How You Can Give Up Smoking With Hypnotherapy in Harley Street*

quit-smokingSo the month of ‘Stoptober’ is over for this year and despite your best intentions you are still smoking. Firstly, you shouldn’t see this solely as a failure, but simply as something in which you haven’t yet succeeded. Without doubt, giving up smoking on your own is even more difficult, but at the Conway Practice in Harley Street, help to stop smoking is available whenever you need it*.

According to research, anyone who is able to give up smoking for 28 days is five times more likely not to start again*. However, for many during this four week period, nicotine patches and gum or even e-cigarettes will only replace one habit with another, making it far easier to smoke again.

It’s essential to uncover the root cause of why someone finds it so hard to quit and although nicotine is physically addictive, there is also a psychological compulsion which needs to be addressed.

During hypnotherapy sessions in Harley Street with Jonathan Conway, the crucial question ‘do you genuinely want to stop smoking for your own reasons’ will be asked. Or are you being forced into giving up by others? If the decision is yours alone and you are self-motivated, you will have a far higher chance of succeeding*.  During hypnosis you will experience a state of calm and comfort and although deeply relaxed, you will remain in complete control throughout. This is often compared to the same feeling you have while you are day-dreaming*.

Jonathan will help you to release the thoughts stored in your sub-conscious, determining why you want to give up the habit and what your expectations are once you are no longer a smoker*.
Do you see yourself as healthier, fitter and perhaps wealthier, when you are no longer ‘burning money’ for cigarettes?

Hypnotherapy sessions in Harley Street with Jonathan are very much tailored to the individual, with no ‘one size fits all approach’. Generally, in order to stop smoking it’s necessary to understand why you started. If parents or older siblings smoked you may well have followed suit and accepted this as a ‘normal’ thing for people to do*.

Once the teenage years arrive there’s often peer pressure to follow ‘the gang’ in order to be accepted and fit in. Then comes the stress of exams and finding a job, coupled with the chance of showing independence and to behave as an adult. If you have a low stress tolerance, it can be easy to turn to an external substance when you are anxious, instead of relying on your inner coping mechanism*.

Hypnotherapy in Harley Street will help you to discover resources you may be completely unaware of*

Once you are without cravings, with no automatic response to reach for a cigarette even during stressful situations, this can be a life-changing experience*.

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Help to Stop Smoking in Stoptober with Hypnotherapy in Harley Street

quit-smokingIf you are a smoker, you are probably aware that next month is the start of Stoptober 2015. The NHS reports that if someone stops smoking for 28 days, they are five times more likely to stop for good. For some people, the challenge of a ‘social quitting’ campaign can be the motivation they need.

Help to stop smoking with hypnotherapy in Harley Street at the Conway Practice, offers a natural and completely medication-free way of giving up for good*.

Jonathan Conway will provide personalised support, uncovering the situations and feelings that trigger the need to reach for a cigarette*.

Without doubt, nicotine is a highly addictive substance, but linked with the addiction is the habit of smoking.  When this starts from the early teenage years it can be a way of rebelling against parental control or authority figures. It may be exciting to do something that is forbidden or only for ‘grown-ups’ and then years later and still hooked on the habit, it becomes a part of the daily routine and extremely difficult to stop smoking without help.

Many smokers will say that they use cigarettes as a prop; something to hold in their hands if they’re nervous. One of the most common triggers to lighting up occurs during a stressful situation, when anger levels rise and there is an urgent need to calm down.

Hypnotherapy in Harley Street deals with the anxiety state and all the negative thoughts and emotional traumas that are buried in the sub-conscious*. As long as you are genuinely committed to quitting smoking, not just because friends and family are pressuring you into giving up, you have a high chance of success*.

During hypnosis, Jonathan will guide you through the relaxation and visualisation techniques*, showing you how to focus on a smoke-free life.

Hypnotherapy in Harley Street will help you to reinforce a positive attitude and a resistance to cigarettes while negative associations with tobacco will limit the impulse to smoke*.

You will understand that believing a habit recognised as being so harmful to health will make you feel good is simply a delusion. The feel-good factor only lasts as long as the cigarette. Hypnotherapy will help you to stop smoking* by increasing your motivation, changing your perspective on what cigarettes mean to you and what part they play in your life.

