How self-esteem can be improved with hypnotherapy in Brighton*

Hypnotherapy in BrightonLack of confidence and self-worth can have a negative impact on your life, especially if this triggers social anxiety. With hypnotherapy in Brighton at the Conway Practice, self-worth can be greatly improved by addressing any misconceptions that are embedded in the subconscious mind.*

If your inner voice is overly critical your ability to perform well professionally or to  communicate socially is likely to be restricted, with the belief that you will be perceived by others as inferior. This may cause you to believe that you lack the ability to progress in your career, or to avoid social situations where you feel out of your comfort zone. Hypnosis provides a powerful therapeutic access to reach the root cause of irrational and unhealthy thoughts which have developed over time.* These can often be traced back to early childhood and are a result of past experiences or traumas. Low self-esteem may for example be linked to an unfair comparison with siblings, to other high achievers in the family or to peers and are a response to negative messages which are then stored in the unconscious mind.

Social anxiety is often a result of an overwhelming feeling that others won’t accept you into the group, that you will be seen as an outsider and are not likeable. You may then try to avoid building relationships where you believe you will be seen as a failure. During hypnotherapy sessions in Brighton with Jonathan, your mind will be in a relaxed state of heightened awareness and more open to positive suggestion, changing any negative perspective of your self-worth.* An increase in self-esteem results in empowerment and the ability to overcome the automatic responses which have limited achievement and inhibited relationships. Hypnotherapy can reverse negative beliefs and introduce new coping mechanisms which will enable you to finally achieve your true potential.*

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Manage your fear of flying with hypnotherapy in Brighton*

If you experience overwhelming anxiety when faced with air travel, hypnotherapy in Brighton at the Conway Practice can help to overcome a fear of flying and other travel phobias, enabling you to enjoy the journey.* You may not be aware of the origin of your fear, which may well have been triggered by an insignificant incident or negative influence. During hypnosis it is easier to access the memories stored deeply within the sub-conscious and bring them to the surface where they can be recognised and dealt with.*

Contrary to common belief, a fear of flying often isn’t a fear of the aircraft crashing, but is often a combination of phobias including claustrophobia or social anxiety. It can also be related to feeling out of control and trusting a stranger unconditionally to get you to your destination. The awareness that it’s not going to be possible to stop the aeroplane and get off, is likely to only increase the level of anxiety. The increase in adrenalin, triggering the (ironically) ‘flight or fight’   reaction often starts well before boarding the aircraft as anticipatory anxiety. The thought of being in a large crowd in unfamiliar surroundings can provoke a feeling of panic well before arriving at the airport.

Your non-conscious mind may have been conditioned to believe that any unpleasant incident while travelling in the past will be repeated. Even something disconnected to personal experience such a disaster movie or a news report can condition the belief that you will have the same experience. During the hypnotherapy sessions Jonathan will help you not only determine how your discomfort started but also why it has continued to exist. Introducing new coping strategies including relaxation and controlled breathing techniques, will enable you to build on your natural resources and overcome your travel fears.*

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Help with hypnotherapy in Brighton to overcome a fear of public speaking*

public-speakingYou may have the assumption that a fear of public speaking is only relevant when faced with a large audience. In fact for anyone with this speech phobia it can be triggered whenever they are required to speak in front of others in a situation where they feel out of their comfort zone. Hypnotherapy in Brighton at the Conway Practice can help to manage this fear by identifying the origin of the phobia.*

If you are experiencing extreme anxiety which is self-limiting, during hypnosis Jonathan Conway will help you to address the reasons why you are finding public speaking both emotionally and physiologically challenging.* While your conscious mind is relaxed and more receptive to positive resolution you may well be able to recall the first incident when you were speaking and became overwhelmed with negative thoughts. This may have been something relatively insignificant, such as coughing or stumbling briefly over your words. The subconscious mind then records this memory, triggering the feeling that this will occur again.

Frequently the speech anxiety is due to a fear of being judged on what you have to say and how you are presenting this. A lack of self-belief can be the result of criticism in the classroom, or of being compared with more confident siblings. Unless dealt with, opportunities and promotion in your professional life may be inhibited, if interviews and putting forward ideas and proposals become something you either do your best to avoid or endure the best you can.

