Lose Weight Using Hypnosis in Brighton

Hypnotherapy for weight loss.As we get ready to enjoy the summer months, you may well feel determined to shed a few pounds and get trim in time for a holiday. You can probably picture yourself slim and fit, able to wear the clothes you want and perhaps play more sport or enjoy all the outdoor activities we associate with summer.

Do you find yourself feeling like this every year, simply to return to bad eating habits when your diet has failed? If you are truly motivated to maintain a healthy eating programme and to end attempts at yo-yo or fad dieting, you can lose weight with help in Brighton through hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice.

Your imagination can be prompted to open up positive subconscious thoughts, enabling you to believe that all your goals are achievable. Hypnosis is an attention-focusing technique and has been proved to be extremely effective in helping with weight loss.

There are many reasons for overeating, or for dependence on certain foods such as sugar and carbohydrates. These are often linked to emotional issues such as stress or depression and a lack of self-esteem frequently plays a part. 

During hypnotherapy sessions for weight loss in Brighton with Jonathan Conway, you will learn how to make lasting changes in your attitude to food and to respect your body.

During the relaxed state of mind you will be guided to visualise how you will look and feel once you have reached your desired weight. Your confidence will increase and you will be free of the damaging food cravings that have been controlling your dietary habits. Being aware of why you have been following a particular eating pattern and understanding your past attitude to food will help you to focus on unlocking the barriers to weight loss.

The determination to be slimmer with a healthier lifestyle has to come from within, as hypnotherapy can’t force you to do something that you aren’t really committed to. However, if you really want help with weight loss in Brighton and Hove this can be achieved with hypnosis and maintained in the long term, eliminating once and for all the cycle of negative self-talk, creating a positive new relationship with food. 

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Stress Management Coaching in Harley Street

executive-coaching-brightonRegrettably, stress is often a product of modern day life. There may be high expectations and even higher pressure to succeed at work, maintain harmony in family and personal life and meet financial obligations. Many find stress so familiar that they believe they have no choice but to live with it. Fortunately there is a choice and help is available through stress management coaching in Harley Street.

Uncontrolled stress and anxiety frequently results in physical ailments such as headaches, high blood pressure, muscle pain and digestive problems, amongst many others. Medication may temporarily relieve the symptoms but the root cause won’t be dealt with and props such as pills and alcohol will only compound the problem.

When dealing with executive stress, Jonathan Conway provides valuable support with hypnotherapy and NLP sessions at the Conway Practice in Harley Street.

It’s recognised that not all stress is bad for you as when find yourself under pressure, raised adrenalin will motivate you to rise to the challenge. However, if you are constantly switched on to ’emergency mode’ you face reaching a burn-out point with harmful consequences.

Panic attacks follow the ‘fight, flight or freeze’ process when the body’s natural defences are kick-started by a threat or a stressful situation. This stress response may be the result of something real or imagined and stored in the sub-conscious as it’s common to feel anxious about something that may never actually happen.

A fear of public speaking, or travel and social phobias for example may be experienced just at the thought of what might happen and can be overwhelming. 

Jonathan will take the time to explain how stress management coaching in Harley Street helps in dealing with executive stress and will show you how to increase your confidence and get control back into your life. We all face periods of change, which may catch us off guard at times, but through positive thought and optimism these can be welcomed as stepping stones for personal and professional growth and achievement.

Hypnotherapy and NLP will help you to focus on managing your stress by enabling you to take control of your emotions, leaving you in a calm and relaxed state of mind. It may not always be possible to change the situation you find yourself in, but you can change the way in which you handle it by reacting positively and assertively.

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All About NLP Coaching in Harley Street

NLP Coaching in Harley StreetNLP coaching in Harley Street at the Conway Practice will help you to reprogramme your way of thinking and to initiate positive change in areas of your life where you feel you are underachieving. You may for instance want to have more confidence when speaking publicly, or to improve your presentation skills during interviews.

When the only barrier to progress is negative thinking and low self esteem, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) can be the catalyst for personal growth.

You may have reached a crucial stage when you feel that you aren’t prepared to tolerate limitations any more. You may be aware of what you no longer want in your life, but are lacking clear goals that are relevant to what you do want in the future. Do you feel that you are stuck in a situation and a pattern of behaviour that prevents you from moving forward?

NLP is a very effective and dynamic educational process that enables personal progression and Harley Street executive coaching will help you to increase your motivation, overcome any hurdles and believe that failure is not an option. Athletes for example, don’t take up the challenge by telling themselves or others that they can’t win. They have a can-do attitude and focus only on positive result.

Once you learn how to think more positively, social and professional skills can be greatly improved. We all have a tendency to use particular words and gestures when we communicate with others. These can become a habit and a subconscious reaction during conversation.

