Managing Executive Stress With the Help of Hypnotherapy*

What do you find causes you the most anxiety in your professional life? Is it the weight of responsibility, the pressure of meeting deadlines and set targets, or a concern that you will fail to live up to the expectations demanded in your position? There could in fact be a combination of all of these, resulting in a constant feeling that you will let yourself and others down. Hypnotherapy can help to manage executive stress by enabling you to recognise where you most feel under threat and to learn new coping mechanisms to resolve the issues which are triggering negative thoughts and a lack of self-confidence.*

Anxiety isn’t likely to be triggered on arriving at the work-place or to diminish when you close the office door at the end of the day. You may well experience sleepless nights and stress while commuting on a train packed with fellow passengers, or navigating your way through rush-hour travel. This leads to a build up of negative energy even before the working day has begun. Unlike the use of medication, alcohol or other potentially addictive substances used to numb the senses, hypnotherapy will identify the root cause of your anxious and unproductive state of mind.*

Feeling consistently stressed is likely to affect all areas of your life, especially if there is no one you can turn to for help. You may avoid sharing your concerns with colleagues for fear of appearing incompetent and family or friends may not fully understand the pressure you are under on a daily basis. During hypnosis sessions with Jonathan at the Conway Practice, your ability to manage change and challenging situations will be addressed.* Strategies to cope with high demands, including relaxation techniques and positive visualisation, will enable you to gain a new perspective on how to deal with workplace stressors.

Hypnotherapy provides a completely safe and natural approach to dealing with work related conflict and stress sensitivity.* This can be applied to achieve a positive work-life balance, improving cognitive defences, communication and decision-making skills.*   

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How to Increase Confidence in Public Speaking with Hypnotherapy*

Hypnotherapy help you overcome your fear of public speakingIf the thought of giving a speech or a presentation fills you with dread, you will probably be well aware of the terms ‘words drying up’ and ‘tongue-tied’. These are physical reactions to an emotional source and can cause distress and extreme discomfort. A fear of public speaking is one of the most common phobias and often has complex origins which need to be identified. Hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice can help to uncover the reason for your fear which may be buried deep within your subconscious.* While the mind is more open and relaxed during hypnosis, it becomes easier to recognise and freely express the feelings which trigger a negative reaction.*

It might be surprising that the fear may not be directly related to speaking in public, but more closely connected to a form of social anxiety and being afraid of facing a group of people. Most people who become anxious at the thought of being the centre of attention do so whether they are required to speak or not, but speaking in front of others is likely to greatly increase the feeling of vulnerability.

This phobia can be extremely self-limiting, affecting not only social interaction and personal relationships, but also restricting career prospects. The root of these fears may trace back to a specific incident or general environment in the past where you were made to feel inadequate within your peers or in comparison to your siblings.

The fear of being judged by others can feel like a threat that you must escape from and avoid at all costs, experiencing an overwhelming ‘flight or fight’ adrenalin surge. During the hypnotherapy sessions, Jonathan will help you to increase your self-confidence and create a positive mind-set in handling stress.* You will appreciate how you can change your relationship to fear, with improved self-belief and mental focus, enabling you to visualise success instead of failure.*

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Managing Social Anxiety with Hypnotherapy in Brighton*

Managing AnxietyIf you are someone who finds it difficult to interact socially with others, at the Conway Practice in Brighton, hypnotherapy can help you to overcome your social anxiety.* Jonathan will trace back incidents and distant memories held deeply in your sub-conscious which you may not even be aware of, allowing you to recognise where these fears originated.*

There can many reasons for a social phobia, often stemming from something apparently insignificant during the early years which the conscious mind has long forgotten. A simple reprimand from a parent or authority figure about behaving badly or when you’ve been told to be quiet, may have a lasting effect through to adulthood. When imposing a sense of discipline, children were often told not to speak unless spoken to and this can leave a negative impression when a social setting calls for you to join in the conversation.

You may well be overly anxious that by saying the wrong thing everyone will think less of you and for anyone experiencing social anxiety, making new friends especially in unfamiliar surroundings is likely to be emotionally challenging. As an example, leaving the relatively safe haven of home for University life for the first time can be a daunting experience, wondering how well you will be accepted by your fellow students and tutors. Starting a job commonly brings feelings of insecurity to the surface, knowing that initially a new entrant will be the centre of attention and evaluated.

