The Convenience of Telephone or Skype Coaching*

telephone and skype coachingFor anyone who finds face-to-face coaching too uncomfortable when discussing personal issues, telephone & Skype coaching provides the opportunity to share concerns freely without any awkwardness or unease. Jonathan Conway has found that when someone is in need of guidance it is often easier to open up at a distance rather than in person during an in-situ session.

Coaching by telephone or via Skype gives the opportunity to schedule sessions without compromising work or personal commitments and can be the ideal solution for busy executives who find it difficult to take time out from pressing responsibilities. Geographic restrictions are removed and time zones permitting, coaching sessions can be pre-arranged whenever resolution is sought to overcome an obstacle which may be self-limiting.

Jonathan is well aware that when faced with a crucial decision you may be located far from your home base and feel isolated with the choices that need to be made.

Skype or telephone coaching offers the convenience to seek help when the need arises without the cost or time limitations of travelling to keep an appointment. Many also find they are more at ease and less distracted in the familiar surroundings of their physical comfort zone.

Whether you find yourself at a crossroads in your life and need direction to find the best way forward, or are seeking help to improve performance and personal development, distance coaching by telephone or via Skype can be extremely effective. It’s often difficult to ask for advice from work colleagues, friends or family who may be unable to advise impartially. Coaching in a virtual environment can of course be alternated with face-to-face sessions at the Conway Practice, tailored to your individual needs and circumstances.

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The Benefits of Life Coaching via Skype or Telephone*

If you are facing a new challenge in your life or have lost sight of your life goals and want to get back on track, Skype or telephone coaching provides valuable help without interrupting a busy schedule or the inconvenience of travelling. At your convenience and a pre-agreed time, life coaching sessions with Jonathan Conway will cover all the relevant aspects of your life both personal and professional, enabling you to maximise your true potential.

We all have the ability to create change, but at times life can become out of focus with no clear direction on the way forward. For anyone who finds it difficult to express feelings and concerns in a face-to-face setting, coaching via Skype or telephone increases a feeling of privacy from the comfort of the home, or wherever you feel at ease. During the first session, Jonathan will explore what is holding you back from achieving your aspirations and how you can progress.

If anxiety is limiting your success at work or in personal relationships, the stress triggers will be identified and new coping mechanisms introduced.

Any lack of self-belief can be addressed, creating a more positive mindset which will enable a clearer understanding of how opportunities can be seized when they come along. Understanding how to improve your communication skills and manage complex relationships in the work-place or socially will potentially lead to  less conflict and greater harmony.

Perhaps you feel have been stuck in the wrong career path and have now reached a cross-roads, concerned as to whether you should try to make the best of the life you have or to follow your ambitions. It’s common to be coerced while under familial pressure to take a direction that has been chosen for you, leaving you to later discover that this isn’t what you want. Although it may be difficult to seek advice from those who are emotionally connected to you, the Conway Practice provides impartial life coaching which will enable you to recognise that it’s never too late to change gear and begin a new journey with the confidence and courage to pursue your inner callings.

Telephone or Skype coaching with Jonathan Conway is available wherever you are, when you most need it and can be followed up with face-to-face sessions if required.

How Telephone and Skype Coaching Can be of Benefit*

Have you reached a crucial crossroads in your life and need guidance to see a clear way forward? Telephone and Skype coaching provides impartial advice on how to make the right decisions, both in your professional and personal life. You may for instance find that you have lost sight of your goals and what you hope to achieve, especially if you’ve been unable to overcome obstacles that have been obstructing your progress.

It’s often difficult during the fast and demanding pace of life to allocate time for coaching sessions. Coaching over the telephone or via Skype not only eliminates travelling and time constraints, but can also be available when you are away from your home ground, time zones permitting. Jonathan Conway is also aware that some may feel more at ease in opening up at a distance rather than during face-to-face coaching.