So what are you most afraid of? Are you overly concerned that so much depends on your delivery being understood and approved, or that you will ruin a celebratory occasion if your speech doesn’t go to plan. Hypnotherapy in Brighton & Hove can help you to visualise yourself as relaxed and confident, focusing on what you have to say instead of what your audience are thinking.* Controlled breathing exercises will assist in lowering an increased heart beat and reducing physical tension.

Contrary to belief, anyone listening to you is unlikely to be aware of your fear. ‘Stage fright’ for example is common within the performing arts, but the audience may well be completely oblivious to your distress. By introducing new coping-mechanisms you will appreciate how negative self-statements can be replaced with pro-active and positive beliefs. Public speaking in whatever form, will then  become non-threatening with a new perspective and the ability to greatly improve your communication skills without a fear of failure.*  For more information or to book an appointment call Jonathan Conway today on 07956 855027

Help to manage executive stress with hypnotherapy in Brighton*

Help to manage anxiety with Hypnotherapy in Harley StreetWhile many of us are looking forward to taking a holiday break, for anyone experiencing constant pressure in the workplace, switching off and trying to relax can trigger even more anxiety with a fear of no longer being in control. This executive stress can be managed with the help of hypnotherapy and NLP at the Conway Practice in Brighton.*

Stress derived from work frequently affects the lifestyle both inside the office environment and in your personal life. The inability to leave work issues behind and join in with leisure activities can cause friction with friends and family who feel they are of a lesser priority than your professional responsibilities. Lack of healthy communication is often responsible for feelings of resentment but with a combination of hypnotherapy and neuro linguistic programming (NLP), by building on your natural resources, more open conversational skills can be developed, gaining increased support and understanding from others.*

During executive coaching sessions, Jonathan will help you to recognise your greatest fear which is the source of your stress. You may be concerned that you will lose your position and let others down who are relying on you. Stress is a signal that something isn’t right in your life and with hypnotherapy and NLP, the problem can be identified and dealt with.* A reluctance to ask for help from colleagues, family or friends can be due to a lack of confidence and low self-worth, believing they will think less of you if you appear vulnerable. In an attempt to impress, you may have set yourself unrealistic high standards which weigh heavily with responsibility.

Hypnotherapy in Brighton at the Conway Practice will help you to manage your executive stress effectively with relaxation methods and positive visualisation techniques, enabling you to re-establish a healthy work-life balance.*

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How hypnotherapy in Brighton can help with weight loss*

The Conway Practice - Hypnotherapy for weight lossHow would you describe your relationship with food? If you have been trying to lose weight, the first step is to recognise any detrimental behaviour which may be sabotaging any attempts to control your eating habits. Hypnotherapy in Brighton can help with your weight loss by identifying the subconscious triggers which lead to disordered eating.*

As with any relationship which has an imbalance, there are commonly feelings of guilt, stress, an anxious state of mind and low self-worth. Food can be used as a consolation when your coping mechanisms fail to deal with your stressors and comfort eating is a good example of this. Certain foods are likely to remind you of your early years, when you were pacified or rewarded with treats which you now associate with the ‘feel good factor’. During hypnosis in Brighton & Hove, Jonathan will help you to focus on the influences and negative beliefs which have been stored in the non-conscious mind and have led to your inability to achieve your weight loss goal.*

Emotional or mindless eating occurs when you find yourself compelled to eat for non-hunger related reasons. The craving is generally for high calorie, unhealthy food which may briefly enhance the mood but is then followed swiftly with feelings of regret and self-blame. Jonathan will talk to about how you use food to cope with negative emotions such as stress and anger.* Deeply rooted beliefs such as having to finish everything on your plate can be re-addressed, enabling you to listen to your internal cues and to stop eating as soon as you feel full.