Social anxiety is a step beyond shyness, experienced not only as emotional unease but also with physical symptoms such as palpitations, trembling and feeling nauseous. While relaxed under hypnosis, Jonathan will gently talk through your insecurities and misconceptions that have been the barrier to your enjoyment of social situations or communicating in general.* Hypnotherapy can bring a marked improvement to your self-esteem and confidence, relieving the sense of isolation and opening the door to new opportunities.*

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Help to Manage Social Anxiety with Hypnotherapy in Brighton*

Managing AnxietyExperiencing social anxiety can lead to emotional isolation, finding yourself avoiding all situations where you have to communicate with others. Social media or emailing in the workplace is often used as a means to avoid face to face contact, with the option of escape simply with a click of a button. Shyness and sensitivity during childhood may have developed over the years into a difficulty with interacting in any place where someone is out of their comfort zone or feel they may be judged and rejected.

When you are anxious your adrenalin levels are raised, with a natural ‘fight or flight’ response. Having once experienced this your subconscious mind will have recorded the negative feeling, often triggering the same reaction in similar circumstances and causing you to do your best to sidestep situations where it’s believe this will be repeated. At the Conway Practice in Brighton, hypnotherapy sessions with Jonathan Conway will address the root cause of your social phobia and discuss the reasons behind your anxiety and how to deal with it effectively.*

You may feel that people will see the ‘real person’ and you won’t be liked, especially when meeting someone new. When providing help for social anxiety with hypnotherapy, in order to enable self-worth and confidence to be improved, focus will also be on any feelings of insecurity which may be fuelling your fear.* Deep relaxation techniques shown by Jonathan during hypnosis can be used whenever you feel the need to escape from a social gathering or are finding it difficult to face an event which in unavoidable.* Hypnotherapy in Brighton can alleviate  inappropriate negative thoughts and re-establish enjoyable social interaction where you feel comfortable and in control.*

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How Hypnotherapy can help with your Wedding Speech Anxiety*

confidenceIf you are expected to give a wedding speech and are one of the many who have a fear of public speaking, the challenge may seem daunting. You may already have feelings of panic at the thought of how you will perform on the day in front of all the guests. Speech anxiety is often caused by the concern that others will judge you and think of you as a failure. This is a common fear experienced as stage fright by many performers every time they face their audience. Hypnotherapy at the Conway practice can help you to overcome your fear and increase your self-confidence, enabling you to feel calm and in control both before and during your presentation.*

The Greek origin of Glossophobia is literally translated as a ‘tongue fear’ and people with this anxiety often say they become tongue-tied when speaking in front of other people, even if they are among friends. If you have the responsibility of giving a speech at a wedding, being the centre of attention even for a few short minutes may trigger the early warning system in your subconscious recalling a negative incident in the past. Your fear of speaking in public may well stem from the belief that what has happened before will occur again.

Hypnotherapy provides a safe and natural way to calm your nerves, without the need for medication.* Jonathan will help you to identify the negative memories that are triggering your feelings of panic and anxiety. While you are in the deeply relaxed state of hypnosis, deep-rooted negative beliefs and mind-set can be replaced, resulting in a greatly improved response when faced with situations which call for you to speak in front of others.* With this increased sense of confidence you will be able to deliver your wedding speech clearly and calmly and enjoy the celebration.*

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How Hypnotherapy in Brighton Can Help With Social Anxiety*

welcomeDoes the festive season fill you with dread, knowing that you will be expected to join in with the celebrations? For some, anxiety can spoil what should be an enjoyable time spent with friends and family, ranging from shyness to fear when faced with a social situation. So how can hypnotherapy help with social anxiety?* During sessions in hypnosis at the Conway Practice, Jonathan will sensitively reveal the core issues which trigger negative feelings.*

This problem is often related to a fear of being poorly judged and considered as the outsider within a group. You may be able to trace back to a particular incident which has left a negative imprint stored within your subconscious mind. However much you may wish to socialise with others, you may be reliving the same feeling
of a bad experience in the past and expect it to happen again. Recognising how you felt at the time and how you can now release and erase these feelings can be achieved through hypnotherapy.*

Social anxiety is often a combination of phobias. Agoraphobia for example manifests as a fear of being away from what you consider to be your safe place. You may be afraid that if you are not in control, you will be trapped and unable to leave if you wish to. Even if you are with people that you know, you might still be worried that you will say the wrong thing and be ridiculed in front of others and that a feeling of mild anxiety may turn into full blown panic. Whereas for some, an adrenalin surge is experienced as excitement, for others unable to manage their stress levels it could be felt as physical and emotional panic.*

Social anxiety is often a result of low self-esteem and Jonathan will help you to gain greater confidence and self-belief, enabling you to approach social situations in a relaxed state of mind.* Hypnotherapy can help you to look forward to socialising with others, opening up new friendships and opportunities.*

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