Conquer a Fear of Public Speaking with Hypnotherapy in Highgate*

Hypnotherapy help you overcome your fear of public speakingMost people would say they have some sort of phobia and may be able to easily avoid putting themselves in a situation which would cause anxiety. However, when a phobic reaction affects the daily enjoyment of life this can become extremely stressful. One of the most common types of phobias is the fear of public speaking and contrary to wide opinion, this doesn’t necessarily relate only to speaking in front of an audience or a large group of people. Help to overcome this distress is available with hypnotherapy in Highgate at the Conway Practice, where the underlying cause can be established and negative thoughts replaced with positivity.*

You may find that you become anxious simply at the very thought of joining in with a conversation where you feel out of your comfort zone. This can be a form of a social phobia where you are afraid of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time and will embarrass yourself. Negative thought patterns may well have formed over a long period of time, with early life influences and past experiences now stored deeply in the sub-conscious. Classrooms are a prime example of environments where being pressured to speak in front of your peers can trigger a negative reaction remaining as a core belief that you are under threat from criticism.

Hypnotherapy in Highgate, North London can greatly improve your interview and presentation techniques, relieving the discomfort of physical reactions to fear, such as perspiring and palpitations or feelings of nausea.

During hypnosis the mind is far more receptive to positive suggestion and guided by Jonathan you will begin to readdress misbeliefs with positive affirmations. Perhaps negative self-talk has led you to believe that you will be judged badly on what you have to say and previous troubling incidents will continue when faced with a similar situation. This mindset can be changed with the help of hypnotherapy by focusing on an improved self image and increased motivation.

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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss in Highgate, North London*

The Conway Practice - Hypnotherapy for weight lossIf you are one of the many serial dieters switching regularly from dieting to a rapid return to bad eating habits, you may have come to appreciate that this isn’t the solution to maintaining a healthy weight. Quick fix or fad diets aren’t sustainable in the long-term and once the target weight has been reached for an upcoming event such as a beach holiday or a social celebration, it’s easy to slip back into old eating habits. Hypnotherapy for weight loss in Highgate at the Conway Practice takes a different approach by enabling you to understand your relationship with food and how the underlying issues can be resolved.*

What can you expect during a session in hypnotherapy? Hypnosis is very similar to a daydream, where you are only vaguely aware of your surroundings but still remain in complete control.* In this relaxed state, while the mind is far more open to positive suggestion and is free of distraction, Jonathan Conway will gently guide you to recall memories of events or influences held deeply in the subconscious which are now negatively impacting on your relationship with food.*

What does food mean to you? Is it a form of comfort or reward, a reminder of childhood and a family environment in which you first learned how much and what to eat and continues to dominate your eating habits? There are likely to be particular prompts for mindless snacking with no conscious awareness of how much is being consumed. Stress can affect preferences for high calorie and sugary food and is often a trigger to overeating.  Once you have entered the state of hypnosis while your mind is more receptive to making beneficial behavioural changes, Jonathan will give verbal suggestions which can be absorbed to improve self-esteem and motivation, reducing stress and anxiety.* Hypnotherapy in Highgate, North London provides a safe solution for losing weight with the long-term benefit of healthy lifestyle changes.*

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Raising Self-Confidence with Hypnotherapy in Harley Street*

Hypnotherapy in Harley StreeyWhile many of us are watching the challenging Winter Olympics, the courage and determination of the athletes is apparent. It’s a good example of just how much can be achieved if you have self-belief and confidence in succeeding. This competitive spirit is shown through a ‘can win and will win’ attitude. At the Conway Practice, help to improve self-confidence with hypnotherapy in Harley Street can put you back on the right track to reach your life-goals.*

While under hypnosis, deep rooted beliefs held in the subconscious can be uncovered, defining any negative self-talk which has been impacting on achievement due to low morale and a fear of failure.* When you doubt yourself, your anxiety levels are likely to rise, triggering frustration and anger which is counterproductive to what you hope to achieve. During a hypnotherapy session in Harley Street. Jonathan will help you recognise when and why this limiting self-talk began and how confidence can be greatly improved by focusing on your strengths instead of any feelings of inferiority which have been carried from the past.*

There may be no conscious recollection of when you began to doubt your own ability, socially or professionally. Incidents back as far as childhood are often responsible for feelings of low self-worth, such as being told at home or in school what you’ve done wrong more often than being praised for getting something right. Hypnosis opens up a pathway to the subconscious where all these negative and out-of-date thoughts have been stored.* Others will find it difficult to believe in your abilities if you don’t believe in yourself and there is an appropriate aphorism “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”.

