The Conway Practice Can Help With A Fear Of Flying in Highgate

PrintHave you missed out on a holiday this year due to being too nervous to travel? The Conway Practice provides help to overcome a fear of flying in Highgate, along with other travel fears. One of the most common phobias, a fear of flying or aerophobia, affects around one in ten of the population. It is often combined with other phobias, including a fear of heights (acrophobia), a fear of enclosed spaces (claustrophobia) and a fear of being away from a safe place, usually the home (agoraphobia).

It’s not surprising therefore, if someone finds themselves ‘trapped’ in an aeroplane for even a short flight with no means of escape or being able to retreat to a place of safety, panic can set in. The anxiety may even start with the anticipation of the journey, worrying about checking in at the terminal and what may happen during the flight. Often there is a fear of losing control and of being embarrassed in front of other passengers.

The media has a lot to answer for in being a catalyst to the fear of the aircraft crashing. You may have watched a film where the plane and the passengers were high-jacked or have seen graphic coverage of an air disaster in the news. No matter that statistics show air accidents are rare, the intense publicity may well remain vividly on your mind.

Your fear of flying could also have been linked to a stressful time in your life that coincided with a journey and you continue to subconsciously relate to those feelings or anxiety when you are travelling. The phobia often affects other forms of travel in situations where you have no personal control.

The same feeling of being unable to escape can occur on a train journey or even in a car when you are stuck in a traffic jam. You may be afraid of travelling alone or of losing your way, so you become extremely limited as to where you can go. Even daily commuting to work may become stressful.

Do you feel that your fear of flying or travel in general is severely restricting your life and separating you from visiting family and friends, or limiting your business opportunities? During hypnotherapy or NLP sessions in Highgate with Jonathan, the root of your anxiety can be identified, enabling you to fully understand and deal with your fears, allowing you to experience stress-free travel in a relaxed state of mind.

If you would like to know more about how hypnotherapy and NLP can help with your fear of flying or other travel phobias, contact Jonathan at the Conway Practice, Highgate, North London or please leave a comment below.

How Hypnosis Can Help You To Lose Weight In Brighton & Hove

Hypnotherapy for weight loss.The Conway Practice offers hypnotherapy sessions to help you lose weight in Brighton and Hove. You may have tried every diet you’ve come across in an attempt to reduce your weight, but have failed each time, or this may be your first endeavour and you are determined to succeed.

Being slimmer isn’t simply an aesthetic need, it also improves well-being and general health, with less strain on the heart and a greater ease of mobility. Trendy weight-loss plans and crash dieting aren’t the solution to maintaining an ideal size as when a diet fails you are likely to become depressed with the situation and may well put even more weight on, trapping you into a never ending circle of yo-yo dieting.

The key to weight loss is to change basics habits which may have been established as far back as childhood. Obesity has many contributing factors and under hypnosis, sub-conscious motivations and feelings can be identified, getting to the root of the problem. The way in which your parents or carers approached how they provided you with food can play a major part in how you now view your eating habits. They may have used food as a form of control or even as a punishment, with sweets or snacks being given as a treat if you had behaved to their rules and standards.

Now, when you’re feeling low or lacking in self-esteem and not achieving what you want in life, food may become something you turn to for comfort; a way of rewarding yourself.

No diet will help you to change a negative state of mind or your attitude to food. Through hypnotherapy sessions in Brighton & Hove with Jonathan, your motivation can be maximised enabling you to change any bad eating habits, allowing you to focus on a happy and much healthier lifestyle. If you would like to know more about how hypnotherapy can help you to lose weight in Brighton and Hove and to maintain that weight-loss, contact Jonathan at the Conway Practice or please leave a comment below.

How Hypnotherapy Can Help Reduce Anxiety For People In Brighton & Hove

self-esteemDo you need help dealing with anxiety in Brighton & Hove? It would be unnatural not to feel anxious at times, but for some these feelings spiral out of control and have a crippling affect on every day life. Jonathan Conway offers hypnotherapy and NLP sessions, during which he will take time to understand your exact problem, identifying the underlying cause. He will show you how to overcome your fears and manage them in a positive way.

There are many reasons for anxiety conditions and they can be psychological, psychosomatic or emotional and may have been triggered by an experience during childhood, or by parental conditioning. The actual event or influence may not have seemed that significant at the time and could have remained dormant in the subconscious since then, only to surface now as a fear or anxious feeling that is difficult to control.

Trying to cope with the resulting stress can develop into a dependence for alcohol, medication or nicotine in an attempt to calm your nervous state. This dependence is likely to become a problem in itself, only adding to your anxiety when it becomes even more stressful when to try to give up the particular habit. Help is at hand for people in and around Brighton & Hove.

