Help for a fear of public speaking with hypnotherapy in Brighton*

Hypnotherapy help you overcome your fear of public speakingWhat causes your anxiety at the thought of talking in front of an audience? Is it an overwhelming concern you will say the wrong thing or that you will forget your words? The number of people you are addressing is irrelevant and even a one-to-one presentation can trigger stress. At the Conway Practice in Brighton your fear of public speaking can be overcome with hypnotherapy, by enabling you to recognise the subconscious prompts which trigger the fight or flight response.

There is a marked difference between excitement and fear. Raised adrenalin can without doubt be positive by motivating you to rise to the challenge, much as an athlete would experience before competing. Fear however, has the opposite affect and can be paralysing, with not only emotional consequences but also manifesting as unpleasant physical symptoms. An increased heart beat, nausea, tremors and sweating are common when faced with speaking in a situation where you are out of your comfort zone. With the help of hypnosis, calming methods can be introduced to reduce your stress levels, ensuring you are firmly back in control.*

A fear of Public Speaking is one of the most reported phobias and often has its origin in previous incidents which have left a negative imprint on the sub-conscious mind. This may be traced back as far as childhood, if early upbringing or education followed the discipline that children should remain silent unless spoken to. Being rebuked for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, can leave a lasting negative impression. Shyness in front of strangers can then develop as a fear of criticism and of being judged when communicating with others, even in social situations.

Being afraid to present your ideas with confidence affects all areas of life, including interviews and business meetings, or social gatherings where you are required to give a speech. Avoiding these results in missed opportunities and professional progression. During sessions in hypnosis, Jonathan will help you to recognise your full potential and self-worth, with the realisation that what you have to say has value and can be delivered with confidence.*

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Hypnotherapy in Brighton for Help to Stop Smoking*

hypnosis to stop smokingAs a long-term smoker, giving up may seem to be a daunting challenge especially for anyone who has made attempts to stop smoking in the past and failed. At the Conway Practice in Brighton, hypnotherapy can help you to quit smoking without the need for cigarette replacements such as vaping, by reducing the urge to repeat the hand-to-mouth habit triggered by an automatic response in certain situations and at specific times.*

Although some may choose to be in denial, most smokers are aware that this is a potentially deadly addiction with a detrimental affect on health and general well-being. Although smoking is no longer seen as sophisticated or glamorous and is increasingly considered to be anti-social, this doesn’t necessarily make it easy to break the habit which has become a significant part of daily life. The craving for nicotine is by no means the only thing which needs to be overcome as the habitual act of smoking can be even more difficult to deal with. You may find yourself smoking mindlessly, unaware of how many cigarettes have been finished until you have to buy another packet.

During hypnotherapy sessions in Brighton with Jonathan, your reasons for wanting to stop smoking will be discussed.* It would be rare not to recall lighting your first cigarette or what led you to do that, but you may not be consciously aware of the reasons for continuing to smoke and the influences in your life which have made it difficult to stop. While your mind is in the deeply relaxed state of hypnosis and more open to positive suggestion, you will be gently guided to recognise the subconscious prompts which compel you to reach for a cigarette.* This may be during times of stress when you convince yourself that smoking will help you to cope better or to relax after a difficult day.

With the help of hypnotherapy, new coping mechanisms can be introduced, enabling you to recognise the reasons behind your smoking behaviour.* In the same way in which you’ve conditioned yourself not to smoke in certain situations; during a long flight or in another smoke-free zone for example, your non-conscious mind can be re-programmed during hypnosis to consider yourself as a non-smoker in all situations, even when others around you are smoking.* You will be able to visualise a healthier future where you have broken the negative cycle of addiction once and for all.*

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Brighton Hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice*

If you have never experienced hypnosis, what can you expect from Brighton hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice? Jonathan Conway is a qualified Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner and Certified NLP Coach with over 21 years of experience, consistently achieving excellent results in both personal or professional issues which are self-limiting and causing concern.*

Consultations are completely confidential and during the first appointment, Jonathan will discuss what you want to achieve and how hypnotherapy can assist you in reaching your goal.* It’s common to seek help only after other attempts to resolve a problem with other methods have been in vain. Trying to lose weight for example may have become a losing battle with a trail of failed fad or crash diets which have not addressed the root cause of any bad eating habits. Hypnotherapy takes into consideration the reasons a habit has formed and how it can be resolved.*