Hypnotherapy in Brighton & Hove can help you to lose weight by overcoming the psychological hurdles which have prevented you from succeeding with your weight loss efforts in the past.* Visualisation and relaxation techniques can be introduced to cope with anxiety and stress, allowing you to re-build a positive relationship with food where you are in control.*  For more information call Jonathan Conway on 07956 855027

Quit smoking with the help of hypnotherapy in Brighton*

Hypnotherapy in BrightonIf you want to stop smoking but are finding it a challenge, you may have tried various methods without success. Hypnotherapy in Brighton for smoking cessation provides support with a natural and completely safe solution to break the habit, without the need for medication or nicotine replacements.*

Hypnosis awakens the subconscious while you are deeply relaxed and more open to positive suggestion. The feeling is similar to a daydream, when you are in control but your mind is in an altered state of consciousness. You may be able to relate this to driving a car, where you are unaware of the journey but have automatically reacted to all the required actions and subconsciously read all the traffic signs. During hypnotherapy sessions at the Conway Practice in Brighton & Hove, Jonathan will help you to change your behavioural patterns and any negative thinking.*

Your reasons for smoking will be assessed, introducing new coping mechanisms to help you resolve your dependence on cigarettes. The habit might have it’s origins in peer pressure during the teenage years, but the long-term addiction can be due to other influences such as anxiety, boredom or depression. Smoking is often seen as a way to reduce stress levels, even though the relief may be brief and actually increases tension with symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.

The affects of nicotine dependence are relatively short-lived compared with the actual hand-to-mouth habit. You may feel that you use a cigarette as a prop when socialising, or when you are in the company of other smokers and want to fit in. Hypnotherapy in Brighton & Hove can enable you to look at your problems from a different perspective and help you to manage your stress by introducing relaxation techniques which can be applied whenever you feel under pressure and unable to cope.*

Not only will your addiction to smoking be addressed, Jonathan will also discuss why you now want to stop. This may be due to health concerns or the amount of money which is symbolically going up in smoke. Pressure from friends or family won’t be sufficient to break the habit; the determination to quit must come from you alone. No one can make you become a non-smoker, if you’re not completely committed to stopping. Neither can you be made to do anything against your will while you are under hypnosis.

If you are ready to stop smoking, hypnotherapy in Brighton can help you to achieve your objective.*  Call Jonathan Conway today on 07956 855027.


Help to overcome a phobia with hypnotherapy in Brighton*

Hypnotherapy in BrightonIf you have a particular phobia you may do everything you can to avoid being in an environment where you are concerned this may arise. Although avoidance may be possible if your fear is the result of being confronted by a particular object or animal, other phobic situations may not be so easy to evade. When your phobic reaction disrupts your enjoyment of every day life and causes distress, it’s time to seek therapeutic help with self-help strategies to deal with the problem. Hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice in Brighton provides support to conquer irrational fears and to recognise the source of the phobia.*

While the mind is relaxed during hypnosis it is more open to positive suggestion while still remaining in complete control. The experience is often likened to a day-dream where you are aware of your surroundings, while in this state of altered consciousness your mind is able to find relief from any anxious or negative thoughts.*

As with there being many different phobias, there are also innumerable reasons for the phobic reaction and by identifying the origin during hypnotherapy sessions with Jonathan Conway, you will begin to feel more confident and in control.* The fight or flight response experienced when fear is triggered is a physical response to a situation which is considered dangerous or threatening. Depending on your particular phobia, this could include speech anxiety with a fear of public speaking; finding social situations unbearably stressful; a travel phobia; a fear of heights or confined spaces. Although these fears may be irrational, they are none the less self-limiting and overwhelming.

Jonathan will guide you in tracing the source of your phobia, which may well have remained buried deeply in your subconscious for a number of years, perhaps as far back as childhood or adolescence. Early conditioning by parents or other environmental influences can result in a phobic reaction being passed on without any conscious awareness. Sessions in hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice in Brighton enable a re-coding of the information, ensuring the automatic responses are no longer triggered in the same way.*

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The Benefits of Hypnotherapy in Brighton for Weight Loss*

The Conway Practice - Hypnotherapy for weight lossIf this will be your first experience of hypnotherapy, you may be apprehensive about what can be expected and how affective this can be for achieving weight loss. Previous attempts to lose weight with fad diets or slimming products may well have failed, leaving you disheartened and concerned that you will never control your eating habits. Instead of dwelling on the problem, hypnotherapy in Brighton at the Conway Practice takes a different approach, by focusing on a future when you will feel much better about yourself and able to maintain a positive relationship with food.*

At the initial consultation, Jonathan Conway will take the time to listen to you; building an alliance of trust. Negative thought patterns and a reliance on food as an emotional substitute may have developed over a number of years, even from very early childhood. Recognising what food has represented in your life is the first step in overcoming poor eating habits which have contributed to weight gain.* Identifying the subconscious triggers which are responsible for excessive or mindless eating will bring about an understanding of how these can be controlled and overcome.