Phobic anxiety may restrict you from making the most of opportunities in your life such as career moves and promotions, due to a lack of self-confidence. You may find that even activities that would be considered as ‘normal’ are avoided due to your fears and affect how you approach public speaking, travelling, or social events. These deep-rooted anxieties or phobias need to be addressed and understood to enable you to release your fears and change the pattern of your behaviour and negative thinking that is preventing you from enjoying your life to the full.

Hypnosis services available in Brighton & Hove are completely safe and medication-free. Hypnotherapy is extremely effective in opening the subconscious, the source of your past experiences and stored emotions. You will remain in control and relaxed throughout the sessions, similar to a dream-like state of mind. Jonathan Conway, a qualified hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner & NLP Coach with over 18 years’ experience, will monitor your progress closely and will show you how you can continue to release your anxiety in all situations wherever you are, allowing you to make a lasting positive difference in your life.

If you would like to know more about how hypnotherapy and NLP can help with anxiety in Brighton & Hove, please leave a comment below or contact Jonathan at the Conway Practice.

Help With A Fear of Blushing in Brighton & Hove

The Conway PracticeIf you are seeking help to stop blushing in Brighton and Hove, The Conway Practice offers hypnotherapy sessions to allow you to be free of the problem. The fear of blushing (Elythrophobia) is a common but complex phobia and a blush is a physical response caused by anxiety. Unfortunately it is self-perpetuating; the more anxious you are about blushing the more likely you are increase the occasions when it occurs. When the brain focuses on the anxiety of blushing, the frequency increases considerably, creating a vicious circle.

It may help you to understand a little more about how this happens. When the ‘flight or fight’ response is triggered by your nervous system, adrenaline will flood through your body, resulting in physical symptoms. As well as increasing the heart rate, adrenaline (also know as epinephrine) may widen certain blood vessels. Blushing can then be a side affect when the facial veins become temporarily wider.

It is generally a symptom of a social anxiety disorder and may be a result of irrational fears buried in your subconscious for many years, perhaps even as far back as childhood. Much depends on how you view a situation and how you have been conditioned to react to fear. Each person’s trigger for blushing is likely to vary greatly.

Blushing in itself isn’t an automatic negative thought (ANT), but it becomes one if you hold on to the belief that everyone is judging you and thinking less of you because of it. You are likely to be self-conscious in unfamiliar social situations or of being put under the spotlight if you have to present to your superiors at work.

This can result in feelings of low confidence and self-esteem. As with any phobia it’s essential to understand where the problem stems from. It’s also important to accept that most people aren’t even aware that you are blushing until you draw attention to it and take it out of proportion by becoming upset.

Blushing and other symptoms of social anxiety, such as excessive sweating and panic attacks can be addressed with positive results through hypnotherapy and NLP sessions with Jonathan at the Conway Practice. You will learn how to control your fear and anxiety, changing the way you view the reasons why you blush and understanding how to retrain your subconscious to accept that it’s perfectly normal and that no one will think badly of you. By worrying about it less you will find that you will blush more infrequently, especially if you stop fighting to prevent yourself from blushing.

If you would like to know more about how you can find help to stop blushing in Brighton and Hove with hypnotherapy and NLP, please contact Jonathan at the Conway Practice or leave a comment below.

How The Conway Clinic Can Help To Stop Smoking in Brighton

quit-smokingAs we approach the start of Stoptober, you may have decided that you need help to stop smoking in Brighton. Perhaps you’ve made several attempts to stop in the past without success, or this could be your first attempt at having a healthier nicotine-free life. Hypnotherapy sessions with Jonathan at the Conway Practice will help you to re-focus your conscious and subconscious mind, enabling you to change your attitude to smoking.

As nicotine is a powerful drug it is easy to become addicted but extremely difficult to quit. You feel good when the drug is in your system but feel wretched when it’s missing. Many people smoke because they are stressed and as giving up smoking is in itself stressful, they feel trapped in a vicious circle.

Often even those who have managed to stop smoking in Brighton start again during a period of anxiety. There are however, many reasons why people smoke. They may have started during their teenage years due to peer pressure, not wanting to appear the odd one out. Smoking has been something to share socially, although less so now that it’s no longer permitted to light a cigarette in pubs, restaurants and other public places.

Smokers are driven to outside areas in all weathers, which can add to the feeling of guilt about something that is now generally considered an antisocial habit.

It’s crucial not to consider a cigarette as a treat or a reward. The conscious mind knows that smoking is harmful and a damage to your health, but your self-belief is limited on a sub-conscious level, inhibiting your confidence in your ability to stop. Most smokers would agree if asked that they either want to give up for health reasons or because they are literally burning money.

