How Hypnotherapy Can Help to Reduce Executive Stress*

Executive stress  or workplace stress can develop over a considerable length of time before the problem is recognised and addressed. This may be partly due to a reluctance to open up to colleagues or friends and family for the shame of appearing incapable of meeting the demands of the job. A fear of failure can lead to isolation from others, with the need to shoulder the burden of responsibility alone. Hypnotherapy combined with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) can be extremely effective in bringing about positive and beneficial change.*

While you are in the calm and relaxed state of hypnosis at the Conway Practice, Jonathan will help you to bring feelings held deeply in the subconscious to the surface, enabling coping strategies to be applied in your daily life.* A problem based strategy will address the actual issues which are causing the stress, such as time-management or lack of co-operation from colleagues. NLP can be of value by helping you to appreciate how you can not only develop your communication and management skills in the workplace, but also understand how to improve your interaction in social situations.* If you are not getting the response from others that you’ve been hoping for, then you need to change the way in which you communicate. An emotional based strategy will focus on how you feel, including your level of confidence and self-worth.

Executive stress can be experienced as emotional, physical and behavioural. External pressures such as high work loads, meeting set targets, deadlines and performance levels, all have an affect on the ability to cope. When these demands outweigh what you are able to handle, it becomes extremely difficult to function effectively. Physical symptoms frequently include raised blood pressure, difficulty in sleeping and poor digestion. Hypnotherapy provides a natural, medication-free way of reducing work-place anxiety, increasing motivation, self-esteem and coping mechanisms to enable a return to a positive and manageable work-life balance.*

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Weight Management with Hypnotherapy in Harley Street*

The Conway Practice - Hypnotherapy for weight lossWhether you are about to make your first commitment to losing weight or you’ve been a serial dieter with little or no success, hypnotherapy in Harley Street can help you to lose weight by revealing the reasons behind a negative relationship with food.*

Compulsive eating is often a habit which has formed over a long period and is an emotional response, rather than a physical need. Lack of esteem and a feeling that you don’t deserve to be liked or admired, can result in the self-sabotage of any attempt to manage your weight.

A very high percentage of both positive and negative behaviour is automatic, without any conscious thought. Your actions are reliant on how you think and in order to change an unhealthy or harmful habit, conscious awareness of situational or emotional triggers needs to be increased. At the Conway Practice in Harley Street, during hypnotherapy sessions Jonathan will address the negative influences controlling your eating behaviour and help you to recognise where these originate.*

Comfort eating can often be traced back to early years when food was seen as a reward or punishment. During times of stress or anxiety overeating may be a subconscious need to resort to food as a way of coping with negative emotions due to childhood behaviour shaping. Emotional eating can’t be satisfied with food and will only provide a brief feel-good factor, often followed by a feeling of guilt and regret. Hypnotherapy can help with weight management, reducing stress, increasing motivation and improving self-esteem.* While in a deeply relaxed state during hypnosis, Jonathan will use powerful techniques such as positive visualisation, enabling you to imagine how you will look and feel once you have achieved your weight loss goal.*

Become a non-smoker with the help of hypnotherapy*

hypnosis to stop smokingWhat would it take for you to become a non-smoker? The aggressive anti-smoking campaigns and media reports have no doubt made you fully aware of the health risks and concerned family and friends are probably pressuring you to give up the habit. Hypnotherapy can help to stop smoking providing there is self-determination and not simply to please others.*

While deeply relaxed under hypnosis your unconscious mind is far more receptive to positive suggestion.* As smokers are generally able to condition themselves to circumstances where they are unable to smoke, there are equally times when they subconsciously feel the need to light a cigarette. This may have less to do with the nicotine addiction than to the actual hand-to-mouth habit of smoking. During sessions in hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice, Jonathan will help you recognise your tobacco triggers and introduce coping strategies, enabling you to deal with the emotions, environment and social situations associated with smoking.* 

