Help For Your Fear of Flying with Hypnotherapy in Harley Street

fear-of-flying-brightonAre you envious of others as they prepare to take off for a Summer holiday abroad, aware that your fear of flying prevents you from getting on an aeroplane?

This overwhelming fear may have been with you for as long as you can remember, or it could be something that has only developed recently. You might feel that despite a longing to travel, nothing and no one will persuade you to travel by air. This however needn’t continue and the problem can be successfully resolved with hypnotherapy in Harley Street at the Conway Practice.

During hypnosis, Jonathan Conway will find the trigger to the phobia as you may not be consciously aware of what causes your anxiety. It’s quite common for example to be haunted by incidents you’ve seen or read about in the news, or by disaster movies and these visions are now buried in your subconscious. Even though flying is still the safest form of travel, nothing has been able to shift those thoughts from your mind.

As a fear of flying is often a combination of phobias, while you are in the deeply relaxed state of hypnosis feelings can be released, enabling the root cause to be established. Your anxiety for instance may actually be due to a fear of losing control in front of strangers with no means of escape, or of simply being in a confined space.

Many begin to feel anxious just at the thought of being in an airport terminal, or away from home where they feel safe. 

Why let your phobia prevent you from experiencing and enjoying life as you would like to do?

Hypnotherapy sessions with Jonathan will give you the opportunity to look forward to holidays with family and friends, or to travel abroad on business without feeling anxious or distressed. You will not only appreciate that air travel is safe, you will actually be able to enjoy the experience.

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How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking with Hypnotherapy

public-speaking-brightonIf you suffer from a fear of public speaking you might be surprised to know just how common this is. You may experience intense anxiety simply at the thought of presenting publicly and if so, you will appreciate how difficult it is to control those feelings and to overcome the fear. Hypnotherapy has been proven to be a great help in the dealing with this phobia.

Although the tendency is to mention an anxiety with public speaking, this fear is generally triggered at the thought of communicating in any unfamiliar situation where you are out of your comfort zone; perhaps during an interview, when taking part in a business seminar, or at a social gathering where you are mixing with strangers. Executives may find that they panic when presenting at board meetings or to important clients. Even actors who are familiar with performing in front of an audience, frequently suffer from ‘stage fright’.

It’s vital to trace the cause in order to re-programme any negative thoughts that may have been stored for a considerable time. During hypnotherapy sessions at the Conway Practice, Jonathan Conway will help you to calm your anxiety and discover where your phobia stems from. Often there is a fear of being judged badly by others, perhaps recalling an upsetting incident in the past. Just thinking about it and remembering how it made you feel is likely to bring about a nervous state of mind and tension, fearing that it will happen again when standing up to speak in front of others.

During the relaxed state of hypnosis, your subconscious mind will openly accept that these fears are actually unfounded. With a more confident mood, you will find it much easier to engage with your audience, enhancing results for example in a sales presentation, receiving a positive response when networking or socialising in a new environment. Using hypnosis a speech anxiety can be successfully overcome so that there will be no need to make excuses to avoid situations where you know you will be expected to speak. Help with Hypnotherapy for a fear of pubic speaking will ensure that progress in your career and enjoyment of your social life will no longer be restricted, enabling you to express yourself freely with far more confidence.

To see how hypnotherapy can help you overcome your fear of public speaking please contact Jonathan today or leave a comment below.

Hypnotherapy in Harley Street Can Help you to Manage Stress

self-esteem-brightonStress can manifest itself in many ways and is frequently found to be the cause of a number of physical ailments. Daily pressure in the working environment, at home and in person relationships, has become an increasing issue for many, resulting in anxiety and depression. Medication rarely resolves the problem in the long term, addressing only the symptoms, not the root cause and often with adverse side-affects.

Hypnotherapy and stress management in Harley Street at the Conway Practice with Jonathan Conway, will focus on the psychological effects and identify where changes can be made to alleviate anxiety and handle stress effectively. During the deeply relaxed and natural state of hypnosis, you will learn how to deal with your stress disorder and to regain the ability to handle pressure and responsibility with a calm and positive approach.

In the fast-paced world we live in, it may seem impossible at times to keep up with the demands that are made on you. Executive stress is common, with the need to constantly perform to high standards and the weight of meeting commercial targets or resolving crucial corporate issues. Demands at work may well cause strain in personal relationships or vice versa, with the belief that there is no escape from the unbearable feeling of nervous tension.