Smoking is a habit and as with all habits there will be an underlying cause. Hypnotherapy has an extremely high level of success in dealing with the addiction as long as you are ready and willing to stop. Hypnosis in Brighton can’t force you to do anything that you don’t want to do. During hypnotherapy sessions, Jonathan will take the time to fully understand your lifestyle and identify the root cause of your habit. He will discuss how you can give up your dependence once and for all. Hypnosis is relaxing, safe and drug-free and will help you to change the way you view your addiction and increase your motivation, enabling you to stop smoking permanently.

If you would like to know more about how you can have help to stop smoking in Brighton and remain a non-smoker, please contact Jonathan at the Conway Practice or leave a comment below.


Help with Your Fear of Public Speaking in Harley Street

public-speakingThe Conway Practice can help with your fear of pubic speaking in Harley Street. You may be so nervous about speaking in public that it triggers a panic attack with an intense physical reaction. The mind is likely to go completely blank with what you have to say being forgotten. This feeling of panic will often be felt as shallow breathing and shaking with an increased heart beat, making the sufferer believe they are close to collapse.

Fears and phobias can often be traced back to an incident or a conditioned belief earlier in life. It’s therefore important now to identify the source of your fear. The root of the problem isn’t about whether you know the words of your speech or your part in a performance, it’s likely to be more about what you fear will happen when you start to speak and how your audience will react. You may feel that you were constantly ‘put down’ or judged by parents or siblings or by teachers in a classroom in front of your peers.

Your fear of public speaking may have a crippling affect on your professional life if you are required to talk at seminars or present to a board. It’s also likely to inhibit opportunities for promotion if you avoid interviews where you have to speak in front of a panel. Students often perform badly if they avoid classes where they are expected to read out loud or to stand up and present ideas. Self-consciousness when speaking with others can also make all forms of communication difficult, even asking for directions from a stranger. This may actually be a combination of phobias; a fear of public speaking (glossophobia) and a social anxiety phobia.

Almost certainly your fears are unfounded and whatever you’re frightened of won’t actually happen. Hypnosis can affectively help you to overcome your fears, increasing your confidence and reducing your self-consciousness. Hypnotherapy sessions with Jonathan at the Conway Practice in Harley Street are relaxing and completely safe, leaving you in control throughout. Visualisation techniques will use the power of your own imagination, enabling you to approach public speaking in a calm and confident state of mind.

If you would like to know more about how hypnotherapy can help with your fear of public speaking, please contact Jonathan at the Conway Practice, or leave a comment below.

Help with your Fear of Flying in Harley Street

The Conway PracticeIf you need help with a fear of flying in Harley Street, The Conway Practice offers hypnotherapy services to effectively deal with the problem. This is one of the most common phobias and can affect people of all ages at any time in their life and is believed that as many as one in ten of the population may suffer from the condition.

Fear of flying (aerophobia), may in fact be a combination of phobias, including a fear of heights (acrophobia), a fear of enclosed spaces (claustrophobia) or a fear of being away from a place of safety (agoraphobia). These are typically classified as anxiety disorders and often cause severe panic attacks with distressing physical reactions. Even the anticipation of a journey can trigger the anxiety, with negative mental images of what may occur in the terminal or while travelling. Often a fear of losing control in front of other people with no means of escape is central to the problem.

A fear of being trapped (cleithrophobia) and claustrophobia are frequently linked and are not solely attributed to a fear of flying but can be present in various forms of travel when someone is not in control of the situation, such as a journey by train or even a car when another person is in the driving seat.

With air travel we are subjected to media coverage of high-jacking or terrorist attacks and while air crashes are rare, any incident is given intense publicity. This adds fuel to the existing fears despite safety statistics reporting that the chances of air disasters are minimal. A fear of flying or of travel in general can often be traced as far back as childhood. An upsetting incident, however trivial at the time, may have remained locked in your subconscious.

Perhaps you were particularly stressed at some point in the past which coincided with a journey so that when travelling you now recall that feeling of anxiety. If you feel that your phobia is limiting your life and restricting your chance to perhaps enjoy a foreign holiday or pursue a business opportunity, through NLP and hypnotherapy sessions with Jonathan at the Conway Practice in Harley Street, the source of your problem can be identified and eliminated, setting you free to travel with a relaxed state of mind and without stress.

If you would like to know more about how hypnotherapy can help you to manage your fear or flying and other travel phobias, please contact Jonathan at the Conway Practice or leave a comment below.

Help to Lose Weight in Harley Street

weight-controlDo you need help to lose weight in Harley Street? You may have already tried to control your weight by attempting different diet regimes, only to fail and put even more weight on. Yo-yo dieting is common and is likely to just make the situation more stressful.

