Weight Loss With Hypnosis in Brighton & Hove*

The Conway Practice - Hypnotherapy for weight lossAs we leave the winter behind us and enter the warmer seasons, there is often an increased motivation to be slimmer and fitter for holidays or more energetic outdoor activities. Help to lose weight in Brighton at the Conway Practice provides a completely safe and natural way to achieve weight loss without the need for crash dieting, medication or dietary supplements.*

During hypnosis, your relationship with food and your eating patterns will be discussed to determine where there are issues which need to be addressed.*

Weight control isn’t simply eating less, it’s also about understanding why you are compelled to eat specific foods at certain times and to appreciate how these subconscious triggers can be controlled.

In order to develop a healthier relationship with food, Jonathan will help you through hypnotherapy to recognise any negative self-talk resulting in a roller-coaster food related lift in mood, followed swiftly by a feeling of guilt, which can have a detrimental affect on health and state of mind.* There is a difference between being physically hungry and emotional hunger, with the latter often due to stress or boredom. You may find that you associate comfort food with certain pastimes, when watching TV for example with mindless eating and no conscious awareness of how much is being consumed.

While you are in the calm state of hypnosis, diversion techniques and intuitive strategies can be introduced, replacing misbeliefs which have been stored in the subconscious from past influences.* Being conditioned to clear everything on your plate can be a hangover from childhood and as an adult you may be unaware of the internal cues of fullness, resulting in habitual overeating. Hypnotherapy in Brighton & Hove can help you to overcome the need to resort to comfort food by introducing new stress-relieving coping mechanisms.*

With hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice in Brighton you will appreciate how you can focus on long-term objectives, whether you want to lose weight for health reasons or to improve your appearance, increase your energy levels or to feel more confident.* A positive relationship with food will put you back in control and enable weight management without resorting to unsustainable dieting.*

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Brighton Hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice*

If you have never experienced hypnosis, what can you expect from Brighton hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice? Jonathan Conway is a qualified Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner and Certified NLP Coach with over 21 years of experience, consistently achieving excellent results in both personal or professional issues which are self-limiting and causing concern.*

Consultations are completely confidential and during the first appointment, Jonathan will discuss what you want to achieve and how hypnotherapy can assist you in reaching your goal.* It’s common to seek help only after other attempts to resolve a problem with other methods have been in vain. Trying to lose weight for example may have become a losing battle with a trail of failed fad or crash diets which have not addressed the root cause of any bad eating habits. Hypnotherapy takes into consideration the reasons a habit has formed and how it can be resolved.*

Many obstacles to self-improvement can be traced to negative self-belief stored in the sub-conscious. During hypnosis while the mind is relaxed and open to a high absorption of positive suggestion, Jonathan will guide you gently through a visualisation process where you remain completely aware and in control throughout, similar to a pleasant day-dream state of mind.* 

Hypnotherapy sessions in Brighton can help to identify areas of your life where your conscious mind has undermined your efforts to deal with certain issues which have been causing stress and concern.* You may want to stop smoking, be more confident, reduce anxiety or overcome phobias and fears. Although there may be no obvious connection, many of these issues can be interrelated and during sessions eith hypnosis in Brighton, Jonathan will help you to erase any negative programming and to draw on your own inner resources and potential, facilitating positive change.*

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Harley Street Hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice

Hypnotherapy in Harley StreeyAs we enter a new year, it’s often a time of reflection on the achievements or regrets during the past 12 months. For those who feel there are personal or professional issues which need to be resolved, Harley Street hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice provides the opportunity to take make significant life-style changes and to re-take control of any areas which have been lacking in focus and direction.*

During the first consultation, Jonathan Conway will explain that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach with hypnotherapy. Phobias for example, such as a fear of flying, public speaking or social anxiety can share a common trigger which the conscious mind may be unaware of. Hypnosis in Harley Street enables access to the subconscious where negative experiences have been stored, resurfacing each time a similar situation arises.* For anyone faced with their phobia, avoidance may bring temporary relief, but when occurring on a daily basis this can be extremely disruptive and self-limiting.