Environmental cues can be significant with a profound and long-term affect from social and family influences. If food has been considered as a form of reward or comfort, during hypnosis you will be guided to uncover and recognise the difference between emotional and physical hunger. Your critical inner voice may lead to a lack of self-worth and a feeling of inadequacy, with the misbelief that you don’t deserve to be fit and healthy. Hypnotherapy for weight loss in Brighton can help you to appreciate your true capabilities and to enable positive change.*

Whether you overeat due to a ‘hand-to-mouth’ habit, to reduce stress or boredom, hypnotherapy can be both uplifting and liberating, by introducing new coping-mechanisms, establishing a lifestyle change that brings long-term benefits.*

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Overcoming a Fear of Flying with Hypnotherapy in Brighton*

Hypnotherapy in BrightonAt the time of writing, the UK is gripped in an icy Winter chill and many may be planning a holiday on warmer shores. However, for those with a travel phobia the journey is likely to be more of an endurance than an enjoyable experience. Help to overcome a fear of flying with hypnotherapy in Brighton at the Conway Practice provides an affective way in which to recognise the deeper issues buried in the non-conscious mind, contributing to the phobia.*

This intense anxiety, way beyond excitement can begin well before boarding the aircraft and often surfaces simply in the anticipation of the airport environment. Contrary to popular belief, the fear of the aeroplane falling out of the skies is often not the root cause. There is often a combination of phobias, including claustrophobia where the fear of being trapped in a confined space, unable to escape whenever you choose, can be overwhelming. This isn’t by any means related only to air travel and feelings of anxiety and panic may be triggered when faced with any journey where you aren’t completely in control, such as public transport or as a passenger in a car.

Social phobia has a negative affect on interaction with others and the inability to avoid close contact with fellow travellers can provoke the unconscious mind to believe that you are under scrutiny and may embarrass yourself if your nervous state is recognised. There may be anxiety over who you will sit next to, or if you will be unable to leave your seat during the journey. These fears can have an impact on personal relationships or in your career due to an inability to join family or friends on holiday, or attend business meetings.

While the conscious mind is relaxed during hypnosis it is open to positive suggestion and focused attention, Jonathan will help you to identify the catalyst to your fear and take you through a calming visualisation exercise. During this atmosphere of ease you will remain completely in control, similar to a pleasant day-dream. By introducing a positive affirmation and coping strategies,  hypnotherapy can be very empowering, opening the way to a world of new possibilities.*

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Give up Smoking with Hypnotherapy in Brighton*

hypnosis to stop smokingAre you committed to stop smoking but don’t know how to achieve it? Help is available with hypnotherapy in Brighton at the Conway Practice, bringing awareness of the psychological issues behind your habit*. Being addicted to nicotine is by no means the only factor and withdrawal from the substance can last for a relatively short period, leaving the hand-to-mouth behaviour to be resolved.

You are likely to associate specific situations with lighting a cigarette, even when there is no physical urge for nicotine. Much depends on why and where you are conditioned to smoke and during hypnosis while the conscious mind is relaxed, Jonathan will guide you to recognise the subconscious triggers which have been preventing you from becoming a non-smoker.*

Tracing back to when you tried your first cigarette can give an indication of why the habit has continued in the long-term. If smoking was originally a reason to establish empathy with your peers this may be repeated as a form of social bonding by mirroring the habits of others. The association of sharing a cigarette during work breaks when all smokers congregate in the specified smoking area can bring a sense of rapport, even if the action is a negative one. This non-verbal interaction generally occurs subconsciously and is often a result of low self-esteem and the need to be socially accepted.

Hypnotherapy in Brighton can help you to accept your self-worth and to fully appreciate your personal value.* Unresolved emotions, including any negative response to stress and anxiety will be brought into a state of conscious awareness, introducing new coping strategies with positive visualisation of yourself as a calm and confident non-smoker.*

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