How Hypnotherapy in Harley Street can Help Achieve Positive Change*

Hypnotherapy in Harley StreeyWhat can you expect from hypnotherapy in Harley Street at The Conway Practice?

If you know little about the benefits of hypnosis, it may come as a surprise that help is available which could bring positive change if you are underachieving or have psychologically related issues which are having a negative affect in your professional or personal life.*

Problems can be due to habits which have built up over a number of years and have proved difficult to break. This includes the hand to mouth habits of smoking or overeating, both of which are automatic responses to subconscious triggers. During the hypnosis sessions in Harley Street, Jonathan will help you to identify and trace the roots of any compulsive behaviour and introduce new coping mechanisms.* Stress is often responsible for a reliance on alcohol or an addiction to harmful substances such as nicotine. Hypnotherapy provides a safe environment where any anxiety can be managed, enabling you to overcome behavioural problems which have been disrupting your life.*

Phobic reactions are generally deeply rooted in the subconscious, often with no conscious awareness of the original cause. Phobias due to a traumatic event can be passed on by parents or a fear of flying for instance may be instigated by a disaster movie or a report of an air accident in the media. There can however be a combination of phobias, including social anxiety, a fear of enclosed spaces (claustrophobia), or a sense of panic when you are away from a place that represents safety.

Hypnosis enables the unconscious mind to desensitise and re-programme negative thought patterns.* Hypnotherapy in Harley Street with Jonathan Conway can help you to eliminate any self-sabotaging behaviour and learn how to practice visualisation and relaxation techniques which will ensure you are on track to achieve positive change.*

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Lose Weight with Hypnotherapy in Brighton & Hove*

The Conway Practice - Hypnotherapy for weight lossAs the festive season approaches with the temptation to indulge in excess, you might be torn between getting into shape before the celebrations start or waiting until the New Year to address any bad eating habits. Delaying the weight management programme may simply serve as an excuse to overeat, especially when this is generally recognised as acceptable behaviour at this time of the year. Hypnotherapy in Brighton can help you to lose weight without spoiling your enjoyment of family meals and social gatherings.*

During sessions in hypnosis at the Conway Practice in Brighton & Hove, Jonathan Conway will discuss your relationship with food and what it means to you.* Is it perhaps a form of comfort and self-reward, or something which you rely on during times of stress? Without doubt, festivities can be stressful for some and even more so for those who experience social anxiety. Do you reach for something to eat in order to appear occupied when faced with making conversation? If you’re eating you can’t be talking at the same time, allowing you to avoid interaction. Mindless eating during a social situation can be a form of mirroring the habits of others in order to fit in, despite not being physically hungry.

Hypnotherapy enables the subconscious to co-operate with the conscious mind and to build a defence against the overeating triggers.* While in the state of hypnosis, powerful resources stored deep in the unconscious can be drawn upon to establish new coping mechanisms.* Relaxation techniques to reduce stress and manage anxiety can be combined with positive imaging, the rehearsal for a relationship with food where you, rather than your emotions are in control.*

Weight loss with hypnotherapy in Brighton can be achieved by overcoming self-limiting beliefs and creating beneficial life-style changes.* In the re-programming  of unhealthy eating habits the way you think about food and what it represents will be transformed, resulting in much healthier and sustainable weight management.*   

Explaining the Benefits of Hypnotherapy in Brighton & Hove*

The Conway PracticeYou may be well aware that many seek help to stop smoking or lose weight with hypnotherapy, but are less familiar with the numerous other benefits. Hypnotherapy in Brighton & Hove at the Conway Practice provides a perfectly safe and medication-free way in which to initiate positive change and enhance performance in all areas of your life.*

During your first hypnotherapy session with Jonathan Conway, time will be taken to discuss and identify exactly what issues in your life are causing concern.* This is also part of the trust building relationship, which is the foundation of establishing rapport between therapist and client. Behavioural traits will have developed over time, generally without any awareness of the negative affect they can have in limiting personal growth and true potential.