The reasons behind your habit will be addressed and why it seems so difficult to break. This may be due to anxiety and stress, a means of social bonding or even boredom and loneliness when smoking is simply something to pass the time. Hypnotherapy can be very effective in relieving tension whether this is work-place stress or social anxiety, without the need for nicotine replacements or medication.* Negative beliefs will be addressed, releasing you from a deep-seated habit that no longer has a place in your life.* You will be able to imagine how much better you will feel as a non-smoker.*

Providing you have the motivation and commitment, you can quit smoking with hypnotherapy leaving you free to enjoy a far healthier life-style.*

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Getting over a Fear of Public Speaking with Hypnotherapy*

Hypnotherapy help you overcome your fear of public speakingIf you are one of the many feeling insecure and anxious when faced with speaking in unfamiliar surroundings or in front of strangers, you may do everything to avoid this. You’re no doubt very aware however that avoidance isn’t always an option, causing even more stress if you feel there’s no escape. Hypnotherapy can help to overcome a fear of public speaking by uncovering the negative responses held within the subconscious mind.*

Speech anxiety can be felt in many forms and isn’t limited to speaking in front of a large audience. Many become anxious at the prospect of presenting to colleagues in the work place or during an interview where they feel at risk of being judged. Performance anxiety is common and easily recognised as stage fright when the adrenalin levels are raised and experienced as fear rather than excitement. For anyone with the responsibility of giving a wedding speech, a fear of speaking in public can spoil the enjoyment of the occasion. This extreme anxiety can be experienced in the physical form, with an increased heart beat, a dry mouth and feelings of nausea.

These deeply held beliefs and fears may have taken root over a long period of time, often resulting from a distant memory of an unsettling experience when speaking in front of others. The subconscious mind is programmed to believe that this negative incident will reoccur in similar circumstances. During the sessions of hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice, Jonathan will guide you through relaxation techniques and focusing exercises while your mind is more receptive to positive suggestion.* Hypnosis can help to boost your self-esteem and to discard feelings of self-doubt, leaving you more confident and with a greater appreciation of your abilities, both socially and professionally.*   

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Effective Weight Loss With Hypnotherapy in Brighton*

The Conway Practice - Hypnotherapy for weight lossHere comes Summer! The holiday season can often be the motivation to look trimmer and fitter once the layers of winter clothing have been discarded and outdoor activities beckon. There may be the desire to shed any excess weight by going on a crash diet without much thought for maintaining this in the long-term.

Hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice can help you to not only achieve your weight loss goals but also to create awareness of how a more positive relationship with food will be beneficial.*

There are many reasons for weight issues. Compulsive eating may be an emotional reaction to stress or low self-esteem, feeling you are stuck in a negative cycle of turning to food for comfort and then feeling guilty for not being able to control your impulses. Boredom or loneliness is also a trigger for mindless eating when there’s no conscious awareness of how much is being consumed. During hypnosis sessions with Jonathan he will help you to understand the cues that compel you to eat when you’re not actually physically hungry.*

These habits may have been established early in life, perhaps when parents insisted that your plate was always cleared, even if you were full. Food made with love also has an emotional connection and is not only more enjoyable when there is social interaction but may be very difficult to refuse at the risk of offending the feeder. Although the goal may be to physically look better, the deeper issue is psychological, requiring a new approach to food and your eating behaviour. Any subconscious barriers to weight management will be addressed, introducing positive visualisation enabling you to mentally rehearse how good you will feel when you have achieved your ideal weight.*  If you want to lose weight with hypnotherapy, you can do so safely and naturally, improving your well-being and achieving a much healthier lifestyle.*

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The Benefits of telephone and Skype Coaching*

Why choose telephone and Skype coaching? Jonathan Conway has found that some find this preferable to face to face coaching sessions at his consulting rooms for a variety of reasons. Convenience is often an important factor, with distance no longer being an issue, saving valuable time and the expense of travel.