You will learn how to visualise a fitter, healthier life-style with the added bonus of less damage to your wealth!*

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Help to Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy in Harley Street*

quit-smokingSo you want to give up smoking but you’re finding it difficult and may even believe it’s impossible. Jonathan Conway has helped many to stop smoking with hypnotherapy in Harley Street*.

Most importantly, you must want to quit for your own reasons, not just to please others. Giving up the habit takes a great deal of personal commitment and it should be made clear that during hypnosis, you can’t be made to do anything that deep down you really don’t want to do.

You may have decided you’re ready to stop smoking due to health reasons and perhaps have even been advised to give up by medical practitioners before undergoing a surgical procedure or simply to improved your level of fitness and well-being.

If you have tried and failed in the past, you will probably have found that turning to the use of nicotine patches, e-cigarettes or by constantly chewing gum, this doesn’t solve the root cause of why you need to smoke. Props used during the withdrawal period simply replace one habit for another in the short-term, without addressing the dependency.

There are many reasons why someone becomes a smoker. Often peer pressure is a contributing factor; wanting be part of the crowd and to fit in socially. Regrettably, as with any habit that begins from a relatively young age, this can last a lifetime if you don’t know where to turn for help. You may well smoke during times of stress or anger and with the additional problem of trying to stop being stressful in itself this creates a vicious circle. You’re probably also very aware that every time you light up a cigarette, figuratively speaking your often hard-earned money is going up in smoke.

Having recognised why you have the habit, how can hypnotherapy in Harley Street help you to be free of the addiction? During the relaxed hypnotic state of mind, Jonathan will use safe and natural techniques, guiding you through a visualisation of how unpleasant smoking is and how much better you will feel once you have given up*.

The negative factors in your life that may be the cause of any stress will also be addressed and you will learn self-calming methods that you will be able to continue after the hypnotherapy sessions*.

It doesn’t matter how long you have been addicted to smoking or how many cigarettes you smoke. Help through hypnotherapy in Harley Street will enable you to finally give up the habit once and for all*.

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Hypnotherapy Services in Harley Street Can Help You to Kick the Habit*

quit-smokingHow many times have you reached for a cigarette and told yourself that it’s going to be your last one? If the intention to stop for good has never been achieved, you can be helped to quit smoking in Harley Street at the Conway Practice*.

 There’s no doubt that attempting to give up any habit without help is difficult.

As nicotine is an extremely addictive substance, this makes it even harder. However long you may have been smoking, it’s never too late to stop and as long as you are fully committed, you can successfully quit smoking through hypnotherapy*.

During the relaxed state of hypnosis the factors that trigger your need to smoke can be easily identified and addressed*. Stress is known to be a major reason for a smoker continuing the habit, often due to being under pressure in the work-place or with personal issues.

Frequently, in an attempt to stop smoking if the cause for the pressure increases, the smoker will relapse. No one would dispute that giving up the habit is in itself stressful, but hypnotherapy sessions with Jonathan Conway will help you to deal with the root cause of that stress in a positive way*.

It’s important to understand that although you may have failed in the past, this doesn’t mean that you can’t succeed now, once you have a different view and approach to dealing with the addiction. As a smoker, at present you are attempting to manage your stress in an unhealthy way. You will probably be aware that you are turning to a harmful substance because your coping mechanism is failing, but you lack the solution to how you can get it back on track.

During hypnosis you will learn how to do that, substituting negative thoughts of failure with positive visualisation of how much healthier and happier you will feel when you are no longer smoking*. 

Once you have been shown how to deal with stress-fuelled situations such as deadlines at work, handling employee HR issues or relationship and family problems, your ability to cope without a cigarette will improve considerably, enabling you to stop*.

Everybody experiences stress, but the key to success is how you manage it. Hypnosis help for smoking in Harley Street will allow you to focus on your behaviour and lifestyle, bringing about the positive change to your mindset that will mean you can finally quit the habit*.

For more information about how we can help you to kick the habit please leave a comment below or, use the Contact Page.

Stop Smoking Today – Hypnotherapy Can Help!*

Quit Smoking with The Conway PracticeStop smoking; two extremely emotive words that are significant to many people. You may be reading this as someone who wants to give up, or as a family member or friend of a smoker trying to understand how best to help.

 Firstly, it’s essential for the smoker to be fully committed to quit smoking. However much pressure is applied by others, any attempt is sure to fail if the determination to give up is lacking.

