How Telephone and Skype Coaching Can be of Benefit*

Have you reached a crucial crossroads in your life and need guidance to see a clear way forward? Telephone and Skype coaching provides impartial advice on how to make the right decisions, both in your professional and personal life. You may for instance find that you have lost sight of your goals and what you hope to achieve, especially if you’ve been unable to overcome obstacles that have been obstructing your progress.

It’s often difficult during the fast and demanding pace of life to allocate time for coaching sessions. Coaching over the telephone or via Skype not only eliminates travelling and time constraints, but can also be available when you are away from your home ground, time zones permitting. Jonathan Conway is also aware that some may feel more at ease in opening up at a distance rather than during face-to-face coaching.

So what exactly can be expected from coaching sessions?  Jonathan will listen to your concerns and help you to regain a positive focus on the area of your life where you feel you are not reaching your true potential. This may for instance be due to a lack of self-worth or the inability to communicate effectively with others in order to gain their support and co-operation. Ways of establishing a healthy work-life balance will be explored, ensuring your time is spent more effectively with less stress and greater productivity.

During the coaching sessions by Skype or telephone, Jonathan will also discuss relaxations techniques which will help you to manage challenging situations both professional and personal, calmly and confidently. This talking therapy can be extremely empowering, providing a broader perspective on your life and put the positive strategies in place to get you back firmly on the right track.

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