Hypnotherapy in Harley Street can be of great benefit in many areas of your life where you feel you have been underachieving.* Once you are able to recognise the limiting beliefs which have been sabotaging your ambitions you will come to realise that past behaviour does not have to dictate your future, leaving you free to reach your true potential.   

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How Hypnotherapy in Brighton Can Help Break a Smoking Habit*

hypnosis to stop smokingHow many times have you told yourself that this is the last cigarette from the last packet, only to lose your resolve and continue with your smoking habit? Any habitual actions are prompted by your subconscious and difficult to break, especially when accompanied by an addiction to harmful substances such as nicotine. At the Conway Practice, hypnotherapy in Brighton can help you to stop smoking through the recognition of the reason behind the dependence.*

Nicotine cravings are relatively short-lived compared to the hand-to-mouth routine of smoking. There may be no conscious awareness of the urge to light a cigarette, but while your mind is in the relaxed state of hypnosis and receptive to positive suggestion, these triggers can be identified and overcome. There will be certain situations and routines associated with smoking, such as emotional states of mind or social activities in environments where it’s difficult to resist a cigarette.

Jonathan Conway will use focusing exercises enabling positive management of cue-induced cravings.*

The subconscious is where all your memories are stored, often holding events which have long been consciously forgotten and the origin of first seeing yourself as a smoker and why the habit has continued will be addressed. Among many causes, this may have been due to curiosity, peer pressure or a stressful time in your life, responsible for activating a psychological dependence on a smoking habit. During hypnosis, with Jonathan’s guidance you will learn how to disassociate a cigarette as a reward or a pleasurable experience and replace any negative thoughts with new coping mechanisms.*

No one can be forced to do anything against their will during hypnosis and despite pressure and nagging from family or friends, a smoking cessation programme will only succeed if you have the motivation and self-belief that your goal can be achieved. Hypnotherapy will help you to realise that your old beliefs are outdated, retraining your subconscious mind to accept that you are no longer a smoker.*

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Managing a Fear of Public Speaking with Hypnotherapy*

public-speakingIf speaking in public causes anxiety you are not alone and this is considered to be one of the most common phobias. Help with public speaking in Brighton through   hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice, Jonathan will identify the deeper reasons behind the extreme discomfort felt.* A state of panic may occur at the mere thought of addressing an audience. This performance anxiety can be triggered when under pressure to deliver in an environment where you feel out of your comfort zone, even if you are called to present to a small number of people, or in a one-to-one situation.

Hypnotherapy will allow your subconscious to trace the origins of your fear, while your mind is more receptive and open to positive suggestion.* Perhaps without conscious recall, an incident in the past is now limiting your confidence with the belief that it will reoccur each time you are the focus of attention with others judging every word you say. The root cause may be an ingrained memory of something as simple as coughing in the middle of your speech, or your mind going blank during a presentation.

This fear of public speaking is often self-limiting, with a negative affect on both professional and personal life, resulting in the avoidance where possible of all situations where you are called upon to verbally share your thoughts and ideas with others. During hypnosis, Jonathan will help to reprogramme any negative misbeliefs that you are facing a hostile audience, allowing a positive visualisation of yourself as relaxed and completely in control.*

There are certain circumstances which can’t be avoided without affecting progress in your career, or enjoyment of social gatherings. Hypnotherapy can enable you to overcome the anxiety of giving a wedding speech or of delivering a presentation during an interview. Relaxation and calming methods absorbed while under hypnosis will allow fear to be transformed into a feeling of greater confidence and self-worth.* This new found positivity can be a great motivator with the potential to open the way to opportunities where your fear of public speaking has held you back in the past.*