Identifying the root cause of a specific problem is crucial to initiating positive change. Overeating and the inability to lose weight for instance, isn’t simply due to a love of food and generally relates to deeper issues on an emotional level, tracing back to early conditioning and familial influences. A fear of flying can be a combination of phobias and not as many believe limited to being afraid of the aeroplane crashing. The sub-conscious heightened state of awareness during hypnosis enables any suppressed emotions, self-doubt or irrational thoughts to be recognised and overcome.*

You will be completely in control and fully aware of your surroundings during the hypnotherapy sessions and can rest assured that no one can be forced to do anything against their will. The state of hypnosis can be likened to a peaceful and relaxed feeling similar to a day-dream. Whether you are seeking help to manage stress, break a negative habit, overcome your phobia, or improve your self-confidence, providing you are truly committed to change, hypnotherapy in Brighton can help you to achieve your goal.*

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The Benefits of Life Coaching via Skype or Telephone*

If you are facing a new challenge in your life or have lost sight of your life goals and want to get back on track, Skype or telephone coaching provides valuable help without interrupting a busy schedule or the inconvenience of travelling. At your convenience and a pre-agreed time, life coaching sessions with Jonathan Conway will cover all the relevant aspects of your life both personal and professional, enabling you to maximise your true potential.

We all have the ability to create change, but at times life can become out of focus with no clear direction on the way forward. For anyone who finds it difficult to express feelings and concerns in a face-to-face setting, coaching via Skype or telephone increases a feeling of privacy from the comfort of the home, or wherever you feel at ease. During the first session, Jonathan will explore what is holding you back from achieving your aspirations and how you can progress.

If anxiety is limiting your success at work or in personal relationships, the stress triggers will be identified and new coping mechanisms introduced.

Any lack of self-belief can be addressed, creating a more positive mindset which will enable a clearer understanding of how opportunities can be seized when they come along. Understanding how to improve your communication skills and manage complex relationships in the work-place or socially will potentially lead to  less conflict and greater harmony.

Perhaps you feel have been stuck in the wrong career path and have now reached a cross-roads, concerned as to whether you should try to make the best of the life you have or to follow your ambitions. It’s common to be coerced while under familial pressure to take a direction that has been chosen for you, leaving you to later discover that this isn’t what you want. Although it may be difficult to seek advice from those who are emotionally connected to you, the Conway Practice provides impartial life coaching which will enable you to recognise that it’s never too late to change gear and begin a new journey with the confidence and courage to pursue your inner callings.

Telephone or Skype coaching with Jonathan Conway is available wherever you are, when you most need it and can be followed up with face-to-face sessions if required.

Weight Management is Possible With the Help of Hypnotherapy*

The Conway Practice - Hypnotherapy for weight lossHave you tried to change your eating habits and not succeeded? Hypnotherapy can help you to lose weight not only for a better body image and but also to improve your health and fitness.* At the Conway Practice, Jonathan Conway will address your relationship with food and identify the triggers to a pattern of overeating or being compelled to eat unhealthy, weight-gaining foods.*

It’s important to recognise when and why the negative relationship with food first began. Is there for instance a compulsion to consume certain foods when you are stressed or anxious which remind you of your formative years when these were associated with comfort or reward? Poor eating habits later in life may well have been a result of enforced rules, such as finishing everything on your plate before being praised with a treat. This then becomes normal behaviour, leading to a pattern of overeating even when there’s no physical hunger. These ingrained habits can be difficult to overcome until they are consciously recognised as a main contributor to sabotaging any attempt at weight control.

Hypnotherapy can help with weight loss by changing your perception of food.*

During hypnosis while you are in a deeply relaxed state of mind, Jonathan will use positive suggestion to resolve any cycle of negative association with your dietary habits.* Once the negative perspective has changed, emotional triggers to overeating can be easily controlled and overcome, without constantly living life on a roller-coaster of unsustainable dieting followed by a rapid return to craving unhealthy weight-gaining foods.