So what exactly can be expected from coaching sessions?  Jonathan will listen to your concerns and help you to regain a positive focus on the area of your life where you feel you are not reaching your true potential. This may for instance be due to a lack of self-worth or the inability to communicate effectively with others in order to gain their support and co-operation. Ways of establishing a healthy work-life balance will be explored, ensuring your time is spent more effectively with less stress and greater productivity.

During the coaching sessions by Skype or telephone, Jonathan will also discuss relaxations techniques which will help you to manage challenging situations both professional and personal, calmly and confidently. This talking therapy can be extremely empowering, providing a broader perspective on your life and put the positive strategies in place to get you back firmly on the right track.

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How Telephone and Skype Coaching Can Achieve Results*

Are there times when you are in need of guidance in your professional or personal life, but are find difficult to fit coaching sessions into a busy schedule? Telephone and Skype coaching provides the solution to obtaining help without time or travel restraints, which might only add to the daily pressures you may already be under.

Many find it more comfortable to discuss concerns remotely, retaining a certain amount of anonymity rather than more intimate experience of face-to-face sessions. Jonathan Conway guarantees professional confidentiality, building trust and rapport leaving you free to openly seek advice on whichever area of your life requires focus and direction. Virtual coaching by telephone or Skype, enables the recipient to talk through their concerns in the comfort of their ‘safe space’, reducing anxiety and the need to adjust to unfamiliar surroundings*.

It’s never possible to predict when help will be required to navigate life back on track. A hotel room can be a very lonely place when faced with difficult decisions and challenges when colleagues or family may not be available or best placed to give unbiased advice. Time zones permitting, Skype or telephone coaching sessions have a global reach and can be pre-arranged with Jonathan from wherever you are in the world.

You may feel that you have reached a crucial cross-roads in your life and need impartial support to re-evaluate your aspirations.  If executive stress is having a negative impact on your personal life or vice-versa, Jonathan will explain how your anxiety levels can be reduced and a more effective work-life balance achieved*. Increased positivity will help you to see beyond your immediate goals and achieve your true potential.

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The Benefits of telephone and Skype Coaching*

Why choose telephone and Skype coaching? Jonathan Conway has found that some find this preferable to face to face coaching sessions at his consulting rooms for a variety of reasons. Convenience is often an important factor, with distance no longer being an issue, saving valuable time and the expense of travel.

Many find that it is easier to openly express their feelings and concerns if they are not in the same room, without losing any of the personal attention that Jonathan is able to provide to the issues they may be facing. For anyone with a busy schedule or pressing commitments, taking time out to attend coaching sessions at the Conway Practice locations may simply add to existing pressures. Telephone and Skype coaching offers the benefits of being able to relax in the comfort of familiar surroundings, without being anxious about time constraints.

Perhaps you feel that you have reached a crossroads in your life and are unsure of the best way forward. Family, friends or colleagues may not be in a position to give impartial advice, or you feel unable to share your deeper feelings with anyone close to you. It’s common for emotional issues to surface when you’re far from home, alone in a hotel room with no one to offer guidance or a solution to what is troubling you. It can simply be that you have lost sight of your goal and are unsure where your life is heading. During distance coaching sessions, Jonathan can help you to get back on track and to focus on what you want to achieve and how that can be accomplished.

Anxiety frequently limits the ability to see opportunities clearly and to put things into true perspective. Stress management plays an important role in life coaching, together with providing help to increase confidence and self-esteem.* You may have employees who you feel would also benefit from leadership coaching, especially those holding high responsibility at executive level. The confidentiality and convenience of telephone and Skype coaching ensures there is no disruption to the working day and if preferred, without fellow colleagues being aware that guidance in career and life skills is being provided.

