Managing a Fear of Public Speaking with Hypnotherapy*

public-speakingIf speaking in public causes anxiety you are not alone and this is considered to be one of the most common phobias. Help with public speaking in Brighton through   hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice, Jonathan will identify the deeper reasons behind the extreme discomfort felt.* A state of panic may occur at the mere thought of addressing an audience. This performance anxiety can be triggered when under pressure to deliver in an environment where you feel out of your comfort zone, even if you are called to present to a small number of people, or in a one-to-one situation.

Hypnotherapy will allow your subconscious to trace the origins of your fear, while your mind is more receptive and open to positive suggestion.* Perhaps without conscious recall, an incident in the past is now limiting your confidence with the belief that it will reoccur each time you are the focus of attention with others judging every word you say. The root cause may be an ingrained memory of something as simple as coughing in the middle of your speech, or your mind going blank during a presentation.

This fear of public speaking is often self-limiting, with a negative affect on both professional and personal life, resulting in the avoidance where possible of all situations where you are called upon to verbally share your thoughts and ideas with others. During hypnosis, Jonathan will help to reprogramme any negative misbeliefs that you are facing a hostile audience, allowing a positive visualisation of yourself as relaxed and completely in control.*

There are certain circumstances which can’t be avoided without affecting progress in your career, or enjoyment of social gatherings. Hypnotherapy can enable you to overcome the anxiety of giving a wedding speech or of delivering a presentation during an interview. Relaxation and calming methods absorbed while under hypnosis will allow fear to be transformed into a feeling of greater confidence and self-worth.* This new found positivity can be a great motivator with the potential to open the way to opportunities where your fear of public speaking has held you back in the past.*

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Help to Overcome a Phobia with Hypnotherapy*

Any form of phobia can be distressing, especially if this is affecting your life on a regular basis. Phobias take many forms and include a fear of flying, certain insects or animals, social situations, doctors, dentists and the sight of needles. The list is extensive and there is unlikely to be a rational explanation. Hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice however, can help you to overcome your phobia, whichever form it takes by identifying the specific triggers which are the root cause of your fear.

Phobias can generally be traced back to an incident or influence often as far back as early childhood. Perhaps a parent or sibling experienced the same fear which has been inherited without any conscious awareness, resulting in stress and anxiety. Overcoming this without being able to recognise the root cause can be overwhelming and have a negative impact on the enjoyment of daily life, even more so if you are exposed to unavoidable anxiety-provoking situations.

During hypnosis to help you overcome a phobia , Jonathan will take you back to the origins of your first phobic reaction which has been recorded deeply within your subconscious mind.* You will learn how to manage your fear and reduce the negative physical reactions such as a feeling of panic and nausea or an increased heart rate which occur even at the thought of being faced with the source of your phobia.* Changes can be made at a conscious level, re-coding the negative messages which have automatically triggered the panic response.*

Hypnotherapy sessions with Jonathan will enable you to develop coping mechanisms and relaxation techniques to ease the particular phobic stimulus which has been causing the anxiety.* Instead of doing everything possible to avoid being confronted with a phobic environment, hypnotherapy can be very effective in re-programming your mind, enabling you to face your fear and bring about positive change.*

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Overcoming a Fear of Speaking in Public with Hypnotherapy*

Hypnotherapy help you overcome your fear of public speakingWhat are you most afraid of when faced with speaking in front of others? A speech anxiety is an extremely common phobia and can have a variety of origins. Hypnotherapy can help with your fear of public speaking by identifying the negative beliefs that are creating your anxious state of mind, enabling you to overcome your fears using powerful relaxation and visualisation techniques.*

A fear of speaking in public may be misleading as for some, anxiety can be triggered when they are in a one-to-one situation such as an interview or a professional presentation. There is often the concern that the wrong thing will be said and they will be unable to get their point across or will fail to respond to any questions that may be asked and if much depends on communicating well, the pressure will be even greater. This fear can often be traced back to incidents in the past which have been retained deep in the sub-conscious mind. Being ridiculed by peers or chastised by teachers for being unable to answer questions in the classroom, or reproached by parents for speaking at the wrong time can all contribute to a long-term speech anxiety.