Many find that it is easier to openly express their feelings and concerns if they are not in the same room, without losing any of the personal attention that Jonathan is able to provide to the issues they may be facing. For anyone with a busy schedule or pressing commitments, taking time out to attend coaching sessions at the Conway Practice locations may simply add to existing pressures. Telephone and Skype coaching offers the benefits of being able to relax in the comfort of familiar surroundings, without being anxious about time constraints.

Perhaps you feel that you have reached a crossroads in your life and are unsure of the best way forward. Family, friends or colleagues may not be in a position to give impartial advice, or you feel unable to share your deeper feelings with anyone close to you. It’s common for emotional issues to surface when you’re far from home, alone in a hotel room with no one to offer guidance or a solution to what is troubling you. It can simply be that you have lost sight of your goal and are unsure where your life is heading. During distance coaching sessions, Jonathan can help you to get back on track and to focus on what you want to achieve and how that can be accomplished.

Anxiety frequently limits the ability to see opportunities clearly and to put things into true perspective. Stress management plays an important role in life coaching, together with providing help to increase confidence and self-esteem.* You may have employees who you feel would also benefit from leadership coaching, especially those holding high responsibility at executive level. The confidentiality and convenience of telephone and Skype coaching ensures there is no disruption to the working day and if preferred, without fellow colleagues being aware that guidance in career and life skills is being provided.

Time zones permitted, coaching sessions with Jonathan can be scheduled from anywhere in the world, enabling you to bridge the gap between your life at present and your vision of the future.* For more information call Jonathan Conway on 07956 855027

Manage Stress With the Help of Hypnotherapy in Harley Street*

Stress for many can be overwhelming with an impact on everyday life both professionally and socially. At the Conway Practice in Harley Street help to manage stress and anxiety with hypnotherapy can enable you to deal with the pressures you have been experiencing.* The weight of responsibility and meeting deadlines or set targets in the workplace for example can be a daily occurrence, making it difficult to switch off and relax when the day ends.

This work-day stress is likely to have a domino affect, impacting on home life and limiting enjoyment in leisure activities. You may find it difficult to explain to friends and family why you have no energy or are impatient and short-tempered at times. When anxiety is constant this can result in a dependence on alcohol or medication in an attempt to cope with the pressure, but while the symptoms may be masked this won’t address the underlying issues. Stress overload isn’t simply emotional and commonly results in physical ailments such as high blood pressure, loss of appetite with poor digestion and difficulty in sleeping. Hypnotherapy can help you to re-programme any negative thoughts and worries that are stored deep in the subconscious, increasing confidence and self-worth*

During hypnosis, Jonathan will approach your concerns by uncovering the route cause of your stress and tension and identify why you have been finding this difficult to deal with.* It can be the result of feeling of not living up to everyone’s expectations and of being considered a failure, especially if you are the main provider. Hypnotherapy will enable you to deal with the stressors in your life differently by using techniques such as relaxation and positive visualisation.*

There is no one size fits all approach in managing stress with hypnotherapy and Jonathan assesses each person individually and their unique lifestyle. He will show you how to tap into your positive resources and bring them into your conscious mind, drawing on these whenever emotions seem overwhelming.*

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Help to manage exam stress with hypnotherapy in Brighton*

hypnotherapy for exam stressAs we approach the exam season, for anyone experiencing exam stress any test situation can cause extreme anxiety and be overwhelming. Even the anticipation of being tested may trigger an anxious state of mind, often resulting in physical reactions, including difficulty in sleeping, headaches, feeling nauseous, a rapid heartbeat and panic attacks.  Hypnotherapy can help to manage exam stress by looking deeper into the psychological reasons behind your fears and the negative thoughts stored in the subconscious mind.*

At the Conway Practice in Brighton during the hypnosis session Jonathan will explain how the body’s relaxation response can be activated, strengthening your coping mechanisms and releasing your true potential.* He will also discuss what your deeper fears are when undergoing a test. It may be due to a concern that you won’t live up to expectations and will be letting yourself and others down, or believe that your future will be affected if a good result isn’t gained. Parents can often put pressure on their children to do well even from an early age, making a comparison between siblings or other family members who may be high achievers.

