How hypnosis can help with a stop smoking programme*

hypnosis to stop smokingAre you a smoker who has reached the point where you are totally committed to becoming free of the habit? Hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice can help to you to stop smoking if the choice is yours and not simply due to pressure from others.*  No one can be forced to do anything against their will during hypnosis and although hypnotherapy can be very effective in creating positive change, the desire for change must come from within.*

So if you have made the decision to quit, what are the challenges? The habit of smoking is as addictive psychologically as the physical affect of the nicotine. For long-term smokers this habit will have become part of their daily life, with subconscious triggers associated with lighting a cigarette. While under hypnosis and deeply relaxed, Jonathan will help you to recognise these specific points in the day when activities or emotional responses prompt you to crave the need to smoke.* You may not be consciously aware of these as they will have become an integral part of your behaviour patterns, as with any habitual actions which are automatic.

It’s also easy to blame others for not being able to quit smoking. You can convince yourself that when family, friends or work colleagues cause you stress it’s their fault you are smoking in order to reduce your anxiety levels. Social pressure is often used as an excuse for continuing with the habit, convincing yourself that this is all part of sharing a common bond. If you truly want to become a non-smoker, hypnotherapy will enable you to take control in re-conditioning your mind-set and accept that realistically, the choice for change is yours alone.

During sessions in hypnosis with Jonathan at the Conway Practice, you will also understand how to manage stress and anxiety without the need for addictive substances.* Positivity and increased self-worth can help you achieve a healthier lifestyle as a non-smoker who is no longer dependent physically or emotionally on nicotine.

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