You may feel overly self-conscious that your audience will notice you are feeling nervous, which is only likely to increase your fear of failure. During sessions in hypnosis at the Conway Practice, Jonathan will help you to unlearn this negative behaviour and to understand that no one will think any less of you if your presentation isn’t flawless.* Being anxious before giving a wedding or other celebratory speech is often due to not wanting to let yourself or anyone else down on a very special day, especially those who mean a great deal to you.

The affects of stress and anxiety can be felt as unpleasant physical symptoms, including a raised heartbeat, shallow breathing and a dry mouth. Jonathan will show you how to breath comfortably, relaxing your voice into a rhythm that will allow you to speak more clearly and calmly.* Hypnotherapy can help you to channel your nervous energy into positive energy, improving your speaking and communication skills in both your personal and professional life.*  For more information please call Jonathan Conway on 01273 540425.


Getting over a Fear of Public Speaking with Hypnotherapy*

Hypnotherapy help you overcome your fear of public speakingIf you are one of the many feeling insecure and anxious when faced with speaking in unfamiliar surroundings or in front of strangers, you may do everything to avoid this. You’re no doubt very aware however that avoidance isn’t always an option, causing even more stress if you feel there’s no escape. Hypnotherapy can help to overcome a fear of public speaking by uncovering the negative responses held within the subconscious mind.*

Speech anxiety can be felt in many forms and isn’t limited to speaking in front of a large audience. Many become anxious at the prospect of presenting to colleagues in the work place or during an interview where they feel at risk of being judged. Performance anxiety is common and easily recognised as stage fright when the adrenalin levels are raised and experienced as fear rather than excitement. For anyone with the responsibility of giving a wedding speech, a fear of speaking in public can spoil the enjoyment of the occasion. This extreme anxiety can be experienced in the physical form, with an increased heart beat, a dry mouth and feelings of nausea.

These deeply held beliefs and fears may have taken root over a long period of time, often resulting from a distant memory of an unsettling experience when speaking in front of others. The subconscious mind is programmed to believe that this negative incident will reoccur in similar circumstances. During the sessions of hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice, Jonathan will guide you through relaxation techniques and focusing exercises while your mind is more receptive to positive suggestion.* Hypnosis can help to boost your self-esteem and to discard feelings of self-doubt, leaving you more confident and with a greater appreciation of your abilities, both socially and professionally.*   

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Overcome a Fear of Speaking in Public with Hypnotherapy*

You may have the pre-conception that a fear of public speaking is only confined to communicating with a large audience. In fact this can be a common anxiety even in a one-to-one situation such as an interview or presenting to a higher level of authority in the work place. This fear of public speaking is considered to be one of the most common phobias, but help to overcome this is available with hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice.*

During sessions in hypnosis combined with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Jonathan will talk through your fears and identify the root cause of your speech anxiety.* In the past you might have had an unsettling experience when speaking in front of others which has remained deep in your sub-conscious, resurfacing when you find yourself in similar situations. You may now be afraid that whatever you say will be judged and adversely affect how people think of you. This can severely limit progression in a career if you find presentations and interviews difficult to handle calmly and with confidence.

Although you may frequently do everything you can to resist being in the role of the speaker, you will no doubt have found that at times this may be unavoidable. For anyone who fears speaking in public, holding the responsibility of giving a speech at a wedding reception or other social gathering can spoil the enjoyment of the celebration. Hypnotherapy will enable you to manage your stress and focus on your audience rather than your own negative thoughts.* Jonathan will talk you through relaxation, deep breathing and coping techniques which will make you feel more comfortable before your begin to speak.* These are powerful tools in reducing anxiety and limiting the associated physical reactions.*

Hypnotherapy and NLP can help you to visualise yourself as a competent speaker who is able to captivate and hold the full attention of the audience.* Giving a presentation can then become a pleasant experience instead of something you dread.*