Hypnosis can not only be very effective in overcoming exam nerves, but in other situations such as passing a driving test or improving presentation skills during an interview.* Hypnotherapy helps to create positive change, replacing the negative fears and beliefs enabling you to visualise a feeling of confidence and a positive perception of the test environment.*

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Help to Quit Smoking with Hypnotherapy in Harley Street*

hypnosis to stop smokingIf you are a smoker who is wants to quit the habit once and for all, you may need to change your attitude to what smoking means to you. Do you view a cigarette as your best friend that you are reluctant to let go, or your worst enemy that you can’t wait to see the last of? At the Conway Practice in Harley Street, during sessions using hypnosis, Jonathan will address the reasons why you smoke and what is now motivating you to stop.*

Hypnotherapy can be very affective as a help to stop smoking and is medication free and completely safe.* Smoking is an involuntary habit and you will find yourself reaching for a cigarette at certain times of the day, during work breaks, after a meal or when socialising for example. You are likely to naturally associate these situations with smoking and they become subconsciously linked. While you are in the deeply relaxed state of hypnosis, Jonathan Conway will guide you through a visualisation, enabling you to understand the trigger points which compel you to light a cigarette and how you can avoid them in the future.

Anxiety is often a major contributor and although smoking is used to reduce stress levels as a form of self-medication, the calming affect is very short-lived. The addiction to nicotine causes withdrawal symptoms and increased cravings, which in themselves are unpleasant and stressful. Using hypnotherapy, Jonathan will approach the underlying cause of your anxiety and guide you in relaxation methods and stress management, changing your reliance on cigarettes as a means of coping.   

If you are truly committed, hypnotherapy can help you to stop smoking and to remain a non-smoker.* During hypnosis you will be able to imagine how much fitter and healthier you will feel once you are free of the habit with significant benefits to your lifestyle and improved finances.

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Help to Manage a Fear of Flying with Hypnotherapy*

fear of flyingHave you booked your flight and are dreading the day of travel, or are avoiding travelling by air completely, unable to face boarding an aeroplane? Help is available to overcome a fear of flying with hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice.*

Hypnosis is used as a safe and medication-free therapeutic technique inducing a deep sense of relaxation, similar to being in a day-dream where you are still aware of what is happening around you and are completely in control.* You will be able to follow the suggestions that Jonathan makes during this hypnotic state, enabling you to make positive change to any negative thoughts or misplaced beliefs you may have stored over a long period of time in your subconscious mind.*

A fear of flying, or aerophobia can actually be a combination of phobias and while undergoing hypnotherapy these can be easily identified and addressed.* Is your fear perhaps not due to being afraid of crashing, but a form of social anxiety where you are anxious about spending time with strangers in a situation where you will have no means of escape? It’s common for stress levels to rise simply at the thought of being in the airport terminal with crowds of people in an unfamiliar environment away from the familiarity of home or wherever you consider to be your place of safety.

For many, air travel means being not being in control over a considerable length of time and having to rely on the pilot and crew for a safe arrival. This fear is often experienced in other forms of transport where someone else is in the driving seat, such as on a train or as a passenger in a car when you are unable to get off when you choose. A travel phobia can not only severely restrict your opportunities to enjoy holidays with friends and family, but may well also have a limiting affect on your professional life if business travel is a requirement.

During hypnosis negative thought patterns and can be re-programmed, helping you to overcome suppressed emotions and phobias by replacing them with positive thoughts, resulting in increased confidence and self-belief.* Jonathan will show how you can access this calm state of mind whenever you feel the need to reduce your stress levels before and during your journey.*

With over 21 years of experience, Jonathan Conway is a highly qualified NLP Master Practitioner & NLP Coach, providing sessions in hypnosis from his consulting rooms in London and East Sussex.

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