Don’t let a Fear of Flying Spoil your Holiday Plans

fear-of-flying-brightonAs family and friends start to search through the travel brochures for this year’s holiday, are you someone who has a flying phobia and dreads the thought of boarding an aeroplane? However much you might want to join in and enjoy an overseas break, your anxiety may just be too overwhelming for you to make the journey.

At the Conway Practice in Harley Street, Jonathan Conway provides sessions in hypnotherapy to help overcome a fear of flying or other travel phobias.* Aerophobia is actually very common, but it may not be as obvious as some phobias as air travel can generally be avoided without others even being aware that there is a problem. You may not be conscious of the cause of your fear and it can be linked to something as seemingly insignificant as watching a film or a graphic media coverage which has featured an incident in the air.*

The issue isn’t simply about a fear of the aircraft crashing, as there are often other factors to consider. While you are in the deeply relaxed state of hypnosis, it is easier to reach the deeper thoughts you have stored in your subconscious mind. The root cause of your anxiety may for instance be due to a fear of not being in complete control and having to rely not only on a stranger flying the plane who is responsible for your safety. Also you may feel you are trapped for the duration of the journey and unable to leave if you wanted to.

This then isn’t only restricted to air travel and many who are too afraid to fly, also become anxious when they find themselves in any situation where someone else is in the driving seat, whether that may be a train, plane or even as a passenger in a car. This can be severely life-limiting, both for meeting professional obligations and for pleasure.

During hypnotherapy sessions, Jonathan will address the thoughts that have been negatively affecting the true sense of reality, enabling positive change to take place.* Deep breathing and visualisation exercises will help you to release your fears and reduce your anxiety level,  ensuring you will be able to relax and enjoy your new found freedom.*

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How NLP can help you to get your life back on track*

NLP Coaching in Harley StreetYou may have heard about Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) but are unsure exactly what it is and whether it could be of benefit to you. NLP focuses on your way of thinking and helps to improve personal development.*

It’s common at different stages in life to feel we are stuck in the mud and unable to move forward. Perhaps you want to get rid of emotional ‘baggage’ you may have been carrying with you unnecessarily for years. Jonathan Conway provides NLP coaching at the Conway Practice to help you to regain the control in your life and to re-balance your emotions.*

NLP will help you to understand how to recognise destructive behaviour that you may be completely unaware of.* You will have a better understanding of not only how you communicate with others, but also why they speak and act in a certain way.* An increase in self-confidence will mean that you will feel more competent to take on challenges, enabling you to reach higher to achieve your ambitions. By re-energising your spoken word, your communication skills will improve, together with your leadership ability.* Once you are more in control and aware of your thoughts and feelings you will be able to interact with others far more effectively.*
Clearer communication and a more relaxed state of mind will also improve your public speaking and presentation skills, benefiting professionally.*

During NLP sessions with Jonathan, mood swings, depression and stress management will be addressed. You will learn how to create an image of the trigger to your negative thoughts and feelings. You may be recalling an incident from the past, or fretting about something that you fear may occur in the future. NLP will help you to adopt powerful and positive attitudes to whatever you are reacting badly to below the surface, stored in your subconscious mind.*

Neuro Linguistic Programming can help you release blocked emotions and to get your life back on track, on a journey of self-discovery and in the right direction to achieve your chosen goals and improve relationships.*

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Hypnotherapy in Brighton can help you to cope with exam stress.*

exam-stress-brightonMany of us would say that we have come across students who may not be the best in the study group, but seem to sail through exams with ease. If however, you are someone who dreads the thought of taking a test of any kind, you may find that hypnotherapy for exam stress would be a great help in solving the problem.*

Even those who have studied hard and are confident that they know all the answers can still feel extremely anxious during test conditions, with the anxiety or even panic beginning to increase on the days leading up to the exam. Fear can be triggered by many things, including the concern that you will be letting someone down and will be seen as a failure. There is often the added pressure that your future success may rely on you achieving a pass, sometimes at a high grade.

We may not always have a choice of whether we sit an exam, especially during the school and university years, but it is possible with the help of hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice in Brighton to make this a far more pleasant experience.* Jonathan Conway will take the time to sensitively uncover the cause of your anxiety, which might have remained buried as a negative thought pattern for a considerable time.* You may not even be consciously aware of how this came about. Perhaps you compared yourself unfavourably to siblings or class mates, believing that they were better than you. Or you may have had a bad experience during an exam which you are afraid will happen again.