Stress in itself can be a reason for overeating or being tempted to consume only ‘comfort’ food. We are often conditioned during childhood to view food as a reward and are given sweets or cakes as a treat for being good. You may have believed that you would make your parents or carers happy if you cleared your plate, or be afraid you may be punished if you didn’t.

Food is often used as a form of emotional control. Now in the adult world, negative habits and beliefs need to change.
 Women in particular are falsely led to believe, particularly by the media, that only the very thin are attractive. Trying to achieve this can be depressing, only adding to a poor self-image.

Hypnotherapy sessions with Jonathan at the Conway Practice in Harley Street can help you to obtain and sustain a healthy weight that is right for you after first identifying the reason you find weight control difficult. If you are over-eating due to stress it is crucial to determine the root cause.

Once the reason for this is dealt with, the symptom and negative approach to food can be eliminated. Losing weight is by no means simply aesthetic, it also improves health and emotional harmony, helping you to appreciate a happier and more fulfilled life.

Hypnotherapy in Harley Street will increase your motivation for positive change. Hypnosis is completely safe and natural and you will feel relaxed and in control throughout. If you would like to lose weight and maintain that weight loss, please contact Jonathan at the Conway Practice, or leave a comment below.

Stress Management in Harley Street

lose-weight-brighton-hoveWith the fast pace and demands of life today it is common to experience feelings of anxiety. If this becomes overwhelming help is available for stress management in Harley Street at the Conway Practice. Through hypnotherapy sessions, Jonathan Conway will take the time to uncover the cause of your stress which may not be immediately obvious to you. Often lack of confidence and self-belief, in a work-place for example, causes feelings of anxiety over something that may even be considered a simple task. Pressure to perform to a high standard at all times can be extremely stressful but through hypnosis you can learn how to change your approach to the situation and deal with it in a positive way.

Stress that isn’t managed well in the working environment is likely to spill over into your personal life, affecting relationships with friends and family. It may also be a catalyst for unhealthy habits such as a dependence on alcohol or medication, smoking or eating disorders. If an addiction develops due to stress, giving up the habit is in itself stressful and extremely difficult without help. Hypnotherapy enables you to deal with your anxiety and the root cause, creating positive change in your life and putting you back in control.

Fears may have been buried in your subconscious for many years, perhaps even as far back as childhood. Even though those fears may be irrational, they nevertheless seem very real to you. Typically, these fears may trigger panic attacks or phobias when your thoughts cause a physical reaction to what you believe to be a threat or danger. Hypnotherapy releases these negative thoughts, allowing them to be re-tuned while you are in a relaxed state of mind. At no time are you unconscious or not in control and you will be aware of your surroundings throughout. Jonathan will help you get rid of your stress, laying a well-balanced foundation for the future.

It you would like to know more about how hypnotherapy can help you to manage your anxiety and stress in your life and make a positive difference, please contact Jonathan at the Conway Practice in Harley Street or leave a comment below.

Stop Smoking with the Help of Hypnotherapy in Harley Street

Quit Smoking with The Conway PracticeThe Conway Practice provides help to stop smoking in Harley Street. Perhaps you have made attempts in the past to give up the habit but have failed each time. You may have managed to stop for a while only to return to smoking in a stressful situation, or simply by socially sharing a cigarette with others.

It’s easy to make excuses about not giving up, but that’s often simply a sign that you’re not ready to make the commitment. Hypnotherapy in Harley Street has an excellent success rate in dealing with the addiction, but hypnosis can’t make you do anything against your will. The majority of smokers report that they do want to quit, either due to the expense or for health reasons.

Nicotine is without doubt a powerful drug and as with other drugs when the substance is active in the system you feel good and bad when it’s absent. If you smoke due to stress, it becomes even more difficult to stop when quitting is in itself stressful. However, there are many reasons why people smoke and during hypnotherapy sessions in Harley Street with Jonathan Conway he will talk through the feelings you have about your addiction, take time to understand your lifestyle and discuss why you feel you are now ready to stop.

As with all habits there is always an underlying cause. Many start while they are young, simply due to peer pressure and wanting to fit in with the crowd. Others begin to smoke during periods of stress and then find it difficult to stop even when they are no longer anxious.

Although the conscious mind is aware that nicotine is harmful the unconscious limits your self-belief and ability to stop. It is important not to see a cigarette as a reward or a treat, such as smoking during a work break or after a good meal. Through hypnosis in Harley Street the root cause of the dependence can be identified and dealt with, helping you to change your attitude and break the habit permanently. If you are ready to stop smoking the Conway Practice can help you to change the way you think about your addiction and increase your motivation to quit.

If you would like to know more about how you can stop smoking in Harley Street and remain a non-smoker, please contact Jonathan at the Conway Practice or leave a comment below.

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