How hypnotherapy can help to overcome a fear of flying*

For many, the anticipation of jetting away on an aeroplane is exciting, but when the level of excitement increases to extreme anxiety, air travel is no longer a pleasure. At the Conway Practice, hypnotherapy can help to overcome a fear of flying by identifying the source of your phobia and the subconscious reaction to the triggers which prompt the ‘flight or fight’ response to perceived danger.*

Hypnosis addresses the default negative thinking which fuels panic and anxiety and replaces any irrational fears with more positive coping mechanisms.*  When you say that you are afraid to board an aircraft, this may not actually be due to the dread of not surviving the journey, but is related to other phobias. Feelings of claustrophobia for example can be triggered by a lack of personal space and confinement, with no opportunity to escape.

You might also become fearful in situations where you are not in control. As a passenger you are putting your safety in the hands of a stranger who is behind the doors of the cockpit and who you may never see. If you experienced discomfort in a previous flight, your subconscious will have recorded this as a threatening event with the false belief that there will be a recurrence every time you are in a similar environment.

A state of extreme anxiety at the thought of being confined in close proximity with unfamiliar fellow passengers, can be due to a social phobia and an overwhelming concern that you will embarrass yourself in front of others.

Over time you will have conditioned yourself to react with a stress response to certain situations which your non-conscious mind considers to be threatening.

Hypnotherapy is an effective tool to release and re-frame these outdated beliefs and critical thinking.* This becomes easier when you are deeply relaxed during hypnosis and the pathway to the mind is open to positive suggestion. During sessions with hypnosis at the Conway Practice, Jonathan will explore your past experiences which are the trigger to your fear of flying and help you to achieve

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How hypnotherapy in Brighton can help with travel phobias*

If you are one of the many who experience anxiety when travelling, at the Conway Practice in Brighton, hypnotherapy can help you to overcome a fear of flying or other travel phobias.* During your first session with hypnosis, Jonathan will begin by talking through the fears that are affecting your life and how specific situations trigger stress.

Travel anxiety is rarely uniquely related to being afraid of risking your safety, but can actually be a combination of phobias which have developed as a result of past influences and negative experiences and are now stored deeply in the subconscious mind. With the help of hypnotherapy, these can be identified and replaced with a more positive and calm mindset.*

You may become anxious at the thought of not being in control and unable to escape from the situation when you choose. Air travel is a good example, when having committed to boarding the aeroplane you are trapped for the duration of the journey and are reliant on a stranger’s ability to get you to your destination. Aviophobia may be traced back to the negative impact of media reporting on air accidents or to a particularly graphic disaster movie, causing an unrealistic perception of the possible dangers in air travel.

The fear of being in a confined space (claustrophobia), can trigger acute anxiety simply by anticipating a panic attack in the presence of fellow passengers. The perception that your anxiety will be visible to others can result in the avoidance of travelling on any public transport. This can limit not only personal pleasure, but may also restrict career prospects when travel is a requirement within the professional role. Hypnotherapy in Brighton & Hove can help to restore confidence with relaxation techniques and calming methods, introducing positive affirmations which will open up new opportunities and enable you to finally enjoy the journey.*

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Manage your fear of flying with hypnotherapy in Brighton*

If you experience overwhelming anxiety when faced with air travel, hypnotherapy in Brighton at the Conway Practice can help to overcome a fear of flying and other travel phobias, enabling you to enjoy the journey.* You may not be aware of the origin of your fear, which may well have been triggered by an insignificant incident or negative influence. During hypnosis it is easier to access the memories stored deeply within the sub-conscious and bring them to the surface where they can be recognised and dealt with.*

Contrary to common belief, a fear of flying often isn’t a fear of the aircraft crashing, but is often a combination of phobias including claustrophobia or social anxiety. It can also be related to feeling out of control and trusting a stranger unconditionally to get you to your destination. The awareness that it’s not going to be possible to stop the aeroplane and get off, is likely to only increase the level of anxiety. The increase in adrenalin, triggering the (ironically) ‘flight or fight’   reaction often starts well before boarding the aircraft as anticipatory anxiety. The thought of being in a large crowd in unfamiliar surroundings can provoke a feeling of panic well before arriving at the airport.