Once these triggers have been identified, hypnosis can be applied to remove the learned response, whether this is something inherited from someone else or due to a traumatic incident in your own past. Fear and anxiety are self-sabotaging and dis-empowering and hypnotherapy can very effectively help you to recognise the origin of your fears and to re-programme negative thought patterns held in the subconscious. In seeking relief from anxiety or stress, hypnosis can change the way in which you react to stressors, with the power to increase confidence and creativity.*

Negative habits may have formed over a considerable length of time and be due to many different factors. Hypnosis can be applied to bridge the gap between the conscious and sub-conscious mind, enabling habitual behaviour such as compulsive eating or smoking to be understood and overcome.*  At the Conway Practice, hypnotherapy in Harley Street will help you to introduce new coping mechanisms, overcome obstacles that have been holding you back and achieve your ambitions for the year ahead.*

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Weight Loss in Brighton with Hypnotherapy*

The Conway Practice - Hypnotherapy for weight lossIs this the year that you are determined to lose weight and maintain a healthy eating programme? New year resolutions may have been broken in the past simply due to not being in the right mindset and seeing a change of eating habits as a form of punishment by depriving yourself of the food you love most. Weight loss in Brighton with hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice, will help you to recognise the psychological triggers which cause compulsive eating or the need to rely on unhealthy foods for comfort.*

While the mind is in the deeply relaxed state of hypnosis and open to positive suggestion, Jonathan Conway will explore the sustainable lifestyle changes that can make a world of difference to achieving your ideal weight.* Perhaps you have self-sabotaged attempts to lose weight in the past due to a lack of self-worth, believing that you don’t deserve to be slimmer and fitter. Is your craving for high calorie comfort foods a sign of emotional need rather than physical hunger? It’s common to associate certain food with rewards, often buried in the subconscious from childhood.

Hypnotherapy in Brighton for weight loss enables the mind to disassociate itself from long held misconceptions and to form more positive attitudes and beliefs.* In identifying the underlying factors which have been responsible for weight gain, it becomes possible to initiate lifestyle changes, replacing the negative emotional triggers such as anxiety, boredom and low self-esteem with increased motivation and a sense of well-being. Hypnosis is a safe and natural way to achieve weight loss without resorting to unsustainable crash or fad diets, pills or diet supplements.* In helping you to take control of your eating habits, hypnotherapy can also enable you to establish positive life management and personal resilience, shaping the future by changing your self-limiting beliefs.*   

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Help to Quit Smoking with Hypnotherapy in Harley Street*

hypnosis to stop smokingIf you are a smoker who is wants to quit the habit once and for all, you may need to change your attitude to what smoking means to you. Do you view a cigarette as your best friend that you are reluctant to let go, or your worst enemy that you can’t wait to see the last of? At the Conway Practice in Harley Street, during sessions using hypnosis, Jonathan will address the reasons why you smoke and what is now motivating you to stop.*

Hypnotherapy can be very affective as a help to stop smoking and is medication free and completely safe.* Smoking is an involuntary habit and you will find yourself reaching for a cigarette at certain times of the day, during work breaks, after a meal or when socialising for example. You are likely to naturally associate these situations with smoking and they become subconsciously linked. While you are in the deeply relaxed state of hypnosis, Jonathan Conway will guide you through a visualisation, enabling you to understand the trigger points which compel you to light a cigarette and how you can avoid them in the future.

Anxiety is often a major contributor and although smoking is used to reduce stress levels as a form of self-medication, the calming affect is very short-lived. The addiction to nicotine causes withdrawal symptoms and increased cravings, which in themselves are unpleasant and stressful. Using hypnotherapy, Jonathan will approach the underlying cause of your anxiety and guide you in relaxation methods and stress management, changing your reliance on cigarettes as a means of coping.   

If you are truly committed, hypnotherapy can help you to stop smoking and to remain a non-smoker.* During hypnosis you will be able to imagine how much fitter and healthier you will feel once you are free of the habit with significant benefits to your lifestyle and improved finances.

