Overcome Executive Stress with Hypnotherapy in Harley Street*

Who do you turn to when you’re experiencing stress at executive level? Friends and family members may not fully understand the pressure you are under, even though they may be aware of the negative affect this is having on your professional and personal life. There may be a reluctancy to open up to work colleagues with the concern of appearing inadequate and unable to meet the demands of the role.

Help for executive stress with hypnotherapy in Harley Street at the Conway Practice provides a confidential and supportive solution to managing your anxiety without the dependence on medication, alcohol or other potentially addictive substances.* Hypnosis induces a comfortable and relaxed state of mind, similar to a day-dream where you remain in fully control and are aware of what is going on around you.* During this two way process between yourself and Jonathan, time will be taken to determine what issues you are facing and what your concerns are, both professionally and personally.* Stress in the workplace invariably impacts on social and family life and is often fuelled by deeper feelings of low self-esteem, lack of confidence and the concern that you may let others down.

During the sessions in hypnotherapy, Jonathan will assist you in recognising any negative behavioural patterns held in your sub-conscious which have been blocking the achievement of your full potential.* Hypnosis will enable you to trace back distant memories of instances in the past when your abilities were doubted; perhaps by parents or authority figures.* Stress and a high level of anxiety causes both emotional and physical strain, impacting on general health and well-being. Hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice can help you to focus on your goals with increased motivation and develop new coping mechanisms for managing stressful situations in a positive way.*

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Why Seek Help to Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy?

hypnosis to stop smokingReports show that a significant number of smokers would like to quit, so why do so many find it so difficult? Without doubt, nicotine is a highly addictive substance  causing a physical dependence and unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms however are relatively short-lived and generally ease after two to three weeks, but there are other psychological issues to address. Hypnotherapy can help you to stop smoking by taking a more holistic approach to quitting and the reasons behind you being hooked on the habit.*

At the Conway Practice, during hypnosis sessions Jonathan will explore the contributing factors which have caused you to start smoking and why you have found it hard to stop.* Most people will be able to recall their first cigarette even though this may have been well in the past. You may have mirrored other smokers such as family or friends, in an environment where a non-smoker would have felt out of place. Social smoking is a form of bonding and the need to establish rapport and to share in your fellow smokers habit. Hypnotherapy will enable you to address your feelings of self-worth and to accept that concerns about people thinking less of you simply because you are now a non-smoker are irrational beliefs.*

As much as overcoming nicotine addiction is breaking the hand-to-mouth habit of smoking. As with most habits, there will be specific behaviour and sensory cues to reaching for a cigarette including association with a reward after a stressful day, or in the context of pleasure following a meal or with a drink. In the process of helping you to stop smoking, hypnotherapy will allow negative learning processes to be re-programmed and replaced with coping mechanisms which will put you back in control.*

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Managing Social Anxiety with Hypnotherapy in Brighton*

Managing AnxietyIf you are someone who finds it difficult to interact socially with others, at the Conway Practice in Brighton, hypnotherapy can help you to overcome your social anxiety.* Jonathan will trace back incidents and distant memories held deeply in your sub-conscious which you may not even be aware of, allowing you to recognise where these fears originated.*

There can many reasons for a social phobia, often stemming from something apparently insignificant during the early years which the conscious mind has long forgotten. A simple reprimand from a parent or authority figure about behaving badly or when you’ve been told to be quiet, may have a lasting effect through to adulthood. When imposing a sense of discipline, children were often told not to speak unless spoken to and this can leave a negative impression when a social setting calls for you to join in the conversation.

You may well be overly anxious that by saying the wrong thing everyone will think less of you and for anyone experiencing social anxiety, making new friends especially in unfamiliar surroundings is likely to be emotionally challenging. As an example, leaving the relatively safe haven of home for University life for the first time can be a daunting experience, wondering how well you will be accepted by your fellow students and tutors. Starting a job commonly brings feelings of insecurity to the surface, knowing that initially a new entrant will be the centre of attention and evaluated.

Social anxiety is a step beyond shyness, experienced not only as emotional unease but also with physical symptoms such as palpitations, trembling and feeling nauseous. While relaxed under hypnosis, Jonathan will gently talk through your insecurities and misconceptions that have been the barrier to your enjoyment of social situations or communicating in general.* Hypnotherapy can bring a marked improvement to your self-esteem and confidence, relieving the sense of isolation and opening the door to new opportunities.*

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How Hypnotherapy can Help Remove Barriers to Losing Weight*

The Conway Practice - Hypnotherapy for weight lossIt should be easier to lose weight during the Summer months when the inclination for heavier foods diminishes in the warmer weather and there are greater opportunities for outdoor activity. However, the same subconscious barriers to successful weight loss remain and emotional factors can play a significant part in sabotaging any attempts to control your eating habits. Hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice provides help to lose weight by focusing on the reasons behind a negative relationship with food.*

Firstly, you must have the self-belief that you are capable of achieving your goal weight and not allow yourself to be deterred by any failures in the past. You may feel that you are in control of virtually every area of your life, but are unable to control your weight and are unable to understand why. During the hypnosis sessions, Jonathan will talk through your feelings of self-worth and whether you feel that you don’t deserve to look slimmer and healthier.* This can be a form of social anxiety, using your weight as an excuse not to socialise with others as you fear you will be criticised or be the centre of attention.