Identifying the root cause of a dysfunctional relationship with food through hypnotherapy will enable you to focus less on eating and more on visualising how you will feel once you have achieved and maintained a healthier lifestyle.* Issues such as stress management or low self-esteem can be resolved during sessions in hypnosis with Jonathan at the Conway Practice, leaving you empowered to reach your goal and not look back.*

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How Telephone and Skype Coaching Can be of Benefit*

Have you reached a crucial crossroads in your life and need guidance to see a clear way forward? Telephone and Skype coaching provides impartial advice on how to make the right decisions, both in your professional and personal life. You may for instance find that you have lost sight of your goals and what you hope to achieve, especially if you’ve been unable to overcome obstacles that have been obstructing your progress.

It’s often difficult during the fast and demanding pace of life to allocate time for coaching sessions. Coaching over the telephone or via Skype not only eliminates travelling and time constraints, but can also be available when you are away from your home ground, time zones permitting. Jonathan Conway is also aware that some may feel more at ease in opening up at a distance rather than during face-to-face coaching.

So what exactly can be expected from coaching sessions?  Jonathan will listen to your concerns and help you to regain a positive focus on the area of your life where you feel you are not reaching your true potential. This may for instance be due to a lack of self-worth or the inability to communicate effectively with others in order to gain their support and co-operation. Ways of establishing a healthy work-life balance will be explored, ensuring your time is spent more effectively with less stress and greater productivity.

During the coaching sessions by Skype or telephone, Jonathan will also discuss relaxations techniques which will help you to manage challenging situations both professional and personal, calmly and confidently. This talking therapy can be extremely empowering, providing a broader perspective on your life and put the positive strategies in place to get you back firmly on the right track.

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Support to Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy in Brighton*

hypnosis to stop smokingAs the month’s Stoptober campaign comes to a close for another year, have you taken part but haven’t succeeded as well as you had hoped? If you are still determined to quit smoking once and for all, hypnotherapy can enable you to give up the habit without the need for nicotine replacement products or medication.*

During hypnotherapy sessions at the Conway Practice in Brighton, Jonathan will talk through what first prompted you to start smoking and why you find it difficult to stop.* If this a habit formed over many years this is likely to be more challenging to break than the chemical addiction to nicotine. Once the reason for smoking has been identified, a positive behavioural programme with hypnotherapy can help to remove the sub-conscious barriers to quitting.*

Firstly, the determination to stop smoking must come from within you and not simply due the pressure from family or friends. No one can be made to do something while under hypnosis that they aren’t really committed to. So what are the triggers to lighting a cigarette? There are many possibilities of which you may not even be consciously aware of. Hypnotherapy will uncover the underlying issues, such as stress and anxiety, loneliness and boredom, social integration or as a work-break reward.* The hand to mouth habit of handling a cigarette is an associative learning method and is often a response to a lack of confidence in social situations and a need for comfort to reduce anxiety. Mirroring fellow smokers as a form of social bonding can often be traced back to the desire to be accepted by peers during the teenage years and carried through to adulthood.

While you are deeply relaxed during hypnosis, Jonathan will help you unravel any complex issues stored in your subconscious mind which relate to your dependency.* There is considered to be a direct link between the use of tobacco and low self-esteem. Hypnotherapy can improve your self-belief and raise your expectations for future achievements. Relaxation techniques will enable you to reduce your stress levels naturally and through positive visualisation and finally begin to see yourself as a non-smoker.*

Managing Executive Stress With the Help of Hypnotherapy*

What do you find causes you the most anxiety in your professional life? Is it the weight of responsibility, the pressure of meeting deadlines and set targets, or a concern that you will fail to live up to the expectations demanded in your position? There could in fact be a combination of all of these, resulting in a constant feeling that you will let yourself and others down. Hypnotherapy can help to manage executive stress by enabling you to recognise where you most feel under threat and to learn new coping mechanisms to resolve the issues which are triggering negative thoughts and a lack of self-confidence.*