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Help to Control Your Weight With Hypnotherapy*

The Conway Practice - Hypnotherapy for weight lossIf you are finding it difficult to control your weight, you first need to understand what is triggering a need to overeat or to be attracted to the wrong foods. Hypnotherapy for weight loss addresses the various reasons why food has become a negative issue in your life, helping you to resolve what may have been a long term struggle to lose weight and to maintain the weight loss.*

If you were to keep a diary you would no doubt find that your poor eating habits follow a distinct pattern. You may eat through boredom when you’re looking for stimulation and when this happens to be provided by food, often of the unhealthy and fattening variety, it may well give you a feeling of self-reward and briefly make you feel better. If you are trying to lose weight however, this lift in spirits is likely to be swiftly followed by a feeling of guilt or regret. Your relationship to food may have been formed very early in life and much depends on the eating habits within the family home. You might find that you now eat for comfort to satisfy your emotional hunger when you’re not actually physically hungry.

Dieting is often something of a roller coaster ride with highs rapidly followed by lows, leaving you disheartened when you’ve failed to achieve the weight loss you had hoped for. If you have low self-esteem you may become easily discouraged and feel that if you don’t like yourself, others will also think less of you despite their reassurances. Hypnotherapy for weight loss can be extremely effective by helping you to recognise how misguided you are in assessing your worth.* Do you overeat due to loneliness or when you are stressed and anxious? While you are in a relaxed stated of hypnosis, you will be able to bring your true feelings to the surface that may have remained deeply buried over a long period of time.*

During hypnotherapy sessions at the Conway practice, Jonathan will take the time to talk to you about any personal issues that may be inhibiting your attempts to manage your weight.* You will be able to look at food differently and have a far more positive and healthy approach to your eating habits, putting you back in control both physically and emotionally.*

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Achieve Weight Loss with Hypnotherapy in Brighton*

The Conway Practice - Hypnotherapy for weight lossAchieving and maintaining your ideal body size, is all about weight control and not about fad dieting where the weight just tends to increase again. During  coaching sessions to lose weight with hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice Brighton & Hove,  you will appreciate how to maintain a positive change to your eating habits and learn how to stop negative thoughts from bullying you into failure.*

There are many reasons why someone feels the need to eat when they’re not really hungry, or find themselves compelled to eat fattening and unhealthy food. Comfort eating is common, where food is often used as an emotional prop during times of stress or through boredom. This can spiral out of control to the extent that the more someone feels depressed over their weight gain, the more they turn to food to make themselves feel better. Negative behaviour patterns can be addressed with hypnotherapy, turning a fear of failure into motivation. With increased self-belief you will be able to visualise what successful weight loss looks like and focus on your goal.* The deeply relaxed state of hypnosis brings the reasons for the food craving cycles held in the sub-conscious to be brought the surface.* It’s possible that you’ve held suppressed feelings since childhood, when food was given either as a reward or as a form of emotional control, perhaps believing that you would displease your parents if you didn’t finish the meal you’d been given, leaving you feeling anxious now when you’re faced with limiting what you eat.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss is a safe and natural way to help you to untangle your emotional dependence on comfort or binge eating and guide you on how to respond to stress without overeating. Once your attachment to food decreases you will no longer be tormented by a seemingly never ending circle of dieting followed by weight gain.* Hypnotherapy can strengthen your confidence and self-belief, helping you to form healthy lifestyle habits and a positive long term relationship with food.*

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Lose Weight Safely with Hypnotherapy*

The Conway Practice 0- Hypnotherapy for weight lossIf you’ve ever attempted to lose weight by crash dieting where you deprive yourself of food even when genuinely hungry or have tried out various fad diets, you’ve probably found that this just doesn’t work in the long term. You may feel that your weight constantly goes up and down and you are unable to maintain the size you would like. This can cause anxiety and even dieting in itself is often stressful.*