Without being consciously aware, these favourite words and phrases of internal dialogue can have a negative affect. Living in self-doubt transmits negative signals through speech and body language, affecting how you are perceived.

If you think and speak more positively, the way in which you express yourself will change considerably for the better and the response from others will greatly improve. NLP coaching in Harley Street with Jonathan Conway will guide you through the process of understanding the art of rapport. You will be able to negotiate more effectively and achieve far more in your career and personal life.

The unique approach of NLP encourages positive change and personal freedom. For more information about NLP and other services available at The Conway Practice in Harley Street call Jonathan Conway today on 0207 467 8460.

How Hypnotherapy in Brighton Can Help You

The Conway PracticeYou may have heard of the benefits of hypnosis but are unsure exactly how hypnotherapy in Brighton at the Conway Practice can help you with a particular problem. Hypnotherapy has been shown to have remarkable success with a number of personal issues and if you are at all apprehensive, rest assured that the therapy is a completely safe and pleasant experience.

You may be sceptical about whether hypnosis will work for you and believe that it will be impossible to go into a hypnotic state, or fear that you will lose control. Jonathan Conway will ensure that there is implicit trust between you from the start of the session of hypnosis in Brighton and that you feel comfortable and fully relaxed.

You can’t be made to do something against your will or that you wouldn’t do under normal circumstances and you will remain in control throughout and aware of your surroundings. 

It’s important to emphasise that any changes in behaviour or attitude that are a result of the hypnotherapy, are changes you really want to make. A smoker for example, won’t stop smoking if they have no real intention or desire to give up the habit.

Hypnotherapy isn’t something magical; it’s a deeply relaxed state of mind where the subconscious is far more open to positive suggestion. Hypnosis for a healthier lifestyle is extremely therapeutic in helping to deal with the physical or emotional affects of overeating, anxiety, phobias and addictions such nicotine, drug and alcohol dependence and gambling.

Hypnotherapy is a complimentary therapy which can be extremely beneficial in enhancing areas of your life where you feel you are underachieving or experiencing stress and discomfort. This may be in your career or in your home and personal life.

The increased motivation and self-esteem energised during your hypnosis session in Brighton will encourage you to meet challenges with more confidence and the determination to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. In a relatively short period of time, hypnotherapy has the potential to provide liberation from the issues that have been holding you back and to enable you to begin to concentrate on enjoying the good things in life.

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Telephone and Skype Hypnotherapy Sessions & Life Coaching

telephone-coachingWith the hectic lives that many of us lead, finding the time to travel for life coaching may simply just add more pressure. Jonathan Conway provides telephone and Skype coaching sessions to fit into your busy schedule at a time that is convenient for you.


Clients often find that they are more relaxed when they are in familiar surroundings, without any outside distractions. 

Coaching via the telephone or on Skype is just as effective and powerful as face-to-face sessions, in fact many find it easier to open up about feelings and concerns when there is a slight anonymity.


There is still the one-to-one conversation where Jonathan will dedicate the time to listen to you and assess the changes that need to be made in order for you to attain your goals. He will help you to make the right decisions in whatever area of life you feel you are underachieving to enable you to move forward.


You may feel that you need a change in your career but are unsure how to find the courage to take the next step. Interviews can often be a stumbling block to career progression and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a valuable tool in unlocking self-belief and previously untapped potential. During a telephone or Skype conversation, key words within the dialogue will send clear signals showing how you may be communicating in a weak and negative way without realising it.


You might be focusing on the failures in your life instead of what opportunity there is to achieve more success in the future. We often speak of someone experiencing a mid-life crisis, which is in effect when it’s felt that a cross-roads has been reached and there’s a strong desire to change direction. This is the time when you may feel unsure whether the decisions you are about to take are sound and viable.


If this is the case, Jonathan will help you to find the right perspective which will enable you to evaluate and plan the changes, rather than taking rash and risky actions. This doesn’t mean that you can’t live more adventurously if this is what you want, or set goals that may have in the past seemed unreachable. Life coaching with NLP will help you to build the confidence to enjoy life as you wish to enjoy it, whether that’s with less stress and anxiety, better relationships or success in the corporate world.


This can all be achieved without even leaving your home or office and is only a telephone or Skype call away.


Contact Jonathan Conway today either by leaving a comment below or calling 01273 540425

Hypnotherapy and NLP Help to Lose Weight in Harley Street

Hypnotherapy for weight loss.As we begin to enjoy the Spring weather and discard the layers of extra clothing, it’s common to feel the urge to lose weight. We’re often conditioned to believe that during the Winter months heavier meals are needed to keep out the cold, or at least we use that as an excuse for eating in excess and so the weight creeps up and is then difficult to shed.