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How Hypnotherapy Can Help You to Overcome a Fear of Flying*

fear-of-flying-brightonAre friends or family preparing to fly off on holiday and leave you grounded as you can’t face boarding the aeroplane? As much as you would like to travel with them, perhaps you feel that you have to accept the situation, but this really needn’t be the case as hypnotherapy can help you to overcome a fear of flying*

At the Conway Practice, during hypnotherapy sessions with Jonathan Conway the source of your fear can be brought to light.* Contrary to what many might think, this is often not as simple as being afraid of crashing and other factors could well be involved. Perhaps you are uncomfortable at being seated next to a stranger for a considerable period of time and are concerned that you may embarrass yourself if you panic during the flight. Social anxiety frequently has a part to play in travel phobias and can be triggered even at the thought of being held in a large crowd at the airport or having to make small talk or eat in front of someone you don’t know on the aeroplane.

There is also the factor that you are not in control while you are in the air and you are relying on someone you have probably never met to get you safely to your destination. In the past you may have summoned the courage to board the plane and then spent the time away dwelling anxiously on the return journey. This fear of flying can not only spoil leisure trips but may also adversely affect business commitments if you are unable to travel by air for meetings.

During hypnosis, Jonathan Conway will trace the origins of your travel phobia,  helping to you deal with your anxiety and you will learn how to practice relaxation techniques on your own whenever you are in a situation that you find stressful.*

Help to manage your individual fear response with positive visualisation and deep breathing exercises together with self-hypnosis and NLP anchoring techniques will potentially open up a whole new world for you where you will find you actually look forward to flying.*   

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How Hypnotherapy can Help Overcome a Fear of Public Speaking*

confidenceDo you often wonder why some people appear to find public speaking easy, while for you it’s an ordeal? Actually, you’re not alone and a fear of public speaking is considered to be one of the most common phobias.* This can affect far more than speaking in front of an audience and you may find that you become anxious even when talking to strangers where you are outside of your ‘comfort zone’.

Most people are not conscious of when or where the phobia first began, but during Hypnotherapy sessions with Jonathan Conway at the Conway Practice in Brighton, the root cause of your anxiety can be uncovered while your subconscious mind is deeply relaxed and receptive.* Being afraid to speak in front of others is often linked to a fear of being judged, or that the words will simply dry up. In fact during an anxious state there are physically reactions, including a dry mouth and raised adrenalin, causing a ‘flight or fight’ reaction where you feel you just want to escape from the situation.

Perhaps your phobia can be traced back to your school years when you were reluctant to speak up in class due to the fear of saying the wrong thing and being ridiculed in front of your peers or in trouble with the teacher. If you’ve had a previous bad experience, your subconscious mind is likely to remind you of this by implanting a negative thought that it will be repeated every time you speak in front of others. If you’ve started to cough for example in the middle of a speech or a presentation you may be so concerned that this will happen again that you try to avoid similar situations.

No doubt you will have found however that you can’t always side-step times when you are expected to speak. Wedding speeches or other social gatherings shouldn’t be something to dread or your career progression limited due to a reluctance to present your ideas in front of colleagues or clients. While under hypnosis, Jonathan will use positive visualisation to improve your self-esteem and help you to eliminate any negative thoughts that have been the cause of your anxiety.* You will also be shown how deep-breathing and relaxation techniques will ensure you are calm and confident when speaking in public.*

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Resolving a Fear of Public Speaking with Hypnotherapy

public-speaking-brightonAre you someone who becomes anxious simply at the thought of engaging with people who you don’t know very well? If so, you are certainly not alone. It’s very common to have concerns about how you will cope in social situations, especially if it involves being the centre of attention. A fear of public speaking is generally related to a social anxiety disorder, which is also a social phobia. We all know people who are shy and introverted, but for some this shyness can become distressing and very difficult to cope with.