Negative energy causes an uncomfortable level of stress and limits opportunity.

During hypnotherapy sessions for exam stress, your inner voice which is controlling your negative self-talk can be addressed, increasing self-esteem and belief in your true potential.* There may be times in your career when the only way to achieve your ambitions is to gain more qualifications. You may have found yourself avoiding this due to the fear of sitting an exam. You may even be limited to where you can work due to not being able to cope with taking the driving test. Many learner drivers are competent on the road, but panic once the examiner sits beside them.

Hypnosis can not only help to lower your stress levels, it can also greatly improve your memory recall.* Relaxation and deep breathing techniques will ensure you can approach an exam calmly and confidently.* You will also encompass new empowering beliefs, keeping you focused and far more self-motivated to achieve your goals.*

For more information about how hypnotherapy can help you* overcome exam stress please call Jonathan Conway on 01273 540425

Overcome a Speech Anxiety with Hypnotherapy*

public-speakingIf you are hoping to overcome a speech anxiety, you may not be aware that a fear of public speaking is one of the most common phobias and is known as Glossophobia. While referring to speaking in front of the public tends to generate thoughts of a large audience, this is by no means always the case. For those experiencing this social problem, even presenting on a one-to-one basis can be equally as distressing.

If this phobia begins to have an adverse affect on your professional or personal life, hypnotherapy can help you to deal with the problem.* At the Conway Practice, Jonathan will sensitively cover the issues you find yourself facing and identify what positive changes need to be made. The anxiety you may experience simply at the thought of presenting to an audience of whatever size, can trigger physical symptoms as a reaction to subconscious thoughts. If perhaps at some time in the past you have ‘dried up’ when starting to speak with a nervous cough, this negative thought process can remain etched into your mind. When facing a similar situation you may be so aware of your previous discomfort that you allow yourself to believe it will happen again.

This negative belief pattern can seriously affect you professionally if interviews, presentations and stand-up projects are weak due to your anxiety. On a social level you may be expected to give a wedding speech or speak in front of guests during a family celebration. Stage fright for example, isn’t actually a fear of the stage; it’s a fear of receiving a bad reaction from the audience. While relaxed under hypnosis, Jonathan will help you to eliminate any fear of failure or rejection you may have.* Hypnotherapy will enable you to make positive changes to your self-perception and become a calmer and far more confident public speaker.*

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How Hypnotherapy can Help you to Stop Smoking in 2016*

quit-smokingSo here we are at the start of another year, with resolutions made and perhaps disappointingly some already broken. Is this the year that you are determined to quit smoking? You may feel as if you are continuing to carry with you a packet of cigarettes like an outgrown ‘friendship’ that you’re now aware is actually doing you more harm than good, but you don’t know how to end it.

Jonathan Conway provides help to stop smoking with hypnotherapy and fully appreciates that however good your intentions are, you may find it difficult to give up on your own.* Apart from the fact that nicotine is a highly addictive substance, the habit of smoking also has to be addressed. Smokers will generally say that there are specific triggers to lighting a cigarette. This may be to calm down during stressful situations, as a self-reward when taking a work break, after a meal or enjoying a social drink with friends or family.

If you smoke more when you are anxious, giving up smoking can be in itself stressful, making the attempt to stop even more difficult. During hypnosis however, Jonathan will help you to manage and reduce your stress levels, identifying the root cause of your anxiety.* Relaxation techniques can be continued on your own after the sessions at the Conway Practice and creative visualisation will enable you to picture how much fitter and healthier you will feel as a non-smoker.*

Hypnotherapy can’t make you do anything against your will and however much pressure you may be under from others to stop smoking, unless this is what you really want for yourself, your chance of success may be slim. Pleasing someone else isn’t the solution to giving up the habit, but if you have self-determination to be free of the addiction, the power of your subconscious mind can be trained to think more positively about succeeding and maintaining that success in the long term.*

Whether you are committed to stop smoking for reasons of better health or improved wealth, with the help of hypnotherapy this can be the year that you achieve it.*  For more information please contact Jonathan Conway today.

