley Street*

Who do you turn to when you’re experiencing stress at executive level? Friends and family members may not fully understand the pressure you are under, even though they may be aware of the negative affect this is having on your professional and personal life. There may be a reluctancy to open up to work colleagues with the concern of appearing inadequate and unable to meet the demands of the role.

Help for executive stress with hypnotherapy in Harley Street at the Conway Practice provides a confidential and supportive solution to managing your anxiety without the dependence on medication, alcohol or other potentially addictive substances.* Hypnosis induces a comfortable and relaxed state of mind, similar to a day-dream where you remain in fully control and are aware of what is going on around you.* During this two way process between yourself and Jonathan, time will be taken to determine what issues you are facing and what your concerns are, both professionally and personally.* Stress in the workplace invariably impacts on social and family life and is often fuelled by deeper feelings of low self-esteem, lack of confidence and the concern that you may let others down.

During the sessions in hypnotherapy, Jonathan will assist you in recognising any negative behavioural patterns held in your sub-conscious which have been blocking the achievement of your full potential.* Hypnosis will enable you to trace back distant memories of instances in the past when your abilities were doubted; perhaps by parents or authority figures.* Stress and a high level of anxiety causes both emotional and physical strain, impacting on general health and well-being. Hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice can help you to focus on your goals with increased motivation and develop new coping mechanisms for managing stressful situations in a positive way.*

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Manage Stress With the Help of Hypnotherapy in Harley Street*

Stress for many can be overwhelming with an impact on everyday life both professionally and socially. At the Conway Practice in Harley Street help to manage stress and anxiety with hypnotherapy can enable you to deal with the pressures you have been experiencing.* The weight of responsibility and meeting deadlines or set targets in the workplace for example can be a daily occurrence, making it difficult to switch off and relax when the day ends.

This work-day stress is likely to have a domino affect, impacting on home life and limiting enjoyment in leisure activities. You may find it difficult to explain to friends and family why you have no energy or are impatient and short-tempered at times. When anxiety is constant this can result in a dependence on alcohol or medication in an attempt to cope with the pressure, but while the symptoms may be masked this won’t address the underlying issues. Stress overload isn’t simply emotional and commonly results in physical ailments such as high blood pressure, loss of appetite with poor digestion and difficulty in sleeping. Hypnotherapy can help you to re-programme any negative thoughts and worries that are stored deep in the subconscious, increasing confidence and self-worth*

During hypnosis, Jonathan will approach your concerns by uncovering the route cause of your stress and tension and identify why you have been finding this difficult to deal with.* It can be the result of feeling of not living up to everyone’s expectations and of being considered a failure, especially if you are the main provider. Hypnotherapy will enable you to deal with the stressors in your life differently by using techniques such as relaxation and positive visualisation.*

There is no one size fits all approach in managing stress with hypnotherapy and Jonathan assesses each person individually and their unique lifestyle. He will show you how to tap into your positive resources and bring them into your conscious mind, drawing on these whenever emotions seem overwhelming.*

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