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Quit Smoking with Hypnotherapy in Harley Street*

hypnosis to stop smokingIf you have broken your resolution to stop smoking, you may well find it daunting as to where you go from here. You might be considering accepting that you will always be a smoker and will never free of the habit, especially if you’ve had several failed attempts in the past. Quitting smoking with hypnotherapy in Harley Street takes a different approach to dealing with the habitual need to smoke, allowing you to focus on the reasons behind the dependence, beyond the addiction to nicotine.*

When providing sessions in hypnotherapy in Harley Street, Jonathan Conway will help you to understand why you have found it so difficult to give up a habit which you know to be harmful to your health and is increasingly considered to be anti-social in many environments.* You may not be consciously aware of what you associate with the need to smoke. This may be a combination of factors with a common trigger, such as feeling anxious when socialising, where lighting a cigarette not only gives you a momentary relief from social anxiety, it also enables bonding with other smokers and a feeling of acceptance. When attempting to manage life’s stressors, smoking is frequently used as a coping method, but it’s not a solution to dealing with the issues which have caused the tension and unease.

During hypnosis in Harley Street, the mind is more open and receptive to positive suggestion, enabling the subconscious barriers which have prevented smoking cessation in the past to be replaced with the self-help tools promoting change and increased motivation.* Breaking the hand-to-mouth habit can be more challenging than overcoming the chemical addiction. These learning mechanisms can be deeply rooted and are often traced back to adolescence. Gently guided by Jonathan while you are in the deeply relaxed state of hypnosis, your underlying limiting beliefs can be addressed, accessing your emotional and intellectual experiences.* With a new coping ability you will be back in control and able to change negative behavioural patterns, freeing yourself from the smoking habit.* Hypnotherapy in Harley Street at the Conway Practice will not only help you to stop smoking, it can also awaken the inner potential for greater achievement, self-belief and well-being.*

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Weight Management with Hypnotherapy in Brighton*

The Conway Practice - Hypnotherapy for weight lossIf you want to lose weight, have you considered your relationship with food? Weight loss with hypnotherapy in Brighton at the Conway Practice can be achieved by allowing you to address subconscious thoughts which result in negative eating habits undermining any attempts to lose weight.*

Unlike ineffective yo-yo dieting, or crash diets which are unsustainable, weight management with hypnotherapy is about understanding the role food plays in your life and why it has been difficult to control your cravings.* Hypnosis weight loss techniques can help you to recognise the underlying causes which trigger the unhealthy eating habits contributing to weight gain and the inability to achieve the necessary life-style changes.* The mind is far more open to positive suggestion during the relaxed state of hypnosis, enabling Jonathan to trace the origins of your attitude to food and where changes need to be introduced.*

The subconscious prompts which trigger patterns of negative eating have various sources. Mindless eating can be associated with boredom, where food is simply something to help pass the time, without an awareness of any feeling of fullness, or how much is being consumed. Hypnotherapy can enable you to recognise the specific danger zones and to disassociate food with situations where you are at most risk of temptation.*

Comfort eating is often a learned response which can be traced back to childhood and family influences with food continuing to be a coping mechanism when you’re feeling anxious or miserable. Hypnosis for weight loss is an effective coaching tool, allowing you to process negative emotions and understand the distinction between emotional and physical hunger.* In re-conditioning your subconscious, the delusion that food is the solution to stress or low self-esteem can be replaced with a new and positive mind-set and a far healthier lifestyle.*

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Brighton Hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice*

If you have never experienced hypnosis, what can you expect from Brighton hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice? Jonathan Conway is a qualified Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner and Certified NLP Coach with over 21 years of experience, consistently achieving excellent results in both personal or professional issues which are self-limiting and causing concern.*

Consultations are completely confidential and during the first appointment, Jonathan will discuss what you want to achieve and how hypnotherapy can assist you in reaching your goal.* It’s common to seek help only after other attempts to resolve a problem with other methods have been in vain. Trying to lose weight for example may have become a losing battle with a trail of failed fad or crash diets which have not addressed the root cause of any bad eating habits. Hypnotherapy takes into consideration the reasons a habit has formed and how it can be resolved.*