How Executive Coaching with Hypnotherapy Can Bring More Success in 2016 *

Ececutive Coaching at The Conway PracticeAs we enter into a brand new year, you may be reminiscing on what you have achieved during the last 12 months. If you feel that you have fallen short of your goals, now may well be a significant time to look forward with the positive attitude ‘out with the old and in with the new’.

During the holiday period while you’ve probably been briefly free of professional responsibilities, you may have used this short break to consider how you can best improve your performance and your working practice overall. Executive coaching with hypnotherapy in Harley Street at the Conway Practice can provide valuable help in meeting the challenges ahead.* During hypnosis stumbling blocks that may have prevented you from accomplishing everything you had hope for, can be identified and dealt with.* Perhaps you have approached situations with a negative, defeatist attitude, believing deep down that you will fail, or you won’t have the support of others.

All of our past behaviour, habitual thoughts and actions are stored in our subconscious mind. Some of these may be obstacles to self-development and need to be resolved. Sports persons don’t set out with the thought of failure, they visualise the win.

Hypnotherapy in Harley Street is a calming experience, similar to a dream-like state where you remain fully aware of your surroundings and in control throughout the session. Jonathan Conway will listen with understanding and empathy and where needed he will help you to change your perspective and let go of any negative thoughts and practices, enabling you to choose the right strategy.* This could involve focusing not only on your professional life, but also on how you can effectively sustain a healthy work-life balance, without sacrificing one for the other.

Without a doubt, stress is common in the fast pace of today’s corporate world. Understanding how to handle pressure and the anxiety it causes, is an issue that can be helped with hypnotherapy.* Relaxation and positive visualisation techniques practised with Jonathan during sessions using hypnosis, can be continued afterwards on your own whenever needed, wherever you feel comfortable. Lose any irrational fear of underachieving and failure and make 2016 the year you reach your personal and professional goals.*

For more information contact Jonathan Conway on 07956 855027

A Natural Way to Lose Weight with Hypnotherapy *

hypnotherapy for weight lossDo you feel that you have a difficult relationship with food and find that you aren’t in control of your eating habits? Overeating, or a compulsion to eat unhealthy foods is a pattern that is difficult to break without support. Hypnotherapy for weight loss is available at the Conway Practice, providing a natural way to help you to not only reduce your weight, but also to maintain this in the long term.*

There are many reasons why someone may find it an ongoing struggle to sustain a well-balanced diet. During the festive holiday periods there is always likely to be pressure from others to consume everything that is offered, regardless of any later regrets of over-indulgence due to not wanting to disappoint or offend the provider.

Food is often an emotional issue which has its roots in childhood. Parents or authority figures commonly tell us that if we don’t finish everything on our plate, we won’t grow up to be ‘big and strong’ or we can’t go out to play etc.
Unhealthy comfort food is often given as a reward when children have been good, or withheld for bad behaviour. This is then stored as negative thoughts in our subconscious mind.

Later in life as adults this negative association may cause us to see food as something to turn to for comfort and briefly make us feel better when under stress. This may then become difficult to deal with when these generally fattening foods result in a weight gain which is out of control, or affects our health. The more anxious someone becomes about their body size, the more likely they are to overeat.*

During hypnotherapy sessions for weight loss  with Jonathan Conway, you will be shown a completely different approach to food. This isn’t simply a question of a quick-fix diet and being slimmer, it’s about visualising how much fitter and healthier you will feel once you have a more positive attitude, enabling you to change bad eating habits that may well have developed over a considerable period of time.*

Hypnosis for weight loss can help you to cut out the cravings for food and increase your willpower, without sacrificing the enjoyment and sociability of mealtimes.*

For more information please call Jonathan Conway on 01273 540 425

Help for Personal Development with Telephone and Skype Coaching*

telephone-coaching-brightonAre there occasions when you wish you could have access to advice and guidance exactly when you need it? Telephone and Skype coaching with Jonathan Conway enables you to talk through your issues and concerns from wherever you are. This gives the advantage of being able to to arrange a time to suit a very busy schedule, without the stress or expense of having to travel to the appointment.

Often when facing life challenges these can occur when they are least expected, leaving you unprepared to deal with them effectively. If a situation is affecting you professionally, you may not want to turn to work colleagues for advice and you might feel that family or friends are not in a position to understand the problem or are too emotionally involved to see things clearly.

