How Hypnotherapy can Help you to Lose Weight Safely*

The Conway Practice - Hypnotherapy for weight lossAre you trying to control your weight and are finding it difficult to achieve your goal? Hypnotherapy can help with weight loss by dealing with the reasons behind a negative relationship with food which may have formed over a considerable period of time.* During the sessions in hypnosis at the Conway Practice, Jonathan will identify what part food plays in your life and why you may be finding it difficult to control your eating habits.*

Overeating, or being drawn to choose unhealthy and fattening foods if often due to seeking comfort during stressful times, with the belief that this will satisfy an emotional need. This does nothing however to address the root cause of the anxiety and is only likely to result in a feeling of guilt or regret shortly afterwards.

Emotional hunger is very different to physical hunger, which is why it can be easy to eat far more than the body needs in order to sustain itself. Continuing to eat even when the stomach is full is often traced back to family habits during childhood. Being expected to clear the plate and to not waste food, may be carried in the subconscious well into adulthood.

Low self-esteem and a negative body image is frequently linked to poor weight management, with the misconception that you don’t deserve to look good. When using hypnotherapy, Jonathan will help you to recognise that these feelings are sabotaging your attempts to reach your ideal weight and will suggest a strategy to overcome any self-destructive thoughts.* While your mind is open and relaxed it will be easier to recall the triggers to a negative eating pattern and how to react to them in a more positive way, without turning to food as a substitute for emotional support.*

Mindless eating is often due to boredom or feeling lonely, when it’s possible to consume a large quantity of snacks without being consciously aware of how much  has been eaten. It’s also habit related, when your mind is pre-programmed to eat at certain times, such as watching the TV or reading a book and this hand-to-mouth action then becomes a subconscious activity. Hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice can help you lose weight safely by boosting your self-empowerment and removing the psychological barriers which have prevented you from achieving your target weight and a healthier lifestyle.*

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