If you are a smoker and feel that you have reached the stage where you are ready to take the first big step towards giving up the habit, then help is available to stop smoking through hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice*.

Hypnotherapy for smoking cessation is extremely effective*. Hypnosis is completely safe, with no unpleasant side-affects and is medication free.

You will be helped to re-programme any negative thoughts through various powerful exercises and will understand how you have unlimited potential to make positive changes in your life*. Giving up smoking is just one of them. For instance, although smoking is a habit made all the more difficult to break to the addictive properties of nicotine, you will have started to smoke for a reason.

This may have been due to something as simple as peer pressure and wanting to ‘fit in’ with others. You might however, have found yourself first reaching for a cigarette during a time of stress and continued as a means of calming down when feeling anxious. Many people are also convinced they need to smoke in order to help keep their weight down, instead of maintaining a healthy attitude to eating. 

And so it’s easy to see that the underlying reasons for smoking need to be addressed.

During hypnosis, the root cause of the addiction is easily identified*, whether that may be down to stress, low self-confidence, or lack of purpose and motivation. In the same way that you took a subconscious emotional decision to start smoking, your mindset can be changed at the same level with a firm decision to stop*. You will also understand why you reach for a cigarette at certain times and how to break that habit*.

Remember, this is your choice, the self-empowerment to make the positive changes in the pattern of your behaviour. You will find yourself back in control and free from the cigarette controlling you. Jonathan Conway, a qualified hypnotherapist NLP Coach and NLP Master Practitioner will show you how to visualise your life without cigarettes; healthier, happier and without doubt, wealthier*.

Contact Jonathan today to see how he can help you to stop smoking either by leaving a comment below or call on 01273 540425

Hypnotherapy Can Help You to Stop Smoking in Brighton & Hove*

Quit Smoking with The Conway PracticeAre you a smoker who despite resolve and resolutions have seen Stoptober and national No Smoking days pass you by without being able to stop? As with any addiction, Nicotine can have a powerful hold and even with pressure from family and friends or being made to feel that you’ve become a social outcast, however determined you may be to give up it’s not going to be an easy habit to break.

That’s when The Conway Practice can step in with help to quit smoking in Brighton & Hove with hypnotherapy sessions*.

You are probably well aware that apart from being hard on your pocket, smoking is bad for your health and nicotine is a highly toxic substance. The physical addiction however isn’t the only issue as there is also the problem of a psychological dependence.

You are likely to have certain times in the day when you ‘reward’ yourself with a cigarette, such as during a work break, when you’re out for a drink with friends, or to calm you down when you’re under stress and want to relax. You will therefore experience cravings on two levels when you attempt to stop, both physical and emotional. You may be surprised to hear that the psychological craving is often far more difficult to overcome than nicotine withdrawal.

Hypnosis in Brighton & Hove is a safe and holistic therapy, has been shown to have great success in helping smokers to quit*. Smoking is to a large extent about habituation, but unlike some enjoyable habits it is actually a form of self-harm.

Hypnotherapy services available in Brighton & Hove will help you to identify and deal with the repetitive triggers that you associate with smoking*. You will understand how you can use positive thought to eliminate the destructive side of your subconscious that has been allowing the addiction to continue*.

During this hyper-responsive state of mind, Jonathan Conway, BSc Dp EHP.NLP MNCH (acc), will guide you through a visualisation of personal motivation and change, learning how to respect your body*.

If you would like to know more about how the Conway Practice in Brighton & Hove can help to stop smoking and use hypnotherapy for a healthier lifestyle, contact Jonathan Conway today on 01273 540425.

How The Conway Clinic Can Help To Stop Smoking in Brighton*

quit-smokingAs we approach the start of Stoptober, you may have decided that you need help to stop smoking in Brighton. Perhaps you’ve made several attempts to stop in the past without success, or this could be your first attempt at having a healthier nicotine-free life.

Hypnotherapy sessions with Jonathan at the Conway Practice will help you to re-focus your conscious and subconscious mind, enabling you to change your attitude to smoking*.

As nicotine is a powerful drug it is easy to become addicted but extremely difficult to quit. You feel good when the drug is in your system but feel wretched when it’s missing. Many people smoke because they are stressed and as giving up smoking is in itself stressful, they feel trapped in a vicious circle.

