Improve Your Communication Skills with NLP at the Conway Practice

self-esteemYou may have heard NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming mentioned and wonder how it can help to improve your communication skills and enhance performance. Jonathan Conway explains that sessions in the NLP technique available at the Conway Practice, show extremely effective results.

You might feel that you are underachieving either in your career or in your personal life and don’t understand why. Perhaps you are constantly questioning your self-worth and feel insecure when you are in conversation with others. NLP will help you to appreciate how the language you use has a direct affect on how people will react to you. Our words reflect how we think, either positively or negatively. These linguistic patterns, together with the programming of our behaviour can with the right focus, bring about remarkable change and the power for this is within our own hands.

Our thoughts and the way in which we behave stems from the sub-conscious and often these thoughts become outdated and irrelevant, restricting personal growth and development. Verbal and non-verbal communication both play an important part when applying NLP and negative body language sends signals even before the conversation has begun. During sessions with Jonathan you will understand how different statements such as ‘I wish I was less insecure’ and ‘I would like to be more confident’ are perceived. Visualising a positive outcome is far more effective than thinking and speaking in the negative. A glass half full, rather than a glass half empty.

A sports person will often announce before competing, that they are going to win. This may seem arrogant, but it’s this self-belief that gives them the confidence to achieve their goal. This then is true of all aspects of life. If you want to lead and motivate others, you must show self-motivation and if you want others to provide positive support, you must show positivity. Jonathan will guide you through the NLP technique, helping you to improve your communication skills and increase your self-confidence. By listening carefully to how others use language, you will understand far more about them, both in business and socially, enabling you to establish better rapport.

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Hypnotherapy in Harley Street Helps Overcome Social Anxiety

self-esteem-brightonAs the invitations for Christmas and New Year festivities start to arrive and perhaps plans are being made for the office party, there are many who will search for an excuse to avoid joining in. For those who experience social anxiety, the thought of having to interact with people, some who may be strangers, can be overwhelming.

This isn’t simply a fact of being anti-social and if you have a social phobia, you may actually long to be able to engage socially and feel unhappy that you are missing out. There may well be a variety of reasons for your anxiety and through hypnotherapy in Harley Street at the Conway Practice, the trigger to the problem can be identified and resolved. Social anxiety can be a combination of phobias that often manifest during childhood or adolescence. A fear of public speaking is just one form, where the sufferer experiences distressing physical and emotional reactions when they have to communicate with almost anyone who isn’t family or a close friend.

You might have a poor body image and low self-esteem, feeling that you won’t fit it with the crowd and will be judged by others in the room. If you are unable to turn down the invitation, you may find yourself hiding in a corner, making unnecessary calls on your mobile phone or desperately trying to find a feasible reason to leave early, however embarrassing this may be. This will only increase the stress level.

During hypnosis, at his Harley Street practice, Jonathan Conway will uncover the cause of your symptoms. He will help you to understand that there are different and more positive ways of approaching social situations, where you will be completely at ease and in control. Social anxiety disorder is one of the most common phobias, but hypnotherapy in Harley Street will enable you to cope with unfamiliar gatherings which would normally be outside of your comfort zone, in a relaxed frame of mind, feeling less anxious and fearful.

As no one is born with a phobia, social anxiety is something you have ‘learned’ and now requires re-thinking and positive self-talk. During hypnosis while the conscious mind is resting, Jonathan will guide your subconscious mind through a visualisation of the confident, more outgoing person you can become. You will stop feeling like an outsider and start to genuinely enjoy the party.

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How Hypnotherapy Can Help with Weight Loss in Brighton

hypnotherapy for weight lossIt could be said that few would admit to being completely content with their body shape. People frequently complain about being too short, too tall, or are simply not happy with their body shape. However, the one issue which many are continually struggling to achieve is be slimmer. With a multitude of slimming products on the market, why choose hypnosis to lose weight?

Poor eating habits may well have developed over a long period of time and are often accompanied by fad diets which are only briefly effective, if at all. This results in what is known as yo-yo dieting where the weight may go down, but soon increases again. Overeating alone isn’t the issue, it’s the root cause which needs to be found. Entrenched negative patterns of eating must change, together with a damaging attitude to food which perhaps relates back to childhood.

Food is often seen as both a reward and a penance. During a low state of mind, or when anxious or bored, it’s common to comfort eat. The problem with comfort food is that it is rarely good for us and unhealthy eating, especially in excess causes weight gain. As children, food often becomes a means of control, with the reward or withholding of high calorie cakes, puddings and sweets. Later as adults it’s easy to associate this with something we deserve as a feel-good factor when we’re feeling miserable or stressed.