Jonathan Conway has helped many who have problems with speaking in public with hypnotherapy and NLP at the Conway Practice in Brighton.* Time is spent on uncovering the layers of distant memories buried in the subconscious, focusing on when the phobia first began to develop. There may now be specific situations that trigger the recall of past experiences, which result in a feeling of panic and a ‘fight or flight’ rush of adrenalin. These easily forgotten and overlooked issues that are the root cause of the problem may be tiny and seem insignificant, but need to be resolved.

Social anxiety can be extremely self-limiting, not only affecting your relationship with friends and family, but also professionally. Presenting to authority figures in an interview or during meetings with colleagues and clients, can be a daunting experience. This may not be limited to speaking in front of others and some may find eating or drinking in public extremely uncomfortable and will find excuses to avoid parties and other social gatherings even though they feel they are missing out.

The state of hypnosis is similar to being in a daydream, where your mind is relaxed and responsive. You have probably experienced times when you’ve been a passenger on a train or driving a car and although remaining in control throughout, reacting normally to what’s going on around you, when you arrive at your destination you remember virtually nothing of the journey. Hypnotherapy is completely safe and medication-free.

Hypnotherapy and NLP will help you to find greater freedom, putting you back firmly in control and able to achieve far more, confidently and calmly.*  For more information please call Jonathan Conway on 01273 540425

Don’t let a Fear of Flying Spoil your Holiday Plans

fear-of-flying-brightonAs family and friends start to search through the travel brochures for this year’s holiday, are you someone who has a flying phobia and dreads the thought of boarding an aeroplane? However much you might want to join in and enjoy an overseas break, your anxiety may just be too overwhelming for you to make the journey.

At the Conway Practice in Harley Street, Jonathan Conway provides sessions in hypnotherapy to help overcome a fear of flying or other travel phobias.* Aerophobia is actually very common, but it may not be as obvious as some phobias as air travel can generally be avoided without others even being aware that there is a problem. You may not be conscious of the cause of your fear and it can be linked to something as seemingly insignificant as watching a film or a graphic media coverage which has featured an incident in the air.*

The issue isn’t simply about a fear of the aircraft crashing, as there are often other factors to consider. While you are in the deeply relaxed state of hypnosis, it is easier to reach the deeper thoughts you have stored in your subconscious mind. The root cause of your anxiety may for instance be due to a fear of not being in complete control and having to rely not only on a stranger flying the plane who is responsible for your safety. Also you may feel you are trapped for the duration of the journey and unable to leave if you wanted to.

This then isn’t only restricted to air travel and many who are too afraid to fly, also become anxious when they find themselves in any situation where someone else is in the driving seat, whether that may be a train, plane or even as a passenger in a car. This can be severely life-limiting, both for meeting professional obligations and for pleasure.

During hypnotherapy sessions, Jonathan will address the thoughts that have been negatively affecting the true sense of reality, enabling positive change to take place.* Deep breathing and visualisation exercises will help you to release your fears and reduce your anxiety level,  ensuring you will be able to relax and enjoy your new found freedom.*

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Banish Fears The Easy Way*

by Samantha Harman

Article appeared in Latest 7

The Conway PracticeJonathan Conway has been a successful practising accredited hypnotherapist for the last 20 years, his motivation to work within the field stemmed from his own past experiences*.

He explained: “When I was a student I was suffering from stress and had overcome dyslexia just before my exams.  I found hypnotherapy to be a very helpful and practical approach in overcoming my personal problems.*”

A combination of hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching is deployed as a less expensive and time-consuming alternative to traditional psychotherapy. The hundreds of clients that Jonathan has helped over the years means that he is well-rehearsed in dealing with complicated and unusual phobias*.

Without breaking any client confidentiality he revealed: “The most unusual phobias I have dealt with include a fear of eating vegetables, being without mobile phone coverage and a fear of certain numbers.”

Generally he deals with more straightforward issues such as childhood trauma and a fear of public speaking, and particularly enjoys helping people develop their confidence and self-esteem*.

“I enjoy the fact that every client is different and needs to be treated as an individual, no two clients are the same and I learn something valuable for each person that I am fortunate to help*.”

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