Often even those who have managed to stop smoking in Brighton start again during a period of anxiety. There are however, many reasons why people smoke. They may have started during their teenage years due to peer pressure, not wanting to appear the odd one out. Smoking has been something to share socially, although less so now that it’s no longer permitted to light a cigarette in pubs, restaurants and other public places.

Smokers are driven to outside areas in all weathers, which can add to the feeling of guilt about something that is now generally considered an antisocial habit.

It’s crucial not to consider a cigarette as a treat or a reward. The conscious mind knows that smoking is harmful and a damage to your health, but your self-belief is limited on a sub-conscious level, inhibiting your confidence in your ability to stop. Most smokers would agree if asked that they either want to give up for health reasons or because they are literally burning money.

Smoking is a habit and as with all habits there will be an underlying cause. Hypnotherapy has an extremely high level of success in dealing with the addiction as long as you are ready and willing to stop*.

Hypnosis in Brighton can’t force you to do anything that you don’t want to do. During hypnotherapy sessions, Jonathan will take the time to fully understand your lifestyle and identify the root cause of your habit. He will discuss how you can give up your dependence once and for all*.

Hypnosis is relaxing, safe and drug-free and will help you to change the way you view your addiction and increase your motivation, enabling you to stop smoking*.

If you would like to know more about how you can have help to stop smoking in Brighton and remain a non-smoker, please contact Jonathan at the Conway Practice or leave a comment below.


Stop Smoking in Highgate, North London with Hypnotherapy Services*

Quit Smoking with The Conway PracticeAre you looking for help to stop smoking in Highgate, North London? You may have already made several unsuccessful attempts to quit, or perhaps you are only now ready to take the first step towards a nicotine-free healthier life.

Jonathan Conway at the Conway Practice provides hypnotherapy sessions, helping you to retrain your mind on both a conscious and subconscious level, changing your attitude to smoking*.

Not only an addiction to nicotine, smoking is also a habit and as with all habits there is always an underlying cause. You may well find that it becomes automatic to light up a cigarette at certain times; during a work-break, after a meal or morning coffee, or in a social gathering. Stress however, plays a major part in the reason for smoking and also the prevention of giving up the habit.

Even the process of stopping is stressful in itself. The conscious mind knows that smoking is harmful to health but a self-limiting belief prevents you from having the confidence to stop. 

Nicotine is a powerful drug. You feel good when the substance is active, and bad when it’s not. Surveys have shown that the majority of smokers want to give up, whether that may be for health reasons or simply because they are aware of ‘burning money’ every time they light up.

During sessions at the Conway Practice, Jonathan will take time to understand your lifestyle, discuss why you believe you smoke and why you are now ready to stop*. Everyone is viewed as an individual with their own account of why they first started to smoke and how they may have tried and failed in the past to stop*. Hypnosis identifies the underlying cause of the dependence and can then change your way of thinking, enabling you to reach your goal*.

In 1992 The New Scientist reported that hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking*. 

Hypnotherapy services in Highgate, North London can help you to increase your motivation and change your way of thinking to break your habit*.

If you would like to stop smoking please contact Jonathan at the Conway Practice, or leave a comment below.

A Helping Hand

Article appeared in Latest 7

Jonathan Conway, Hypnotherapist & NLP practitioner, answers your questions on changing the way you view the world.

Q. I want to run Brighton Marathon one day. Can Hypnotherapy help me perform better in sports?

A: Yes, absolutely*. Using hypnosis to visualise being successful in sports is very powerful.* It can also be helpful to use the anchoring techniques of NLP to help you get into a resourceful winning state and also to model success on other successful performers in professional sports*.

Q. I wish I had more confidence. Can hypnotherapy make me more outgoing?

A. Yes. Hypnosis can be a careful tool in helping a person focus on the things that help them to feel better about themselves and help you to find the resources that every person has to do this*. As you begin to notice your success there is likely to be a cumulative effect. In my experience confidence from the inside out is likely to be more effective and longer lasting than doing things with a short term boost in confidence. Also the more accepting a person can be of themselves the better they are likely to feel in their lives*.

Q. I would love to fly abroad but have such a fear of flying after a bad experience when I was younger. Can hypnotherapy help me to overcome this phobia?