Many obstacles to self-improvement can be traced to negative self-belief stored in the sub-conscious. During hypnosis while the mind is relaxed and open to a high absorption of positive suggestion, Jonathan will guide you gently through a visualisation process where you remain completely aware and in control throughout, similar to a pleasant day-dream state of mind.* 

Hypnotherapy sessions in Brighton can help to identify areas of your life where your conscious mind has undermined your efforts to deal with certain issues which have been causing stress and concern.* You may want to stop smoking, be more confident, reduce anxiety or overcome phobias and fears. Although there may be no obvious connection, many of these issues can be interrelated and during sessions eith hypnosis in Brighton, Jonathan will help you to erase any negative programming and to draw on your own inner resources and potential, facilitating positive change.*

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Lose Weight Using Hypnosis in Brighton*

Hypnotherapy for weight loss.As we get ready to enjoy the summer months, you may well feel determined to shed a few pounds and get trim in time for a holiday. You can probably picture yourself slim and fit, able to wear the clothes you want and perhaps play more sport or enjoy all the outdoor activities we associate with summer.

Do you find yourself feeling like this every year, simply to return to bad eating habits when your diet has failed?

If you are truly motivated to maintain a healthy eating programme and to end attempts at yo-yo or fad dieting, you can lose weight with help in Brighton through hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice*.

Your imagination can be prompted to open up positive subconscious thoughts, enabling you to believe that all your goals are achievable. Hypnosis is an attention-focusing technique and has been proved to be extremely effective in helping with weight loss.*

There are many reasons for overeating, or for dependence on certain foods such as sugar and carbohydrates. These are often linked to emotional issues such as stress or depression and a lack of self-esteem frequently plays a part.

During hypnotherapy sessions for weight loss in Brighton with Jonathan Conway, you will learn how to make lasting changes in your attitude to food and to respect your body*.

During the relaxed state of mind you will be guided to visualise how you will look and feel once you have reached your desired weight. Your confidence will increase and you will be free of the damaging food cravings that have been controlling your dietary habits*.

Being aware of why you have been following a particular eating pattern and understanding your past attitude to food will help you to focus on unlocking the barriers to weight loss*.

The determination to be slimmer with a healthier lifestyle has to come from within, as hypnotherapy can’t force you to do something that you aren’t really committed to. However, if you really want help with weight loss in Brighton and Hove this can be achieved with hypnosis and maintained in the long term, eliminating once and for all the cycle of negative self-talk, creating a positive new relationship with food*.

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lose-weight-brightonWould you like to lose weight in Brighton and Hove this Summer? There are probably two main peaks in the year when people decide enough is enough and they are determined to trim down and that’s in the New Year and pre-Summer holidays. It’s accepted that crash diets or trendy weight loss plans don’t solve the problem of a failure to maintain an ideal size. Each time a diet fails and the weight increases again you feel more miserable.

In order to break the cycle of losing weight and putting it back on, it’s essential to change old habits. Jonathan Conway offers a safe and natural way to change these patterns of behaviour through hypnotherapy sessions at the Conway Practice*.

Obesity has many different contributing factors. Hypnosis gets to the root of the problem, identifying unconscious motivations and feelings*.

These may be traced back to childhood when we are rewarded with food as a treat, especially sweets and snacks, or we are made to ‘clear the plate’ before being allowed to go out and play. Food may be a reward or a punishment and hypnotherapy can be a great help in determining exactly what role food plays in your life, enabling you to change the way you view it*.

Comfort eating for example can be triggered by stress and while no diet will eliminate that state of mind, hypnosis is shown to have positive results*. Food can also be used as a form of control. By using self-control over the amount of food you eat, you will find that you can lead a happier and more fulfilled life*.

Hypnotherapy services in Brighton & Hove will maximise your motivation to change eating habits and focus on a healthy lifestyle*. If you would like to know more about how hypnotherapy can help you to lose weight contact Jonathan at the Conway Practice, or please leave a comment below.

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