How Telephone and Skype Coaching Can Achieve Results*

Are there times when you are in need of guidance in your professional or personal life, but are find difficult to fit coaching sessions into a busy schedule? Telephone and Skype coaching provides the solution to obtaining help without time or travel restraints, which might only add to the daily pressures you may already be under.

Many find it more comfortable to discuss concerns remotely, retaining a certain amount of anonymity rather than more intimate experience of face-to-face sessions. Jonathan Conway guarantees professional confidentiality, building trust and rapport leaving you free to openly seek advice on whichever area of your life requires focus and direction. Virtual coaching by telephone or Skype, enables the recipient to talk through their concerns in the comfort of their ‘safe space’, reducing anxiety and the need to adjust to unfamiliar surroundings*.

It’s never possible to predict when help will be required to navigate life back on track. A hotel room can be a very lonely place when faced with difficult decisions and challenges when colleagues or family may not be available or best placed to give unbiased advice. Time zones permitting, Skype or telephone coaching sessions have a global reach and can be pre-arranged with Jonathan from wherever you are in the world.

You may feel that you have reached a crucial cross-roads in your life and need impartial support to re-evaluate your aspirations.  If executive stress is having a negative impact on your personal life or vice-versa, Jonathan will explain how your anxiety levels can be reduced and a more effective work-life balance achieved*. Increased positivity will help you to see beyond your immediate goals and achieve your true potential.

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