Anxiety isn’t likely to be triggered on arriving at the work-place or to diminish when you close the office door at the end of the day. You may well experience sleepless nights and stress while commuting on a train packed with fellow passengers, or navigating your way through rush-hour travel. This leads to a build up of negative energy even before the working day has begun. Unlike the use of medication, alcohol or other potentially addictive substances used to numb the senses, hypnotherapy will identify the root cause of your anxious and unproductive state of mind.*

Feeling consistently stressed is likely to affect all areas of your life, especially if there is no one you can turn to for help. You may avoid sharing your concerns with colleagues for fear of appearing incompetent and family or friends may not fully understand the pressure you are under on a daily basis. During hypnosis sessions with Jonathan at the Conway Practice, your ability to manage change and challenging situations will be addressed.* Strategies to cope with high demands, including relaxation techniques and positive visualisation, will enable you to gain a new perspective on how to deal with workplace stressors.

Hypnotherapy provides a completely safe and natural approach to dealing with work related conflict and stress sensitivity.* This can be applied to achieve a positive work-life balance, improving cognitive defences, communication and decision-making skills.*   

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How Weight Loss can be Achieved with Hypnotherapy*

The Conway Practice - Hypnotherapy for weight lossFor many, losing weight is a tough challenge and may seem to be a losing battle. It’s unrealistic to rely on fad or crash diets having any lasting success as strict regimes are extremely difficult to maintain in the long-term and generally result in yo-yo dieting and a constant fluctuation in weight. Hypnotherapy can help with weight loss by enabling you to recognise the reason for your overeating or being attracted to unhealthy, weight-gaining foods.*

There are likely to be triggers to your eating habits which you are not consciously aware of. The deeply relaxed state of hypnosis opens the mind to positive suggestion and allows memories stored in the subconscious to surface.* Jonathan Conway will explore your relationship with food and what it means to you on an emotional level. Was food given as a reward during childhood, or restricted as a punishment for bad behaviour? Compulsive eating is false hunger and commonly a need for comfort and way of handling stress and a food craving may be a coping strategy for anxiety or low self-esteem. Hypnotherapy can be extremely effective in assisting with behavioural change, helping to eliminate triggers and establishing a healthy relationship with food, where you are in control.*

Wanting to lose weight could be more than simply wanting to look trimmer. If you are advised for medical reasons to follow a healthier diet and are given a timeline to achieve your objective, under pressure to succeed stress levels may increase.  During hypnosis sessions Jonathan will use positive suggestion to raise your feeling of self-worth and motivation, enabling you to release any tension and anxiety.* Hypnotherapy can help you to establish a sustainable healthier lifestyle and a new relationship with food.*

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Increase your self-esteem with hypnotherapy*

If you have a poor opinion of yourself, you may not be aware of how this can have a negative affect on your daily life. At the Conway Practice, hypnotherapy can help to increase your self-esteem by identifying the underlying reasons for your lack of confidence.*

If your parents or siblings were high-achievers you may find yourself constantly comparing yourself unfavourably and feel it impossible to meet the same high standards. In accepting that as an individual you have your own unique capabilities, you will be able to appreciate your true potential. It’s common for anyone who doesn’t value themselves, to be too self-critical and inflexible, focusing more on failure than on achieving their goal. During sessions using hypnosis, Jonathan will help you to recognise the root cause of your negative perception of your self-worth.*

This low self-esteem may inhibit not only progression professionally, but also have an impact on your personal life if you feel that others are judging you, resulting in a sense of vulnerability and an avoidance of social interaction. False negative perspective can be re-programmed with hypnotherapy, enabling you to accept that these misconceptions are the result of early conditioning and experiences that have no relevance to your true worth.*

Self-confidence starts with appreciating who we are and a belief in how much we can achieve. Hypnosis enables the unconscious mind to release the limiting thoughts that have been a hindrance in many areas of your life.* Hypnotherapy can help you to improve motivation and become far more confident by enabling you to build on the inner resources you may have been unaware of possessing.*

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