Time zones permitted, coaching sessions with Jonathan can be scheduled from anywhere in the world, enabling you to bridge the gap between your life at present and your vision of the future.* For more information call Jonathan Conway on 07956 855027

Personal Development with Telephone and Skype Coaching*

self-esteemWho do you turn to when you need guidance on career issues or personal development? You may find yourself reluctant to seek help from colleagues and feel that family and friends may be biased, or you are uncomfortable about sharing your problems with them. Telephone and Skype coaching enables you to talk openly about areas of your life where you feel you are underachieving, with someone who is supportive and non-judgemental.*

Jonathan Conway finds that for many, life coaching by Skype or over the telephone  allows them to speak more freely from a distance, rather than face-to-face in the same room.* However, there is no lack of personal attention and as the sessions can be timed to fit in with the caller’s often busy schedule, it gives the opportunity to discuss any concerns in a relaxed environment. Executives frequently find that the pressure of daily commitments leave them little space to fit in other appointments outside of work and finding the time to seek help for stress management can be stressful in itself, especially when it isn’t close at hand.

The significant advantage of Telephone and Skype coaching is that sessions can be held from whenever and wherever in the world, time zones permitting of course.* You may find for instance that sitting alone in a hotel room is the very time that you need to turn to someone for advice and direction. No one chooses when they may reach a crossroads in their life, when big decisions need to be made. Coaching sessions with Jonathan will help you to find the inner confidence to take the right step towards your goals, both personally and professionally.*

Perhaps you feel you lack the self-esteem to achieve everything you hope for and are being held back from moving forward. Anxiety can often cloud the vision and during life coaching sessions, Jonathan will explain how you can reduce your stress levels by using positive visualisation, which you will be able to carry out on your own whenever needed.* Once you are able to recognise your strengths and your true potential you will feel more in control of your life and at ease with the decisions that need to be made.*

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Help for Personal Development with Telephone and Skype Coaching*

telephone-coaching-brightonAre there occasions when you wish you could have access to advice and guidance exactly when you need it? Telephone and Skype coaching with Jonathan Conway enables you to talk through your issues and concerns from wherever you are. This gives the advantage of being able to to arrange a time to suit a very busy schedule, without the stress or expense of having to travel to the appointment.

Often when facing life challenges these can occur when they are least expected, leaving you unprepared to deal with them effectively. If a situation is affecting you professionally, you may not want to turn to work colleagues for advice and you might feel that family or friends are not in a position to understand the problem or are too emotionally involved to see things clearly.

Skype coaching has opened up an effective means of counselling, providing a virtual face-to-face session, as if you were together in the same room.*
Jonathan frequently finds that many feel it is easier to open up and talk freely about feelings when there is personal space.*

When someone reaches a crossroads in life, whether that may be work-life balance, career opportunities or career change, they may need support to adapt to the challenges these circumstances bring. Telephone and Skype coaching can help you to be more decisive and focused on your goals, both professionally and personally.* Any anxiety issues which may seem overwhelming can be addressed and Jonathan will show you how you can practice relaxation techniques, focusing on your own needs and personal development.*

Once you feel more confident and in control you will be able to see more clearly how it is within your power to achieve more and take the fear out of change, making a positive difference to your life.*

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How Telephone & Skype Coaching Brings Positive Life Change*

telephone and skype coachingOne of the most sought after elements in modern life that is often missing is ‘time’. In the fast pace that many find themselves living today, making space in the daily schedule to focus and reflect on the important issues, such as personal relationships or a stress-free work life, may be elusive.

Even attempting to set aside time to talk to someone about how best to get things back on track, can in itself be stressful and cause anxiety. With this in mind, Jonathan Conway provides one to one telephone and Skype coaching, enabling you to choose a convenient time for your sessions, from wherever you feel most comfortable.

While saving the time and expense of travelling, many also find they are far more relaxed and can open up easily from a distance*. This degree of anonymity often enables deeper feelings and concerns to be released when the coaching session isn’t taking place in the same room*. In fact for those who experience a difficulty with interpersonal relating and in expressing an emotional response, this distance may well make it much easier to communicate freely and honestly*.

You may feel that you have reached a cross-roads in your life and would value some support and guidance. Friends and family are often too personally involved to give impartial advice or you may be concerned that they will be judgemental.

An urgent need to seek advice before taking a critical step or for help when facing a stressful situation, often occurs when someone is a long way from home. A hotel room can seem like the loneliest place in the world when you have no one to listen to you. Confidential telephone and Skype coaching using relaxation techniques with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), can be easily provided no matter where you are*.