So how does hypnotherapy in Brighton work? Low self-esteem limits motivation, which makes any attempt to stick to a diet more difficult. Jonathan Conway provides sessions in hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice in Brighton to help you lose weight and to maintain a well-balanced eating programme in the long term. Overeating is rarely due to hunger and food becomes a panacea for other issues that need to be recognised and addressed. While relaxed under hypnosis, the reason for your obsession with certain food or drink will be identified. Emotional eating is often connected to negative self-talk and once these limiting beliefs are removed, your relationship with food will change.

Jonathan will guide you with positive visualisation, enabling you to imagine how your self-confidence will increase once you are not only happy with your appearance, but are also fitter and healthier. Hypnotherapy  in Brighton & Hove can help you to feel lighter both physically and emotionally.

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Banish Fears The Easy Way

by Samantha Harman

Article appeared in Latest 7

The Conway PracticeJonathan Conway has been a successful practising accredited hypnotherapist for the last 20 years, his motivation to work within the field stemmed from his own past experiences.

He explained: “When I was a student I was suffering from stress and had overcome dyslexia just before my exams.  I found hypnotherapy to be a very helpful and practical approach in overcoming my personal problems.”

A combination of hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching is deployed as a less expensive and time-consuming alternative to traditional psychotherapy. The hundreds of clients that Jonathan has helped over the years means that he is well-rehearsed in dealing with complicated and unusual phobias.

Without breaking any client confidentiality he revealed: “The most unusual phobias I have dealt with include a fear of eating vegetables, being without mobile phone coverage and a fear of certain numbers.”

Generally he deals with more straightforward issues such as childhood trauma and a fear of public speaking, and particularly enjoys helping people develop their confidence and self-esteem.

“I enjoy the fact that every client is different and needs to be treated as an individual, no two clients are the same and I learn something valuable for each person that I am fortunate to help.”

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How You Can Give Up Smoking With Hypnotherapy in Harley Street

quit-smokingSo the month of ‘Stoptober’ is over for this year and despite your best intentions you are still smoking. Firstly, you shouldn’t see this solely as a failure, but simply as something in which you haven’t yet succeeded. Without doubt, giving up smoking on your own is even more difficult, but at the Conway Practice in Harley Street, help to stop smoking is available whenever you need it.

According to research, anyone who is able to give up smoking for 28 days is five times more likely not to start again. However, for many during this four week period, nicotine patches and gum or even e-cigarettes will only replace one habit with another, making it far easier to smoke again. It’s essential to uncover the root cause of why someone finds it so hard to quit and although nicotine is physically addictive, there is also a psychological compulsion which needs to be addressed.

During hypnotherapy sessions in Harley Street with Jonathan Conway, the crucial question ‘do you genuinely want to stop smoking for your own reasons’ will be asked. Or are you being forced into giving up by others? If the decision is yours alone and you are self-motivated, you will have a far higher chance of succeeding.  During hypnosis you will experience a state of calm and comfort and although deeply relaxed, you will remain in complete control throughout. This is often compared to the same feeling you have while you are day-dreaming.

Jonathan will help you to release the thoughts stored in your sub-conscious, determining why you want to give up the habit and what your expectations are once you are no longer a smoker.
Do you see yourself as healthier, fitter and perhaps wealthier, when you are no longer ‘burning money’ for cigarettes?

Hypnotherapy sessions in Harley Street with Jonathan are very much tailored to the individual, with no ‘one size fits all approach’. Generally, in order to stop smoking it’s necessary to understand why you started. If parents or older siblings smoked you may well have followed suit and accepted this as a ‘normal’ thing for people to do.

Once the teenage years arrive there’s often peer pressure to follow ‘the gang’ in order to be accepted and fit in. Then comes the stress of exams and finding a job, coupled with the chance of showing independence and to behave as an adult. If you have a low stress tolerance, it can be easy to turn to an external substance when you are anxious, instead of relying on your inner coping mechanism.

Hypnotherapy in Harley Street will help you to discover resources you may be completely unaware of. Once you are without cravings, with no automatic response to reach for a cigarette even during stressful situations, this can be a life-changing experience.

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Hypnotherapy in Harley Street Helps Overcome a Fear of Public Speaking

public-speakingIf you have ever felt overly anxious when standing up to speak in front of others, you will understand how debilitating this can be. With the increased popularity of business networking groups, members are generally called upon to deliver a brief account on who they are and what they do. To some this may appear to be a simple task, but for anyone experiencing a fear of of public speaking, it’s likely to be something of a nightmare situation. Many will do anything to avoid it, including an excuse to leave the room, or make a fictitious phone call before their turn comes around.