Your non-conscious mind may have been conditioned to believe that any unpleasant incident while travelling in the past will be repeated. Even something disconnected to personal experience such a disaster movie or a news report can condition the belief that you will have the same experience. During the hypnotherapy sessions Jonathan will help you not only determine how your discomfort started but also why it has continued to exist. Introducing new coping strategies including relaxation and controlled breathing techniques, will enable you to build on your natural resources and overcome your travel fears.*

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Overcoming a Fear of Flying with Hypnotherapy in Brighton*

Hypnotherapy in BrightonAt the time of writing, the UK is gripped in an icy Winter chill and many may be planning a holiday on warmer shores. However, for those with a travel phobia the journey is likely to be more of an endurance than an enjoyable experience. Help to overcome a fear of flying with hypnotherapy in Brighton at the Conway Practice provides an affective way in which to recognise the deeper issues buried in the non-conscious mind, contributing to the phobia.*

This intense anxiety, way beyond excitement can begin well before boarding the aircraft and often surfaces simply in the anticipation of the airport environment. Contrary to popular belief, the fear of the aeroplane falling out of the skies is often not the root cause. There is often a combination of phobias, including claustrophobia where the fear of being trapped in a confined space, unable to escape whenever you choose, can be overwhelming. This isn’t by any means related only to air travel and feelings of anxiety and panic may be triggered when faced with any journey where you aren’t completely in control, such as public transport or as a passenger in a car.

Social phobia has a negative affect on interaction with others and the inability to avoid close contact with fellow travellers can provoke the unconscious mind to believe that you are under scrutiny and may embarrass yourself if your nervous state is recognised. There may be anxiety over who you will sit next to, or if you will be unable to leave your seat during the journey. These fears can have an impact on personal relationships or in your career due to an inability to join family or friends on holiday, or attend business meetings.

While the conscious mind is relaxed during hypnosis it is open to positive suggestion and focused attention, Jonathan will help you to identify the catalyst to your fear and take you through a calming visualisation exercise. During this atmosphere of ease you will remain completely in control, similar to a pleasant day-dream. By introducing a positive affirmation and coping strategies,  hypnotherapy can be very empowering, opening the way to a world of new possibilities.*

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Help to Overcome a Phobia with Hypnotherapy*

Any form of phobia can be distressing, especially if this is affecting your life on a regular basis. Phobias take many forms and include a fear of flying, certain insects or animals, social situations, doctors, dentists and the sight of needles. The list is extensive and there is unlikely to be a rational explanation. Hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice however, can help you to overcome your phobia, whichever form it takes by identifying the specific triggers which are the root cause of your fear.

Phobias can generally be traced back to an incident or influence often as far back as early childhood. Perhaps a parent or sibling experienced the same fear which has been inherited without any conscious awareness, resulting in stress and anxiety. Overcoming this without being able to recognise the root cause can be overwhelming and have a negative impact on the enjoyment of daily life, even more so if you are exposed to unavoidable anxiety-provoking situations.

During hypnosis to help you overcome a phobia , Jonathan will take you back to the origins of your first phobic reaction which has been recorded deeply within your subconscious mind.* You will learn how to manage your fear and reduce the negative physical reactions such as a feeling of panic and nausea or an increased heart rate which occur even at the thought of being faced with the source of your phobia.* Changes can be made at a conscious level, re-coding the negative messages which have automatically triggered the panic response.*

Hypnotherapy sessions with Jonathan will enable you to develop coping mechanisms and relaxation techniques to ease the particular phobic stimulus which has been causing the anxiety.* Instead of doing everything possible to avoid being confronted with a phobic environment, hypnotherapy can be very effective in re-programming your mind, enabling you to face your fear and bring about positive change.*

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Overcome a Fear of Flying with Hypnotherapy in Brighton*

A holiday should be something to look forward to; a time to relax and enjoy well-earned leisure time. For some however, when this involves travelling by air the anxiety caused simply at the thought of boarding an aeroplane may be overwhelming. At the Conway Practice in Brighton hypnotherapy can help to overcome a fear of flying or other related travel phobias.*