Life coaching over the telephone or during a Skype call, still offers all the personal attention you could expect from a face-to-face session with Jonathan*. If a pessimistic approach to challenges has been holding you back from achieving your goals, life coaching with Jonathan will enable you to recognise your strengths and potential and to re-programme any negative thoughts and attitudes*.

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Hypnotherapy & NLP Telephone Coaching Services

Executive CoachingDo you feel that, in common with many others who have busy and often stressful lives, at times you need guidance to get back on track to enjoy the life you really want? When you are juggling a work/home balance it may seem that you are spreading yourself so thinly that you are failing to succeed well in either.

If you feel that taking the time to seek help may bring even more pressure, you may well find that hypnotherapy and NLP telephone coaching is far more convenient*.

One to one telephone and Skype coaching with Jonathan Conway can be carried out while you are in the place of your choice; wherever you feel comfortable and with no need to use up valuable time or expense in travelling. In fact by providing this effective form of life coaching, Jonathan has made it possible for clients to benefit no matter where they are in the world*.

If you travel for your work and are frequently away from home, this may be precisely the time when you feel the need for support and guidance from someone you trust.

Hypnotherapy and NLP are no less powerful when the session isn’t face to face*. In fact many clients feel they are able to relax more easily at a distance and can be more open about their concerns and deeper feelings*.

Although you won’t be in the same room together, Jonathan will still be able to provide the same personal attention and take all the time necessary to listen to your concerns. He will help you to focus on your goals; identifying where you need to make crucial changes in the present in order to achieve what you wish for in the future*.

You may be stuck at a stage in your career where you feel you are going nowhere but you don’t know how to make the next move, especially if, as is often the case, financial commitments are a concern.

Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) can be invaluable in releasing the pessimistic thoughts and fears that may have been limiting you from making progress.* During a Skype or telephone coaching session, you will be guided how to adopt a ‘can-do’ attitude, helping you to improve relationships and experience greater success in your career or home life with the confidence that everything is possible*.

All you need to do is to pick up the telephone or connect on Skype and book a coaching session with Jonathan today. For more information please leave a comment below or call 01273 540425

Telephone and Skype Hypnotherapy Sessions & Life Coaching

telephone-coachingWith the hectic lives that many of us lead, finding the time to travel for life coaching may simply just add more pressure. Jonathan Conway provides telephone and Skype coaching sessions to fit into your busy schedule at a time that is convenient for you.

Clients often find that they are more relaxed when they are in familiar surroundings, without any outside distractions. 

Coaching via the telephone or on Skype is just as effective and powerful as face-to-face sessions*, in fact many find it easier to open up about feelings and concerns when there is a slight anonymity*.

There is still the one-to-one conversation where Jonathan will dedicate the time to listen to you and assess the changes that need to be made in order for you to attain your goals. He will help you to make the right decisions in whatever area of life you feel you are underachieving to enable you to move forward*.

You may feel that you need a change in your career but are unsure how to find the courage to take the next step. Interviews can often be a stumbling block to career progression and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a valuable tool in unlocking self-belief and previously untapped potential*. During a telephone or Skype conversation, key words within the dialogue will send clear signals showing how you may be communicating in a weak and negative way without realising it.

You might be focusing on the failures in your life instead of what opportunity there is to achieve more success in the future. We often speak of someone experiencing a mid-life crisis, which is in effect when it’s felt that a cross-roads has been reached and there’s a strong desire to change direction. This is the time when you may feel unsure whether the decisions you are about to take are sound and viable.

If this is the case, Jonathan will help you to find the right perspective which will enable you to evaluate and plan the changes, rather than taking rash and risky actions*.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t live more adventurously if this is what you want, or set goals that may have in the past seemed unreachable. Life coaching with NLP will help you to build the confidence to enjoy life as you wish to enjoy it, whether that’s with less stress and anxiety, better relationships or success in the corporate world*.

This can all be achieved without even leaving your home or office* and is only a telephone or Skype call away.

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