Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching in Highgate

lose-weight-brighton-hoveIf you are considering seeking help through hypnotherapy in North London, Jonathan Conway combines hypnotherapy and NLP coaching in Highgate at the Conway Practice. You may be more aware of the beneficial affect that hypnotherapy has on the unconscious mind*, but have less understanding of NLP.

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming and with the clue in ‘linguistic’ it refers primarily to the spoken word; what we say and how we say it. ‘Neuro’ relates to the mind and our words come from our thoughts, both positive and negative. There may be areas of your life where you are underachieving and although you probably say that you are ready for change, the words you use may give a different message.

How often do you find yourself using the cop out words ‘possibly’, ‘hopefully’, if I’m ‘lucky’, or I’ll ‘try’? You know for example when you’re talking to someone and they use phrases such as “I should be able to meet you” or “I’ll see if I can be there” that you won’t be able to rely on them as they aren’t fully committed.

During hypnotherapy and NLP coaching in Highgate, Jonathan Conway will evaluate your speech and thought patterns*. Although signals are given through the spoken word, body language is also a key and together they give a map to the mind. Often described as the science of achievement, NLP coaching will provide a set of insight and life-skills, facilitating clarity of thought and more effective communication*.

You will find it easier to manage your moods and behaviour and to think positively*. Combined with hypnotherapy, your subconscious negative perceptions can be changed, removing self-deceptive beliefs which have caused underlying problems*. 

Improving your own communication skills also empowers you to interpret how others communicate with you.

You will learn how to spot just how frequently metaphors are used in conversation, helping you to identify when true commitment is lacking*. This is invaluable not only in personal relationships, but also within a corporate environment, especially during negotiations.

Sessions in NLP and hypnotherapy enable personal and professional development and the ability ‘to do’ and not simply ‘aim to do’*.

If you would like to know more about Hypnotherapy and NLP coaching in North London, contact Jonathan Conway today.

Stop Smoking in Highgate, North London with Hypnotherapy Services*

Quit Smoking with The Conway PracticeAre you looking for help to stop smoking in Highgate, North London? You may have already made several unsuccessful attempts to quit, or perhaps you are only now ready to take the first step towards a nicotine-free healthier life.

Jonathan Conway at the Conway Practice provides hypnotherapy sessions, helping you to retrain your mind on both a conscious and subconscious level, changing your attitude to smoking*.

Not only an addiction to nicotine, smoking is also a habit and as with all habits there is always an underlying cause. You may well find that it becomes automatic to light up a cigarette at certain times; during a work-break, after a meal or morning coffee, or in a social gathering. Stress however, plays a major part in the reason for smoking and also the prevention of giving up the habit.

Even the process of stopping is stressful in itself. The conscious mind knows that smoking is harmful to health but a self-limiting belief prevents you from having the confidence to stop. 

Nicotine is a powerful drug. You feel good when the substance is active, and bad when it’s not. Surveys have shown that the majority of smokers want to give up, whether that may be for health reasons or simply because they are aware of ‘burning money’ every time they light up.

During sessions at the Conway Practice, Jonathan will take time to understand your lifestyle, discuss why you believe you smoke and why you are now ready to stop*. Everyone is viewed as an individual with their own account of why they first started to smoke and how they may have tried and failed in the past to stop*. Hypnosis identifies the underlying cause of the dependence and can then change your way of thinking, enabling you to reach your goal*.

In 1992 The New Scientist reported that hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking*. 

Hypnotherapy services in Highgate, North London can help you to increase your motivation and change your way of thinking to break your habit*.

If you would like to stop smoking please contact Jonathan at the Conway Practice, or leave a comment below.

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