Why Seek Help to Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy?

hypnosis to stop smokingReports show that a significant number of smokers would like to quit, so why do so many find it so difficult? Without doubt, nicotine is a highly addictive substance  causing a physical dependence and unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms however are relatively short-lived and generally ease after two to three weeks, but there are other psychological issues to address. Hypnotherapy can help you to stop smoking by taking a more holistic approach to quitting and the reasons behind you being hooked on the habit.*

At the Conway Practice, during hypnosis sessions Jonathan will explore the contributing factors which have caused you to start smoking and why you have found it hard to stop.* Most people will be able to recall their first cigarette even though this may have been well in the past. You may have mirrored other smokers such as family or friends, in an environment where a non-smoker would have felt out of place. Social smoking is a form of bonding and the need to establish rapport and to share in your fellow smokers habit. Hypnotherapy will enable you to address your feelings of self-worth and to accept that concerns about people thinking less of you simply because you are now a non-smoker are irrational beliefs.*

As much as overcoming nicotine addiction is breaking the hand-to-mouth habit of smoking. As with most habits, there will be specific behaviour and sensory cues to reaching for a cigarette including association with a reward after a stressful day, or in the context of pleasure following a meal or with a drink. In the process of helping you to stop smoking, hypnotherapy will allow negative learning processes to be re-programmed and replaced with coping mechanisms which will put you back in control.*

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