This often causes the sufferer to turn to alcohol or other addictive habits such as smoking or compulsive eating. These ‘props’ only accentuate the underlying problem without giving any real respite. Stress management with hypnotherapy however, is extremely effective in helping to cope with anxieties and will enable you to regain control of your life and to achieve your true potential. The deep relaxation that you will experience during hypnosis will not only improve your mood and lower your stress level, your subconscious will also be highly receptive to beneficial changes for a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Negative habits associated with stress can easily be replaced with a positive regime, ensuring you will live a calmer and more contented life.

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Hypnotherapy & NLP Telephone Coaching Services

Executive CoachingDo you feel that, in common with many others who have busy and often stressful lives, at times you need guidance to get back on track to enjoy the life you really want? When you are juggling a work/home balance it may seem that you are spreading yourself so thinly that you are failing to succeed well in either. If you feel that taking the time to seek help may bring even more pressure, you may well find that hypnotherapy and NLP telephone coaching is far more convenient.

One to one telephone and Skype coaching with Jonathan Conway can be carried out while you are in the place of your choice; wherever you feel comfortable and with no need to use up valuable time or expense in travelling. In fact by providing this effective form of life coaching, Jonathan has made it possible for clients to benefit no matter where they are in the world.

If you travel for your work and are frequently away from home, this may be precisely the time when you feel the need for support and guidance from someone you trust. Hypnotherapy and NLP are no less powerful when the session isn’t face to face. In fact many clients feel they are able to relax more easily at a distance and can be more open about their concerns and deeper feelings.

 Although you won’t be in the same room together, Jonathan will still be able to provide the same personal attention and take all the time necessary to listen to your concerns. He will help you to focus on your goals; identifying where you need to make crucial changes in the present in order to achieve what you wish for in the future.

You may be stuck at a stage in your career where you feel you are going nowhere but you don’t know how to make the next move, especially if, as is often the case, financial commitments are a concern. Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) can be invaluable in releasing the pessimistic thoughts and fears that may have been limiting you from making progress. During a Skype or telephone coaching session, you will be guided how to adopt a ‘can-do’ attitude, helping you to improve relationships and experience greater success in your career or home life with the confidence that everything is possible.

All you need to do is to pick up the telephone or connect on Skype and book a coaching session with Jonathan today. For more information please leave a comment below or call 01273 540425

Overcome Your Fear of Flying Using Hypnotherapy

fear-of-flying-brightonIf you suffer from a fear of flying or other travel phobias you’re certainly not alone, with an estimated 20-40% of the UK population experiencing the same problem. Although air travel has been proved to be one of the safest ways of travelling, the subconscious mind can tell a different story.

In order to relieve the distressing feelings that are often triggered simply by the thought of getting on an aeroplane, negative thoughts need to be reprogrammed. This can be achieved through hypnotherapy sessions with Jonathan Conway at the Conway Practice.

In order to overcome a fear of flying or any travel phobia, the root of the problem must first be identified. Using hypnotherapy, the original cause which may be emotional or psychological, can be uncovered.

Past experiences or traumas deeply buried, perhaps for years, result in the symptoms which eventually surface and manifest in feelings of anxiety or fear. During hypnosis while you are in a relaxed state of mind, you will be guided to recreate and feel emotional situations and associations that have been locked away.

You may not even be consciously aware of when and where your travel phobia began. It’s common to find that the origin is related to something that others might find trivial; being afraid of losing control in front of strangers, feeling trapped with the inability to ‘get off’ when you want to, or recalling a film or news report showing a traumatic travel incident. This can be experienced not only when flying, but also on a bus, a train or as a passenger in a car.

As the anxiety frequently starts well before the actual journey, if not addressed it can result in a fear of leaving home and affect all travel, even going to work on a daily basis. A fear of flying or aerophobia, can spoil so many opportunities; holidays abroad or visiting friends and family. With help available through hypnotherapy, you can be free of your fears and anxieties, relieving the symptoms and finally resolving the problem with lasting results.

Hypnotherapy sessions with Jonathan Conway are calming, comfortable and always confidential.

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Lose Weight Using Hypnosis in Brighton

Hypnotherapy for weight loss.As we get ready to enjoy the summer months, you may well feel determined to shed a few pounds and get trim in time for a holiday. You can probably picture yourself slim and fit, able to wear the clothes you want and perhaps play more sport or enjoy all the outdoor activities we associate with summer.