No one is born with a phobia. This develops through external influences, including upsetting personal experiences, parental conditioning or even exposure to distressing incidents through the media whether these are fact or fiction. It can be difficult to identify the source of the fear, or what exactly you are afraid of and a fear of flying can actually be a combination of phobias. During sessions applying hypnosis, Jonathan will help you to trace the source of your anxiety that is limiting the enjoyment of your daily life.*

The fight or flight reaction is often irrational, but nonetheless it can be both physically and emotionally distressing and difficult on your own to identify where this stems from. Hypnotherapy enables feelings stored deeply in the subconscious mind to be brought to the surface and replaced with positive thought and actions.* The fear may not be directly related to a concern that the aircraft will fail to get you safely to your destination, but more about a fear of not being in control and having to put your safety in the hands of others you don’t know and trust.

Your travel anxiety may be a form of claustrophobia, triggering extreme anxiety at the thought of being in a restricted space and unable to leave when you choose. This can be combined with a social phobia, when the anticipation of being in the crowded environment of an airport terminal triggers a feeling of extreme discomfort. Recognising how a fear of flying developed, allows the phobia to be managed and viewed from a far more positive perspective, putting you back in control. Jonathan will explain how hypnotherapy can open the mind to new thought processes, replacing negative beliefs with de-stressing techniques and positive coping mechanisms.* Once your mind is able to interpret the event of flying as pleasurable, you will experience the pleasure of excitement and leave the anxiety behind.*

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Help to Manage a Fear of Flying with Hypnotherapy*

fear of flyingHave you booked your flight and are dreading the day of travel, or are avoiding travelling by air completely, unable to face boarding an aeroplane? Help is available to overcome a fear of flying with hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice.*

Hypnosis is used as a safe and medication-free therapeutic technique inducing a deep sense of relaxation, similar to being in a day-dream where you are still aware of what is happening around you and are completely in control.* You will be able to follow the suggestions that Jonathan makes during this hypnotic state, enabling you to make positive change to any negative thoughts or misplaced beliefs you may have stored over a long period of time in your subconscious mind.*

A fear of flying, or aerophobia can actually be a combination of phobias and while undergoing hypnotherapy these can be easily identified and addressed.* Is your fear perhaps not due to being afraid of crashing, but a form of social anxiety where you are anxious about spending time with strangers in a situation where you will have no means of escape? It’s common for stress levels to rise simply at the thought of being in the airport terminal with crowds of people in an unfamiliar environment away from the familiarity of home or wherever you consider to be your place of safety.

For many, air travel means being not being in control over a considerable length of time and having to rely on the pilot and crew for a safe arrival. This fear is often experienced in other forms of transport where someone else is in the driving seat, such as on a train or as a passenger in a car when you are unable to get off when you choose. A travel phobia can not only severely restrict your opportunities to enjoy holidays with friends and family, but may well also have a limiting affect on your professional life if business travel is a requirement.

During hypnosis negative thought patterns and can be re-programmed, helping you to overcome suppressed emotions and phobias by replacing them with positive thoughts, resulting in increased confidence and self-belief.* Jonathan will show how you can access this calm state of mind whenever you feel the need to reduce your stress levels before and during your journey.*

With over 21 years of experience, Jonathan Conway is a highly qualified NLP Master Practitioner & NLP Coach, providing sessions in hypnosis from his consulting rooms in London and East Sussex.

Overcome a Fear of Flying & Other Travel Phobias with Hypnotherapy*

fear-of-flying-brightonAre your family and friends planning their Summer holiday abroad and you are simply too afraid to contemplate getting on an aeroplane to travel with them? Hypnotherapy can help with a fear of flying by dealing with the deeper reasons for your phobia.* Contrary to what you may believe, the core problem may not be worrying that the aeroplane will crash. It may be more related to a fear that you won’t be in control during the journey and that you will be putting your trust in a stranger to get you safely to your destination.

