Hypnotherapy Can Help With Sexual Problems*

Some people sometimes suffer from sexual problems including such things as impotence and fear of impotence.

There can be a number of root causes for these problems including suffering past abuse. A combination of Hypnosis and NLP can be helpful*. This is especially effective in helping clients with erectile dysfunction* .

Learning Self Hypnosis can be effective in providing clients with more control and also overcoming stress related to sexual performance*.

As a result of these problems the client can feel discouraged an lacking in confidence. Hypnosis can help to assist the person in becoming more confident in these situations and in life in general*.

Hypnosis can also help for the person to believe that they can have a more focussed sexual desire  helping with creating orgasm and erections*.

Learning and practicing Self Hypnosis can also be helpful*.

Hypnosis will also need to be used in conjunction with some regular psychotherapy* (e.g. behavioural therapy).


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