Do you find yourself feeling like this every year, simply to return to bad eating habits when your diet has failed? If you are truly motivated to maintain a healthy eating programme and to end attempts at yo-yo or fad dieting, you can lose weight with help in Brighton through hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice.

Your imagination can be prompted to open up positive subconscious thoughts, enabling you to believe that all your goals are achievable. Hypnosis is an attention-focusing technique and has been proved to be extremely effective in helping with weight loss.

There are many reasons for overeating, or for dependence on certain foods such as sugar and carbohydrates. These are often linked to emotional issues such as stress or depression and a lack of self-esteem frequently plays a part. 

During hypnotherapy sessions for weight loss in Brighton with Jonathan Conway, you will learn how to make lasting changes in your attitude to food and to respect your body.

During the relaxed state of mind you will be guided to visualise how you will look and feel once you have reached your desired weight. Your confidence will increase and you will be free of the damaging food cravings that have been controlling your dietary habits. Being aware of why you have been following a particular eating pattern and understanding your past attitude to food will help you to focus on unlocking the barriers to weight loss.

The determination to be slimmer with a healthier lifestyle has to come from within, as hypnotherapy can’t force you to do something that you aren’t really committed to. However, if you really want help with weight loss in Brighton and Hove this can be achieved with hypnosis and maintained in the long term, eliminating once and for all the cycle of negative self-talk, creating a positive new relationship with food. 

Call Jonathan Conway today on 01273 540425, or leave a comment below.

Stress Management Coaching in Harley Street

executive-coaching-brightonRegrettably, stress is often a product of modern day life. There may be high expectations and even higher pressure to succeed at work, maintain harmony in family and personal life and meet financial obligations. Many find stress so familiar that they believe they have no choice but to live with it. Fortunately there is a choice and help is available through stress management coaching in Harley Street.

Uncontrolled stress and anxiety frequently results in physical ailments such as headaches, high blood pressure, muscle pain and digestive problems, amongst many others. Medication may temporarily relieve the symptoms but the root cause won’t be dealt with and props such as pills and alcohol will only compound the problem.

When dealing with executive stress, Jonathan Conway provides valuable support with hypnotherapy and NLP sessions at the Conway Practice in Harley Street.

It’s recognised that not all stress is bad for you as when find yourself under pressure, raised adrenalin will motivate you to rise to the challenge. However, if you are constantly switched on to ’emergency mode’ you face reaching a burn-out point with harmful consequences.

Panic attacks follow the ‘fight, flight or freeze’ process when the body’s natural defences are kick-started by a threat or a stressful situation. This stress response may be the result of something real or imagined and stored in the sub-conscious as it’s common to feel anxious about something that may never actually happen.

A fear of public speaking, or travel and social phobias for example may be experienced just at the thought of what might happen and can be overwhelming. 

Jonathan will take the time to explain how stress management coaching in Harley Street helps in dealing with executive stress and will show you how to increase your confidence and get control back into your life. We all face periods of change, which may catch us off guard at times, but through positive thought and optimism these can be welcomed as stepping stones for personal and professional growth and achievement.

Hypnotherapy and NLP will help you to focus on managing your stress by enabling you to take control of your emotions, leaving you in a calm and relaxed state of mind. It may not always be possible to change the situation you find yourself in, but you can change the way in which you handle it by reacting positively and assertively.

Contact Jonathan Conway today. Call 0203 283 8139

All About NLP Coaching in Harley Street

NLP Coaching in Harley StreetNLP coaching in Harley Street at the Conway Practice will help you to reprogramme your way of thinking and to initiate positive change in areas of your life where you feel you are underachieving. You may for instance want to have more confidence when speaking publicly, or to improve your presentation skills during interviews.

When the only barrier to progress is negative thinking and low self esteem, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) can be the catalyst for personal growth.

You may have reached a crucial stage when you feel that you aren’t prepared to tolerate limitations any more. You may be aware of what you no longer want in your life, but are lacking clear goals that are relevant to what you do want in the future. Do you feel that you are stuck in a situation and a pattern of behaviour that prevents you from moving forward?

NLP is a very effective and dynamic educational process that enables personal progression and Harley Street executive coaching will help you to increase your motivation, overcome any hurdles and believe that failure is not an option. Athletes for example, don’t take up the challenge by telling themselves or others that they can’t win. They have a can-do attitude and focus only on positive result.

Once you learn how to think more positively, social and professional skills can be greatly improved. We all have a tendency to use particular words and gestures when we communicate with others. These can become a habit and a subconscious reaction during conversation.