Speaking in public doesn’t necessarily mean giving a speech to a large number of people. Speech anxiety or “glossophobia”, is not only a fear of public speaking, but also of speaking in general. For sufferers, it can in fact be just as stressful in a one-to-one conversation; during an interview for example where even the interviewer may find the situation distressing. This is actually a very common phobia that is often ignored until it severely impacts on work or personal life.

However well-rehearsed you might be with careful planning of what you intend to say, the root of your fear may be that you can’t be sure of the response you will receive. The problem with fear is that although the cause is on an emotional, sub-conscious level, this is generally experienced as a combination of physical reactions; a dry mouth, queasy stomach, ‘jelly legs’ and trembling. The ‘flight or fight’ adrenalin surge can be overwhelming.

Jonathan Conway provides help with hypnotherapy in Harley Street for speech anxiety at the Conway Practice and during hypnosis you will be guided through the ‘relaxation response’. The cause of your anxiety can be decoded, similar to solving an intricate puzzle. An incident way back in the past (and perhaps consciously forgotten), may well have left a negative imprint which has continued to trigger fear of a recurrence. Jonathan will help you to release these self-limiting thoughts and insecurities, boost your confidence and greatly improve your communication skills.

Hypnotherapy provides a safe and natural resolution for your fear of public speaking, with a personalised strategy to achieve your goals and aspirations both professionally and socially.

For more information about how hypnotherapy in Harley Street can help you overcome your fear of public speaking please call Jonathan Conway on 07956 855027

How Hypnotherapy in Harley Street Helps With Travel Phobias

fear-of-flying-brightonIf you find that you are overly anxious at the thought of having to go somewhere that is outside of your ‘comfort zone’, you may be among many who struggle to cope with a travel phobia. Even those whose work compels them to live life on the road can experience periods when they become stressed simply at the thought of the journey ahead. This can be extremely stressful and self-limiting, taking control of your life. However, you should be aware that you don’t need to accept this and help is available for all forms of travel anxiety with hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice in Harley Street.

Travel phobias tend to share common root causes and in fact may be a combination of phobias. A fear of flying for instance, may be linked to control; being afraid of not being in control and unable to get off the plane when you choose to, or losing control in front of others if you are in a state of panic. You may feel that you are ‘trapped’ there for the duration of the journey. This can also relate to a train, bus or car journey when you aren’t at the wheel and are reliant on someone else who is possibly a stranger, to get you to your destination safely.

These phobias can frequently be traced back to upsetting incidents in the past which remain lodged as negative thoughts deep in your sub-conscious and create a pattern that now leads to a fearful phobic response. A disaster movie or media coverage showing any accidents involving travel can often trigger a negative association with travelling, even though you haven’t been personally involved and you become overly concerned with what ‘might happen’.

If your fear of flying or other travel phobias has been causing anxiety and stress, you will know just how debilitating this can be, affecting not only your personal relationships but also your work life. During relaxed hypnotherapy sessions, Jonathan will guide you through positive visualisation techniques. Your irrational fears will be uncovered, eliminating your conditioned response to the stimulus, whatever that may be. This might prove to have developed from a specific activity of incident way back in the past that you may not even be aware of, having repressed the conscious memory of the event.

Through hypnosis in Harley Street you will learn how to deal with your phobia positively and understand there is no longer a threat. Fear will be replaced with self-confidence and a feeling of calm, leaving you with a well-balanced coping strategy.

For more information about how hypnotherapy can help you overcome your travel phobia please call Jonathan Conway on 07956 855027

How Telephone & Skype Coaching Brings Positive Life Change

telephone and skype coachingOne of the most sought after elements in modern life that is often missing is ‘time’. In the fast pace that many find themselves living today, making space in the daily schedule to focus and reflect on the important issues, such as personal relationships or a stress-free work life, may be elusive. Even attempting to set aside time to talk to someone about how best to get things back on track, can in itself be stressful and cause anxiety. With this in mind, Jonathan Conway provides one to one telephone and Skype coaching, enabling you to choose a convenient time for your sessions, from wherever you feel most comfortable.

While saving the time and expense of travelling, many also find they are far more relaxed and can open up easily from a distance. This degree of anonymity often enables deeper feelings and concerns to be released when the coaching session isn’t taking place in the same room. In fact for those who experience a difficulty with interpersonal relating and in expressing an emotional response, this distance may well make it much easier to communicate freely and honestly.