You may well be experiencing a combination of phobias, including a fear of being confined in a small place for a long period of time (claustrophobia), without being able to escape should you wish to do so. This isn’t always limited to flying and can include train journeys, or being a passenger in a car where you are relying on the person in the driving seat. This anxiety may start well before the journey begins, anticipating something that may never happen. During hypnosis sessions with Jonathan at the Conway Practice, these negative thoughts will be addressed and traced back to incidents that may have occurred in the past.*

You might have stored negative influences deep in the subconscious originating from reports in the media of travel accidents or a graphic disaster movie, without even being aware of the affect these have had on the anxiety you are now experiencing. If you have a social phobia, your concern about sitting next to someone you don’t know during a flight without being able to move away to your own personal space is likely to trigger anxiety when you think of boarding an aeroplane.

This travel phobia can cause you to not only miss out on leisure breaks, but it can also adversely affect your career if you are required to travel as part of your professional duties. Jonathan will provide help with hypnotherapy and guide you in relaxation and stress-reducing techniques which you can apply before and during your journey to eliminate your fear.* There will be no longer be a need for air travel to signal danger.*

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How Hypnotherapy Can Help You to Overcome a Fear of Flying*

fear-of-flying-brightonAre friends or family preparing to fly off on holiday and leave you grounded as you can’t face boarding the aeroplane? As much as you would like to travel with them, perhaps you feel that you have to accept the situation, but this really needn’t be the case as hypnotherapy can help you to overcome a fear of flying*

At the Conway Practice, during hypnotherapy sessions with Jonathan Conway the source of your fear can be brought to light.* Contrary to what many might think, this is often not as simple as being afraid of crashing and other factors could well be involved. Perhaps you are uncomfortable at being seated next to a stranger for a considerable period of time and are concerned that you may embarrass yourself if you panic during the flight. Social anxiety frequently has a part to play in travel phobias and can be triggered even at the thought of being held in a large crowd at the airport or having to make small talk or eat in front of someone you don’t know on the aeroplane.

There is also the factor that you are not in control while you are in the air and you are relying on someone you have probably never met to get you safely to your destination. In the past you may have summoned the courage to board the plane and then spent the time away dwelling anxiously on the return journey. This fear of flying can not only spoil leisure trips but may also adversely affect business commitments if you are unable to travel by air for meetings.

During hypnosis, Jonathan Conway will trace the origins of your travel phobia,  helping to you deal with your anxiety and you will learn how to practice relaxation techniques on your own whenever you are in a situation that you find stressful.*

Help to manage your individual fear response with positive visualisation and deep breathing exercises together with self-hypnosis and NLP anchoring techniques will potentially open up a whole new world for you where you will find you actually look forward to flying.*   

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Don’t let a Fear of Flying Spoil your Holiday Plans

fear-of-flying-brightonAs family and friends start to search through the travel brochures for this year’s holiday, are you someone who has a flying phobia and dreads the thought of boarding an aeroplane? However much you might want to join in and enjoy an overseas break, your anxiety may just be too overwhelming for you to make the journey.

At the Conway Practice in Harley Street, Jonathan Conway provides sessions in hypnotherapy to help overcome a fear of flying or other travel phobias.* Aerophobia is actually very common, but it may not be as obvious as some phobias as air travel can generally be avoided without others even being aware that there is a problem. You may not be conscious of the cause of your fear and it can be linked to something as seemingly insignificant as watching a film or a graphic media coverage which has featured an incident in the air.*

The issue isn’t simply about a fear of the aircraft crashing, as there are often other factors to consider. While you are in the deeply relaxed state of hypnosis, it is easier to reach the deeper thoughts you have stored in your subconscious mind. The root cause of your anxiety may for instance be due to a fear of not being in complete control and having to rely not only on a stranger flying the plane who is responsible for your safety. Also you may feel you are trapped for the duration of the journey and unable to leave if you wanted to.

This then isn’t only restricted to air travel and many who are too afraid to fly, also become anxious when they find themselves in any situation where someone else is in the driving seat, whether that may be a train, plane or even as a passenger in a car. This can be severely life-limiting, both for meeting professional obligations and for pleasure.

During hypnotherapy sessions, Jonathan will address the thoughts that have been negatively affecting the true sense of reality, enabling positive change to take place.* Deep breathing and visualisation exercises will help you to release your fears and reduce your anxiety level,  ensuring you will be able to relax and enjoy your new found freedom.*

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