Without being consciously aware, these favourite words and phrases of internal dialogue can have a negative affect. Living in self-doubt transmits negative signals through speech and body language, affecting how you are perceived.

If you think and speak more positively, the way in which you express yourself will change considerably for the better and the response from others will greatly improve. NLP coaching in Harley Street with Jonathan Conway will guide you through the process of understanding the art of rapport. You will be able to negotiate more effectively and achieve far more in your career and personal life.

The unique approach of NLP encourages positive change and personal freedom. For more information about NLP and other services available at The Conway Practice in Harley Street call Jonathan Conway today on 0207 467 8460.

How Hypnotherapy in Brighton Can Help You

The Conway PracticeYou may have heard of the benefits of hypnosis but are unsure exactly how hypnotherapy in Brighton at the Conway Practice can help you with a particular problem. Hypnotherapy has been shown to have remarkable success with a number of personal issues and if you are at all apprehensive, rest assured that the therapy is a completely safe and pleasant experience.

You may be sceptical about whether hypnosis will work for you and believe that it will be impossible to go into a hypnotic state, or fear that you will lose control. Jonathan Conway will ensure that there is implicit trust between you from the start of the session of hypnosis in Brighton and that you feel comfortable and fully relaxed.

You can’t be made to do something against your will or that you wouldn’t do under normal circumstances and you will remain in control throughout and aware of your surroundings. 

It’s important to emphasise that any changes in behaviour or attitude that are a result of the hypnotherapy, are changes you really want to make. A smoker for example, won’t stop smoking if they have no real intention or desire to give up the habit.

Hypnotherapy isn’t something magical; it’s a deeply relaxed state of mind where the subconscious is far more open to positive suggestion. Hypnosis for a healthier lifestyle is extremely therapeutic in helping to deal with the physical or emotional affects of overeating, anxiety, phobias and addictions such nicotine, drug and alcohol dependence and gambling.

Hypnotherapy is a complimentary therapy which can be extremely beneficial in enhancing areas of your life where you feel you are underachieving or experiencing stress and discomfort. This may be in your career or in your home and personal life.

The increased motivation and self-esteem energised during your hypnosis session in Brighton will encourage you to meet challenges with more confidence and the determination to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. In a relatively short period of time, hypnotherapy has the potential to provide liberation from the issues that have been holding you back and to enable you to begin to concentrate on enjoying the good things in life.

To see how a hypnotherapy session in Brighton can help you please leave a comment below or call Jonathan Conway today on 01273 540425


Telephone and Skype Hypnotherapy Sessions & Life Coaching

telephone-coachingWith the hectic lives that many of us lead, finding the time to travel for life coaching may simply just add more pressure. Jonathan Conway provides telephone and Skype coaching sessions to fit into your busy schedule at a time that is convenient for you.


Clients often find that they are more relaxed when they are in familiar surroundings, without any outside distractions. 

Coaching via the telephone or on Skype is just as effective and powerful as face-to-face sessions, in fact many find it easier to open up about feelings and concerns when there is a slight anonymity.


There is still the one-to-one conversation where Jonathan will dedicate the time to listen to you and assess the changes that need to be made in order for you to attain your goals. He will help you to make the right decisions in whatever area of life you feel you are underachieving to enable you to move forward.


You may feel that you need a change in your career but are unsure how to find the courage to take the next step. Interviews can often be a stumbling block to career progression and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a valuable tool in unlocking self-belief and previously untapped potential. During a telephone or Skype conversation, key words within the dialogue will send clear signals showing how you may be communicating in a weak and negative way without realising it.


You might be focusing on the failures in your life instead of what opportunity there is to achieve more success in the future. We often speak of someone experiencing a mid-life crisis, which is in effect when it’s felt that a cross-roads has been reached and there’s a strong desire to change direction. This is the time when you may feel unsure whether the decisions you are about to take are sound and viable.


If this is the case, Jonathan will help you to find the right perspective which will enable you to evaluate and plan the changes, rather than taking rash and risky actions. This doesn’t mean that you can’t live more adventurously if this is what you want, or set goals that may have in the past seemed unreachable. Life coaching with NLP will help you to build the confidence to enjoy life as you wish to enjoy it, whether that’s with less stress and anxiety, better relationships or success in the corporate world.


This can all be achieved without even leaving your home or office and is only a telephone or Skype call away.


Contact Jonathan Conway today either by leaving a comment below or calling 01273 540425

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