Skype coaching has opened up an effective means of counselling, providing a virtual face-to-face session, as if you were together in the same room.*
Jonathan frequently finds that many feel it is easier to open up and talk freely about feelings when there is personal space.*

When someone reaches a crossroads in life, whether that may be work-life balance, career opportunities or career change, they may need support to adapt to the challenges these circumstances bring. Telephone and Skype coaching can help you to be more decisive and focused on your goals, both professionally and personally.* Any anxiety issues which may seem overwhelming can be addressed and Jonathan will show you how you can practice relaxation techniques, focusing on your own needs and personal development.*

Once you feel more confident and in control you will be able to see more clearly how it is within your power to achieve more and take the fear out of change, making a positive difference to your life.*

To find out more about telephone and Skype coaching, contact Jonathan Conway today on 01273 540425.

How a Fear of Flying and Other Travel Phobias can be Helped with Hypnotherapy*

fear-of-flying-brightonWe are often aware if someone has a fear of flying as it’s difficult to conceal when there are constant excuses to avoid boarding an aeroplane. A high percentage of people find air travel nerve-wracking, but for many it’s a terrifying experience that becomes impossible to face. This distress can not only ruin the chance of enjoying a more exotic holiday, but it can often leave families separated on the other side of the globe or severely affect the ability to attend important business commitments.

The key to dealing with the problem is in identifying the root cause.  Jonathan Conway provides help with hypnotherapy for a fear of flying and other travel phobias at the Conway Practice.* Although a fear of travelling by plane may be connected to a personal experience of an upsetting incident, it can also simply be  influenced by watching a film or graphic images in a news report of an incident in the air. This might then remain in the sub-conscious as a ‘what if it happens to me’ statement.

Aviophobia is by no means the only cause of anxiety connected with travel and there are generally recognisable links to other phobias, or conditioned responses such as agoraphobia. For example you may become anxious well before leaving home, due to the fear of being away from where you feel safe. On the other hand, you could find that you have a serious problem with travelling if you are not able to remain in control throughout the journey. Anxiety is likely to set in if you feel trapped and are forced to rely on someone else in the driving seat, whether that may be in a car, train or aeroplane.

Hypnotherapy can help you to take the steps to overcome your anxiety issues connected with travel.* Jonathan will show you relaxation and positive visualisation techniques during hypnosis, a natural and non-invasive form of therapy.* The power of positive thought should widen your horizons and help you to regain your freedom and enjoy your travels.*

For more information call Jonathan Conway on 01273 540425

Improve Your Communication Skills with NLP at the Conway Practice

self-esteemYou may have heard NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming mentioned and wonder how it can help to improve your communication skills and enhance performance. Jonathan Conway explains that sessions in the NLP technique available at the Conway Practice, show extremely effective results*.

You might feel that you are underachieving either in your career or in your personal life and don’t understand why. Perhaps you are constantly questioning your self-worth and feel insecure when you are in conversation with others. NLP will help you to appreciate how the language you use has a direct affect on how people will react to you*.

Our words reflect how we think, either positively or negatively. These linguistic patterns, together with the programming of our behaviour can with the right focus, bring about remarkable change and the power for this is within our own hands*.

Our thoughts and the way in which we behave stems from the sub-conscious and often these thoughts become outdated and irrelevant, restricting personal growth and development. Verbal and non-verbal communication both play an important part when applying NLP and negative body language sends signals even before the conversation has begun.

During sessions with Jonathan you will understand how different statements such as ‘I wish I was less insecure’ and ‘I would like to be more confident’ are perceived. Visualising a positive outcome is far more effective than thinking and speaking in the negative. A glass half full, rather than a glass half empty*.

A sports person will often announce before competing, that they are going to win. This may seem arrogant, but it’s this self-belief that gives them the confidence to achieve their goal. This then is true of all aspects of life. If you want to lead and motivate others, you must show self-motivation and if you want others to provide positive support, you must show positivity. Jonathan will guide you through the NLP technique, helping you to improve your communication skills and increase your self-confidence*.

By listening carefully to how others use language, you will understand far more about them, both in business and socially, enabling you to establish better rapport*.

To find out more about how NLP can help you, contact Jonathan Conway today.

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