Give up Smoking with Hypnotherapy in Brighton*

hypnosis to stop smokingAre you committed to stop smoking but don’t know how to achieve it? Help is available with hypnotherapy in Brighton at the Conway Practice, bringing awareness of the psychological issues behind your habit*. Being addicted to nicotine is by no means the only factor and withdrawal from the substance can last for a relatively short period, leaving the hand-to-mouth behaviour to be resolved.

You are likely to associate specific situations with lighting a cigarette, even when there is no physical urge for nicotine. Much depends on why and where you are conditioned to smoke and during hypnosis while the conscious mind is relaxed, Jonathan will guide you to recognise the subconscious triggers which have been preventing you from becoming a non-smoker.*

Tracing back to when you tried your first cigarette can give an indication of why the habit has continued in the long-term. If smoking was originally a reason to establish empathy with your peers this may be repeated as a form of social bonding by mirroring the habits of others. The association of sharing a cigarette during work breaks when all smokers congregate in the specified smoking area can bring a sense of rapport, even if the action is a negative one. This non-verbal interaction generally occurs subconsciously and is often a result of low self-esteem and the need to be socially accepted.

Hypnotherapy in Brighton can help you to accept your self-worth and to fully appreciate your personal value.* Unresolved emotions, including any negative response to stress and anxiety will be brought into a state of conscious awareness, introducing new coping strategies with positive visualisation of yourself as a calm and confident non-smoker.*

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