So how can hypnotherapy help you to lose weight and to sustain that in the long term?* Firstly during coaching sessions using hypnosis at the Conway Practice, Jonathan will assess your eating habits and your relationship with food.* These may have developed over a long period of time and can often have a negative impact on your emotional state.* Comfort eating during times of stress is common and can be linked to childhood when food was given as a treat.* This distant memory then remains buried in the sub-conscious, triggering the need to reward yourself by over-indulging, often in unhealthy and fattening food.*

You will undoubtedly have found however, that the lift in spirits is brief and often followed by a feeling of guilt. It is these irrational and negative thoughts that can be addressed during the deeply relaxed hypnotic state.* You may have low self-esteem, believing that your body image affects how others think of you with the use of hypnotherapy you can achieve a far more positive perception of your self-worth and confidence.*

Hypnotherapy for weight loss is completely safe and medication free.* It will  enable you to take control of your eating habits, instead of being controlled by food.* You will learn to visualise how much fitter and healthier you will feel once you have achieved your ideal weight, with the potential to open the door to a far more positive lifestyle.*

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Samantha Harman discovers more about hypnotherapy and The Conway Practice
Jonathan Conway has been a successful practising accredited hypnotherapist for the last 20 years, his motivation to work within the field stemmed from his own past experiences.
He explained: “When I was a student I was suffering from stress and had overcome dyslexia justbefore my exams. I found hypnotherapy to be a very helpful and practical approach in overcoming my personal problems.”
A combination of hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching is deployed as a less expensive and time-consuming alternative to traditional psychotherapy. The hundreds of clients that Jonathan has helped over the years means that he is well-rehearsed in dealing with complicated and unusual phobias. Without breaking any client confidentiality he revealed: “The most unusual phobias I have dealt with include a fear of eating vegetables, being without mobile phone coverage and a fear of certain numbers.”
Generally he deals with more straightforward issues such as childhood trauma and a fear of public speaking, and particularly enjoys helping people develop their confidence and self-esteem.
“I enjoy the fact that every client is different and needs to be treated as an individual, no two clients are the same and I learn something valuable for each person that I am fortunate to help.”
Jonathan Conway – Accredited Hypnotherapist NLP Master Practitioner and
Coach, 01273 540425/07956 855027, www.theconwaypractice.co.uk
This article appeared in Latest News October 2015

How Hypnotherapy in Brighton Can Help With Your Fear of Flying*

fear-of-flying-brightonAre you missing out on holidays or business trips abroad due the dread of getting on an aeroplane? You can be free of your fear of flying through help with hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice in Brighton*. 

This phobia is actually very common, with an estimated one out of ten people in the UK trying to cope with the problem, although this may in fact be even higher.

The fear may not actually be linked directly to the aircraft, but is likely to be a combination of phobias including claustrophobia, a fear of enclosed spaces. You could become anxious at the thought of being ‘trapped’ with strangers without an option to leave when you choose. Of course there is often anxiety about the safety aspect of flying, but you may be more concerned over how you will react in front of others if you panic and show that you are distressed.

However much reassurance you may get from family and friends that air travel is one of the safest ways to travel and that your fear of flying is irrational, you probably find it hard to be convinced. This is due to a ‘conditioned response’.  Anxiety is often triggered by the thought of leaving home and your ‘comfort zone’. You may find for example that you also become anxious about travelling in any situation where you aren’t behind the wheel and you are relying on someone else to get you safely to your destination.

Hypnotherapy has produced excellent results in dealing with all forms of travel phobias*.  If you are unsure of what to expect during the sessions at the Conway Practice, Jonathan will gently take you through the experience, with the assurance that you will remain in control and lucid throughout the hypnosis, just as if you were in a daydream-like state*.

You will be shown how to deal with the root cause, the trigger to your fears and how to manage them in the long term*. Flying will become a pleasure to look forward to, knowing you will be completely relaxed before and during the flight with no anxious feelings about the return journey*.

So much can be achieved through hypnotherapy to remove the stress and anxiety of flying and other travel phobias*.

No one is born with a phobia or chooses to be scared and hypnosis will liberate you from your fears*, leaving you free to broaden your horizons and your experience of life as a confident passenger.

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