You may feel that you have reached a cross-roads in your life and would value some support and guidance. Friends and family are often too personally involved to give impartial advice or you may be concerned that they will be judgemental.

An urgent need to seek advice before taking a critical step or for help when facing a stressful situation, often occurs when someone is a long way from home. A hotel room can seem like the loneliest place in the world when you have no one to listen to you. Confidential telephone and Skype coaching using relaxation techniques with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), can be easily provided no matter where you are.

Life coaching over the telephone or during a Skype call, still offers all the personal attention you could expect from a face-to-face session with Jonathan. If a pessimistic approach to challenges has been holding you back from achieving your goals, life coaching with Jonathan will enable you to recognise your strengths and potential and to re-programme any negative thoughts and attitudes.

Make the first step towards positive change, by leaving a comment below or calling Jonathan today on 01273 540425.

How Exam Stress Can be Helped with Hypnotherapy

exam-stressWith the start of the new academic year, it would be opportune to explain just how hypnotherapy helps with exam stress management. You may have experienced extreme anxiety previously during your studies or are recalling a failed exam and are dreading a recurrence. If you are determined to conquer these feelings once and for all, hypnotherapy sessions with Jonathan at the Conway Practice provide a natural and extremely effective way of dealing with the problem.

During hypnosis, the reason for your stress will be addressed. It is rarely due to simply worrying about not knowing the answers and is often caused by irrational thinking. The anxious state may well start during the revision period and can be triggered by a concern that your fellow students appear to be doing better than you. If this is the case, the feeling of underachievement may be traced back to early childhood if you felt under pressure to perform well for your parents, or match the competency of siblings.

Without doubt, anyone facing an exam will be apprehensive to some extent about the consequences of success or failure, but for some the apprehension becomes fear. Exam stress at this level generally manifests not only in poor sleep patterns, reduced appetite, or even over-eating for comfort, but also in physical reactions such as panic attacks, headaches and nausea. This applies not only to students following an educational path, but also to those who are sitting a driving test or being evaluated in the work place. Panic is frequently triggered by taking quick, shallow breaths causing hyperventilation. While you are in a relaxed state during hypnosis, Jonathan will guide you through relaxing methods and deep breathing techniques which will calm your nervous system, naturally lowering the ‘flight and fight’ adrenalin levels. These self-hypnosis techniques can also be applied to relieve insomnia, ensuring you have a restful night’s sleep before the day of the exam.

Hypnotherapy and NLP sessions with Jonathan will enable you to create change and to perceive the exam environment in a positive way. Using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) you will be shown how to use positive language and to visualise a smooth exam experience and a positive outcome. Your self-belief will also increase, replacing the negative feelings of failure and fears that have been causing your stress. You will learn how to be your own best friend instead of your own worst enemy, ensuring you are able to approach all exams and evaluations in the future with confidence and a clear and focused mind-set.

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Make Positive Life Changes with Hypnotherapy in Harley Street

JonathanConwaysmlDo you find yourself saying “I’d like to be more…”? Perhaps this is more confident,  or content, or successful? The list of possibilities is endless. How can hypnotherapy in Harley Street help with personal development? During sessions at the Conway Practice with Jonathan Conway, you will understand how negative thought patterns and habits which may have developed over a number of years, are holding you back.

It’s common to find that having taken a particular direction, later in life it’s no longer what you want, but you may well feel stuck and unsure how to move forward. The fact is that often the path hasn’t been of self-choosing, but may have obediently followed the wishes of parents or even educators, who with probably all good intentions encouraged life choices that are not longer relevant to who you are. Parents often pressure children to live out their own ambitions, however well meant.

There is no time limit to making changes as long as you learn how to believe in yourself and your unique potential. Lack of confidence and low self-esteem is often responsible for blocking personal growth. This may have been pre-programmed in the subconscious during childhood or as a result of a failed business or relationship. Hypnosis for personal development is an extremely effective way of replacing negative thoughts and actions with a far more optimistic and positive approach, initiating change in areas of your life where you are determined to make improvements and to be more confident and productive.

While you are in a relaxed hypnotic state of mind, underlying issues that have prevented you from living a more fulfilling life will be addressed, focusing on what you would like to achieve. This could be in areas of your professional or personal life or you may simply feel that there are new horizons to explore, offering challenges and greater opportunities. Through hypnotherapy in  Harley Street , negative perceptions that have been barriers to self-achievement and success will be removed and replaced with a positive mind-set, redefining your personal worth.

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