Overeating easily becomes a habit and as with most habits it takes a change of attitude and a positive mindset to break the pattern.

Fad diets usually only result in short-term weight loss, may provide only poor nutrition and can be detrimental to health. At the Conway Practice, hypnotherapy and NLP sessions will help you to lose weight in Harley Street safely, enabling you to maintain the weight loss in the long term.

Through the combination of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnotherapy, negative patterns of thought and behaviour that have led to weight gain will be identified and addressed. This includes the negative self-talk that you may find yourself using, especially following a period of comfort eating when you have feelings of guilt.

During the sessions you will learn how to improve your self-esteem and to visualise how you will look and feel when you achieve your ideal size.

 There are many reasons for overeating and frequently the root cause is emotional, not hunger. It’s not simply about the lack of willpower, it’s also about helping you to change your relationship with food, putting you back in control.

Eating shouldn’t be a stressful experience and Jonathan Conway will show you how to have a relaxed attitude to food. Weight loss sessions at the Conway Practice are tailored specifically to the individual, as Jonathan appreciates that each situation is unique and requires a personal approach to the problem.

Hypnotherapy and NLP will help you to make the necessary adjustments to your eating habits, ensuring you achieve your goal of enjoying a happier and much healthier lifestyle.

The changes you will be empowered to make will also result in a measurable improvement in other areas of your life. To help you to keep track of your weight loss programme, Jonathan will give you a personalised recording, reinforcing the messages absorbed during the Lose Weight sessions.

For more information about how Hypnotherapy and NLP can help you to lose weight please leave a comment below or Contact Jonathan Conway today.

Personal Development Coaching in Brighton & Hove

self-esteemIt’s common in life to lose sight at times of personal goals and direction, requiring support to get you back on track. Personal development coaching in Brighton & Hove at the Conway Practice can help you to see more clearly all areas of your life where you feel you are underachieving or experiencing specific problems.

During life coaching sessions with Jonathan Conway, BSc Dp EHP.NLP MNCH (acc) NLP Master Practitioner & Certified NLP Coach, time will be devoted to allowing you to focus on changes that will enable you to make significant progress.

Often self-motivation is depleted, resulting in an overwhelming feeling that could be likened to driving a vehicle with the brakes on; the power potential is there but you’re not moving forward. NLP coaching and hypnotherapy can release those brakes, identifying and addressing the negative thoughts that are holding you back from reaching your true potential.

New and aspirational challenges can be set, re-igniting personal ambition, whether that’s to maximise your career performance or to enhance personal relationships.

 Perhaps you feel you are spread too thinly and have very little time to spend on yourself.

As a personal development coach in Brighton & Hove, during NLP sessions, Jonathan will help you to appreciate how others see you and to understand how by simply using different words and ways of communicating, you will be able to take back control of your life instead of allowing others and events to control you.

New patterns of behaviour will also enable you to cope with stress in a positive way. Anxiety can be contagious and once you are less anxious, stress levels of those around you are also likely to reduce. 

Through the relaxed state of hypnotherapy or NLP coaching, past problems and issues can be addressed, resulting not only in a lasting improvement on an emotional level, but also re-energising your physical performance.

Personal development coaching in Brighton & Hove is about making headway in your life in whatever area you feel that changes need to be made.

Life coaching services at the Conway Practice will help you to define your goals and open up the pathway to fulfilling them by eliminating the sub-conscious barriers that have been holding you back.

For more information please leave a comment below, or if preferred, contact Jonathan Conway today by calling 01273 540425.

Hypnotherapy Services in Harley Street Can Help You to Kick the Habit

quit-smokingHow many times have you reached for a cigarette and told yourself that it’s going to be your last one? If the intention to stop for good has never been achieved, you can be helped to quit smoking in Harley Street at the Conway Practice.

 There’s no doubt that attempting to give up any habit without help is difficult.

As nicotine is an extremely addictive substance, this makes it even harder. However long you may have been smoking, it’s never too late to stop and as long as you are fully committed, you can successfully quit smoking through hypnotherapy. During the relaxed state of hypnosis the factors that trigger your need to smoke can be easily identified and addressed. Stress is known to be a major reason for a smoker continuing the habit, often due to being under pressure in the work-place or with personal issues.

Frequently, in an attempt to stop smoking if the cause for the pressure increases, the smoker will relapse. No one would dispute that giving up the habit is in itself stressful, but hypnotherapy sessions with Jonathan Conway will help you to deal with the root cause of that stress in a positive way.

