Relief for exam stress with hypnotherapy in Brighton*

hypnotherapy for exam stressMost of us would no doubt agree than exams can be challenging, but for some this can trigger anxiety resulting in any test situation being extremely difficult to cope with. Relief for exam stress with hypnotherapy in Brighton at the Conway Practice can help you to recognise your stress response and ultimately to introduce new coping mechanisms to deal with the problem.*

For anyone with an upbringing within a high achieving family where they are compared to siblings or feel under pressure to fulfil the parent’s expectations, the weight of responsibility to succeed may be overwhelming. It’s important to keep in perspective that doing well in an exam, doesn’t define you as a person.

During the first consultation with Jonathan, your deeper fears of failure will be addressed and while your non-conscious mind is calm and receptive under hypnosis, new coping strategies and techniques can be introduced.*

The stress response may be triggered by an exaggerated fear that any past failure will be automatically repeated. Hypnotherapy can be very effective in re-programming any negative thoughts which have been stored in the subconscious, reducing anxiety and improving memory recall.*

Performance anxiety isn’t limited to exams during the school or university years and can have a negative influence in any environment where you are being tested for ability and these may be difficult to avoid. The driving test and employment interviews are prime examples where anxiety can increase to an unbearable level. With hypnotherapy, Jonathan will help you to develop positive beliefs to counteract the misconception that an exam is a threatening event.* Learning how to access a more relaxed and focused state of mind, will increase confidence and self-worth enabling you to achieve your full potential.*

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