Many obstacles to self-improvement can be traced to negative self-belief stored in the sub-conscious. During hypnosis while the mind is relaxed and open to a high absorption of positive suggestion, Jonathan will guide you gently through a visualisation process where you remain completely aware and in control throughout, similar to a pleasant day-dream state of mind.* 

Hypnotherapy sessions in Brighton can help to identify areas of your life where your conscious mind has undermined your efforts to deal with certain issues which have been causing stress and concern.* You may want to stop smoking, be more confident, reduce anxiety or overcome phobias and fears. Although there may be no obvious connection, many of these issues can be interrelated and during sessions eith hypnosis in Brighton, Jonathan will help you to erase any negative programming and to draw on your own inner resources and potential, facilitating positive change.*

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Harley Street Hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice

Hypnotherapy in Harley StreeyAs we enter a new year, it’s often a time of reflection on the achievements or regrets during the past 12 months. For those who feel there are personal or professional issues which need to be resolved, Harley Street hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice provides the opportunity to take make significant life-style changes and to re-take control of any areas which have been lacking in focus and direction.*

During the first consultation, Jonathan Conway will explain that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach with hypnotherapy. Phobias for example, such as a fear of flying, public speaking or social anxiety can share a common trigger which the conscious mind may be unaware of. Hypnosis in Harley Street enables access to the subconscious where negative experiences have been stored, resurfacing each time a similar situation arises.* For anyone faced with their phobia, avoidance may bring temporary relief, but when occurring on a daily basis this can be extremely disruptive and self-limiting.

Once these triggers have been identified, hypnosis can be applied to remove the learned response, whether this is something inherited from someone else or due to a traumatic incident in your own past. Fear and anxiety are self-sabotaging and dis-empowering and hypnotherapy can very effectively help you to recognise the origin of your fears and to re-programme negative thought patterns held in the subconscious. In seeking relief from anxiety or stress, hypnosis can change the way in which you react to stressors, with the power to increase confidence and creativity.*

Negative habits may have formed over a considerable length of time and be due to many different factors. Hypnosis can be applied to bridge the gap between the conscious and sub-conscious mind, enabling habitual behaviour such as compulsive eating or smoking to be understood and overcome.*  At the Conway Practice, hypnotherapy in Harley Street will help you to introduce new coping mechanisms, overcome obstacles that have been holding you back and achieve your ambitions for the year ahead.*

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Weight Loss in Brighton with Hypnotherapy*

The Conway Practice - Hypnotherapy for weight lossIs this the year that you are determined to lose weight and maintain a healthy eating programme? New year resolutions may have been broken in the past simply due to not being in the right mindset and seeing a change of eating habits as a form of punishment by depriving yourself of the food you love most. Weight loss in Brighton with hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice, will help you to recognise the psychological triggers which cause compulsive eating or the need to rely on unhealthy foods for comfort.*

While the mind is in the deeply relaxed state of hypnosis and open to positive suggestion, Jonathan Conway will explore the sustainable lifestyle changes that can make a world of difference to achieving your ideal weight.* Perhaps you have self-sabotaged attempts to lose weight in the past due to a lack of self-worth, believing that you don’t deserve to be slimmer and fitter. Is your craving for high calorie comfort foods a sign of emotional need rather than physical hunger? It’s common to associate certain food with rewards, often buried in the subconscious from childhood.

Hypnotherapy in Brighton for weight loss enables the mind to disassociate itself from long held misconceptions and to form more positive attitudes and beliefs.* In identifying the underlying factors which have been responsible for weight gain, it becomes possible to initiate lifestyle changes, replacing the negative emotional triggers such as anxiety, boredom and low self-esteem with increased motivation and a sense of well-being. Hypnosis is a safe and natural way to achieve weight loss without resorting to unsustainable crash or fad diets, pills or diet supplements.* In helping you to take control of your eating habits, hypnotherapy can also enable you to establish positive life management and personal resilience, shaping the future by changing your self-limiting beliefs.*   

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