It’s important to understand that although you may have failed in the past, this doesn’t mean that you can’t succeed now, once you have a different view and approach to dealing with the addiction. As a smoker, at present you are attempting to manage your stress in an unhealthy way. You will probably be aware that you are turning to a harmful substance because your coping mechanism is failing, but you lack the solution to how you can get it back on track.

During hypnosis you will learn how to do that, substituting negative thoughts of failure with positive visualisation of how much healthier and happier you will feel when you are no longer smoking. 

Once you have been shown how to deal with stress-fuelled situations such as deadlines at work, handling employee HR issues or relationship and family problems, your ability to cope without a cigarette will improve considerably, enabling you to stop.

Everybody experiences stress, but the key to success is how you manage it. Hypnosis help for smoking in Harley Street will allow you to focus on your behaviour and lifestyle, bringing about the positive change to your mindset that will mean you can quit the habit permanently.

For more information about how we can help you to kick the habit please leave a comment below or, use the Contact Page.

The Benefits of Having an Executive Coach in Brighton & Hove.

executive-coaching-brightonIf you hold an executive role and find yourself experiencing the constant pressure and stress that frequently comes with the position, one of the most valuable opportunities for change you could be offered, is one to one executive coaching.

Simply having someone to listen to you can make a world of difference as much of executive stress can be due to the feeling of isolation. Executive coaching for stress management is available in Brighton & Hove at the Conway Practice.

Using mainly NLP techniques together with hypnotherapy, you will be guided through positive thought and behaviour changing processes.

Do you feel that while you have been striving to perform well, you have lost sight of your life goals and what is really important to you? You may be trying to juggle a work and home balance, finding that one is suffering at the expense of the other.

Executive coaching offers a means of restoring your focus, enabling you to see things clearly and to make the changes that are necessary.

 Life coaching for executives will help you to understand how better communication with colleagues, friends and family will produce significant results. It will also act as a catalyst to increasing your self-confidence and the belief that you can achieve all that you really want in life, learning how to approach challenges with a ‘can do’ attitude.

Positive shifts in your behaviour will in turn impact on those around you, resulting in an environment where others are more responsive to your needs. You will have a greater understanding of leadership principles and how to set deadlines, goals and performance levels that are easily achievable given the right attitude.

Your improved interactions will inspire others, providing you with the much needed support and the achievement of common aspirations, whether in the corporate context or at home.

Jonathan Conway, BSc Dp EHP.NLP MNCH (acc) NLP Master Practitioner & Certified NLP Coach, will show you how to reach your true potential and cope far more effectively with everyday challenges.

If you are unable to attend sessions at The Conway Practice in Brighton & Hove, executive coaching by telephone or Skype is also available.

Contact Jonathan Conway today by leaving a comment below or calling 01273 540425.

Stop Smoking Today – Hypnotherapy Can Help!

Quit Smoking with The Conway PracticeStop smoking; two extremely emotive words that are significant to many people. You may be reading this as someone who wants to give up, or as a family member or friend of a smoker trying how to understand how best to help.

 Firstly, it’s essential for the smoker to be fully committed to quit smoking. However much pressure is applied by others, any attempt is sure to fail if the determination to give up is lacking.

If you are a smoker and feel that you have reached the stage where you are ready to take the first big step towards giving up the habit, then help is available to stop smoking through hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice.

 Hypnotherapy for smoking cessation is extremely effective. Hypnosis is completely safe, with no unpleasant side-affects and is medication free.

You will be helped to re-programme any negative thoughts through various powerful exercises and will understand how you have unlimited potential to make positive changes in your life. Giving up smoking is just one of them. For instance, although smoking is a habit made all the more difficult to break to the addictive properties of nicotine, you will have started to smoke for a reason.

This may have been due to something as simple as peer pressure and wanting to ‘fit in’ with others. You might however, have found yourself first reaching for a cigarette during a time of stress and continued as a means of calming down when feeling anxious. Many people are also convinced they need to smoke in order to help keep their weight down, instead of maintaining a healthy attitude to eating. 

And so it’s easy to see that the underlying reasons for smoking need to be addressed.

During hypnosis, the root cause of the addiction is easily identified, whether that may be down to stress, low self-confidence, or lack of purpose and motivation. In the same way that you took a subconscious emotional decision to start smoking, your mindset can be changed at the same level with a firm decision to stop. You will also understand why you reach for a cigarette at certain times and how to break that habit.

Remember, this is your choice, the self-empowerment to make the positive changes in the pattern of your behaviour. You will find yourself back in control and free from the cigarette controlling you. Jonathan Conway, a qualified hypnotherapist NLP Coach and NLP Master Practitioner will show you how to visualise your life without cigarettes; healthier, happier and without doubt, wealthier.

Contact Jonathan today to see how he can help you to stop smoking either by leaving a comment below or call on 01273 540425

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