Overcoming a Fear of Flying with Hypnotherapy in Brighton*

Hypnotherapy in BrightonAt the time of writing, the UK is gripped in an icy Winter chill and many may be planning a holiday on warmer shores. However, for those with a travel phobia the journey is likely to be more of an endurance than an enjoyable experience. Help to overcome a fear of flying with hypnotherapy in Brighton at the Conway Practice provides an affective way in which to recognise the deeper issues buried in the non-conscious mind, contributing to the phobia.*

This intense anxiety, way beyond excitement can begin well before boarding the aircraft and often surfaces simply in the anticipation of the airport environment. Contrary to popular belief, the fear of the aeroplane falling out of the skies is often not the root cause. There is often a combination of phobias, including claustrophobia where the fear of being trapped in a confined space, unable to escape whenever you choose, can be overwhelming. This isn’t by any means related only to air travel and feelings of anxiety and panic may be triggered when faced with any journey where you aren’t completely in control, such as public transport or as a passenger in a car.

Social phobia has a negative affect on interaction with others and the inability to avoid close contact with fellow travellers can provoke the unconscious mind to believe that you are under scrutiny and may embarrass yourself if your nervous state is recognised. There may be anxiety over who you will sit next to, or if you will be unable to leave your seat during the journey. These fears can have an impact on personal relationships or in your career due to an inability to join family or friends on holiday, or attend business meetings.

While the conscious mind is relaxed during hypnosis it is open to positive suggestion and focused attention, Jonathan will help you to identify the catalyst to your fear and take you through a calming visualisation exercise. During this atmosphere of ease you will remain completely in control, similar to a pleasant day-dream. By introducing a positive affirmation and coping strategies,  hypnotherapy can be very empowering, opening the way to a world of new possibilities.*

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