A. Flying phobias are usually connected with a past flying experience that didn’t go well such as extreme turbulence or engine failure whilst on board a flight. It is a feeling of being out of control sometimes accompanied by panic and anxiety. Hypnosis accompanied by an NLP Fast Phobia cure can help with overcoming a flying phobia and to help the person have a positive flying experience*. To do this, the flying experience needs to be reframed to something more positive, in particular, the language that is used in thinking about the flying experience*.

Q. Can hypnotherapy cure physical pain?

A. Pain management is a complex topic and before a non-medically trained hypnotherapist uses hypnosis for pain control it is important that the person has had a medical investigation beforehand. Once this has been done – and with a medical practitioner’s approval – hypnosis can be a powerful too in assisting with pain control*. Hypnosis can help to change the perception of the pain into something more manageable and something which the unconscious mind is able to control*.

Q. My new job means that I need to give public presentations. How many hypnotherapy sessions would I need to improve my public speaking performance?

A. Speaking in public is one of life’s greatest challenges and fears. Hypnosis and NLP can really assist a person to speak fluently and confidently, and to create a greater level of rapport with the audience*. Even two or three sessions can make a significant and valuable change to someone’s ability to be a competent public speaker*. The first task is to help the person build up some positive resources. NLP Anchoring techniques can be useful here followed by visualization and also learning a practicing self hypnosis techniques*. Like all new skills it is necessary to practice and the more times you are able to do so, the easier it will be to perform well in presentations*.

Q. I’m seeing a hypnotherapist to help me to kick my smoking habit. Am I going to be able to handle passive smoking after my hypnotherapy?

A. The biggest part of smoking addiction is not the physical craving but the psychological need to have a cigarette. Once the urge to smoke is replaced by other healthier and creative behaviours the person will have a sense of freedom and be in control of the unconscious urge to smoke. It is also probable that the hypnotherapist may have given some hypnotic suggestions that the person will no longer be attracted to the smell of nicotine and therefore passive smoking should not bother the person*.

Article appeared in Latest 7

It’s time to say goodbye to 2012 and hello to the new year. For some of us, 2013 will involve finally giving up smoking. Yes, cigarettes will most likely be the first thing to quit on many people’s list of New Year’s resolutions.

But like many resolutions, the chances of sticking to it as January progresses can wear thin. The stresses of everyday life begin to take their toll and unfortunately we can return to old habits and within no time the cigarettes are back.

The thing with giving up smoking is that it’s all in the mind. It requires an immense amount of will power, which for some people can become too much. Research shows that 70 per cent of smokers want to give up, but only 5 per cent actually manage to quit successfully.

But it doesn’t have to be as hard. All people really need is support. During October 2012, the NHS launched its mass-quit campaign, Stoptober, which stated that giving up for 28 days made you five times more likely to quit for good. The campaign turned out to be a huge success and the support of others proved to be a vital part of why people didn’t give in.

Choosing to quit in 2013 does not have to be any different to Stobtober. By setting the goal and having support along the way means you are more likely to succeed. And this is true of any resolution.

Some people who have been successful quitting smoking have said they replaced the cigarette with something else such as a glass of water. This has proved to work as it take the person’s mind off of having a cigarette and also creates a different association with the feeling of wanting a cigarette. Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques can also be a great way to overcome obstacles and quit the habit*.

The most successful quitters have been those on some form of smoking medication, whether it be patches, chewing gum or a prescribed drug. Those people who went ‘cold turkey’ proved to have a lower success rate and increased levels of stress, and returned to smoking far quicker.

Smoking is of course a huge health risk, and it is currently the highest single cause of illness and premature death in the UK. So why is it that people smoke in the first place? There will never be a definitive answer to that question, but stats show that the percentage of the population that smoke has dropped by over 13 per cent in the last 15 years. The warnings are proving to be slowly working.

January will undoubtedly consist of New Year’s resolutions that many will not stick to. But instead of deciding to do something unrealistic, try making small tweaks to something in your everyday life, as this is much more likely to result in success. Good luck!

  • Introduce a new hobby or interest
  • Picture yourself where you want to be in three, six or 12 months’ time
  • Be kind to your self if things don’t work out the way that you would like right away
  • Be open to doing things in a new way and be kind to yourself if things don’t work out in the way that you intend
  • Use each day as rehearsal for the next

Finally be kind to yourself if things don’t work out well.

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