How Hypnotherapy Can Increase Motivation and Help You Stop Smoking*

hypnosis to stop smokingMany smokers who want to give up the habit find it’s a tough challenge on their own. It you have tried in the past to give up smoking and failed, or this is your first attempt, having sufficient willpower and self-belief that you can succeed may be the key to why you’re not achieving your goal. No one can force you to quit and the intention and motivation must come from within. At the Conway Practice, hypnotherapy can provide help to stop smoking, safely and naturally without the need for nicotine substitutes or medication.*

For anyone who is a long-term smoker, the habit can be more difficult to give up than coping with relatively short-term nicotine addiction. If you were to ask a group of fellow smokers what caused them to smoke their first cigarette and why they have continued despite all the potentially negative consequences, their reasons may well be quite different. During hypnosis, Jonathan will establish why you continue to smoke, enabling you to recognise the specific conditioned responses which are the triggers to lighting a cigarette.* Once you become consciously aware of these trigger points, changing simple daily routines can make a significant difference in your ambition to stop smoking.*

In the past, advertisements were designed to convince us that smoking was not only fashionable or glamorous, but also that we would be more socially acceptable and have more friends. One particular advert had the message that we would never be alone if we smoked their brand of cigarette. If you use cigarettes as a form of social bonding with friends or family, Jonathan will help you to deal with any underlying feelings of inferiority or lack of confidence, by tracing back to the origin of any negative thoughts held deeply in the subconscious.*

Anxiety is often a major contributor to preventing smokers from quitting the habit, with the excuse that it will be easy to stop smoking once the level of stress is reduced. Cigarettes can be associated with a form of comfort and support, but nicotine will only briefly improve the mood and in fact substance withdrawal in itself is a cause of stress, resulting in a roller coaster ride of brief highs, followed by a low feeling and the need to reach for a cigarette again. Hypnotherapy to stop smoking can be very effective in dealing with the root cause of your anxiety by establishing solutions to manage your stressors and greatly improve your coping mechanisms.* Jonathan will show you relaxation and positive visualisation techniques, allowing you to focus on a smoke-free and far healthier life ahead.*

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