Sharing food with others can be a way in which you show that you care, in the same way in which your parents may have demonstrated their love when you were a child. Within your subconscious mind you could feel that by rejecting food you are being offered you are rejecting the feeder, despite being aware that this is undermining your weight-loss programme. Hypnotherapy can be very effective in helping to address emotional reasons behind poor food management and overeating issues. Many overindulge when feeling anxious or despondent and mindlessly eat as a form of comfort, even though this is likely to be swiftly followed by regret.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss will enable you to form a more positive relationship with food but will also give you the confidence to make lifestyle changes.* You will be aware of how your past behaviour has held you back from being the person you want to be and now have the increased motivation to get you there.*

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Overcoming a Fear of Speaking in Public with Hypnotherapy*

Hypnotherapy help you overcome your fear of public speakingWhat are you most afraid of when faced with speaking in front of others? A speech anxiety is an extremely common phobia and can have a variety of origins. Hypnotherapy can help with your fear of public speaking by identifying the negative beliefs that are creating your anxious state of mind, enabling you to overcome your fears using powerful relaxation and visualisation techniques.*

A fear of speaking in public may be misleading as for some, anxiety can be triggered when they are in a one-to-one situation such as an interview or a professional presentation. There is often the concern that the wrong thing will be said and they will be unable to get their point across or will fail to respond to any questions that may be asked and if much depends on communicating well, the pressure will be even greater. This fear can often be traced back to incidents in the past which have been retained deep in the sub-conscious mind. Being ridiculed by peers or chastised by teachers for being unable to answer questions in the classroom, or reproached by parents for speaking at the wrong time can all contribute to a long-term speech anxiety.

You may feel overly self-conscious that your audience will notice you are feeling nervous, which is only likely to increase your fear of failure. During sessions in hypnosis at the Conway Practice, Jonathan will help you to unlearn this negative behaviour and to understand that no one will think any less of you if your presentation isn’t flawless.* Being anxious before giving a wedding or other celebratory speech is often due to not wanting to let yourself or anyone else down on a very special day, especially those who mean a great deal to you.

The affects of stress and anxiety can be felt as unpleasant physical symptoms, including a raised heartbeat, shallow breathing and a dry mouth. Jonathan will show you how to breath comfortably, relaxing your voice into a rhythm that will allow you to speak more clearly and calmly.* Hypnotherapy can help you to channel your nervous energy into positive energy, improving your speaking and communication skills in both your personal and professional life.*  For more information please call Jonathan Conway on 01273 540425.


How Hypnotherapy Can Increase Motivation and Help You Stop Smoking*

hypnosis to stop smokingMany smokers who want to give up the habit find it’s a tough challenge on their own. It you have tried in the past to give up smoking and failed, or this is your first attempt, having sufficient willpower and self-belief that you can succeed may be the key to why you’re not achieving your goal. No one can force you to quit and the intention and motivation must come from within. At the Conway Practice, hypnotherapy can provide help to stop smoking, safely and naturally without the need for nicotine substitutes or medication.*

For anyone who is a long-term smoker, the habit can be more difficult to give up than coping with relatively short-term nicotine addiction. If you were to ask a group of fellow smokers what caused them to smoke their first cigarette and why they have continued despite all the potentially negative consequences, their reasons may well be quite different. During hypnosis, Jonathan will establish why you continue to smoke, enabling you to recognise the specific conditioned responses which are the triggers to lighting a cigarette.* Once you become consciously aware of these trigger points, changing simple daily routines can make a significant difference in your ambition to stop smoking.*

In the past, advertisements were designed to convince us that smoking was not only fashionable or glamorous, but also that we would be more socially acceptable and have more friends. One particular advert had the message that we would never be alone if we smoked their brand of cigarette. If you use cigarettes as a form of social bonding with friends or family, Jonathan will help you to deal with any underlying feelings of inferiority or lack of confidence, by tracing back to the origin of any negative thoughts held deeply in the subconscious.*

Anxiety is often a major contributor to preventing smokers from quitting the habit, with the excuse that it will be easy to stop smoking once the level of stress is reduced. Cigarettes can be associated with a form of comfort and support, but nicotine will only briefly improve the mood and in fact substance withdrawal in itself is a cause of stress, resulting in a roller coaster ride of brief highs, followed by a low feeling and the need to reach for a cigarette again. Hypnotherapy to stop smoking can be very effective in dealing with the root cause of your anxiety by establishing solutions to manage your stressors and greatly improve your coping mechanisms.* Jonathan will show you relaxation and positive visualisation techniques, allowing you to focus on a smoke-free and far healthier life ahead.*

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Overcome a Fear of Flying with Hypnotherapy in Brighton*

A holiday should be something to look forward to; a time to relax and enjoy well-earned leisure time. For some however, when this involves travelling by air the anxiety caused simply at the thought of boarding an aeroplane may be overwhelming. At the Conway Practice in Brighton hypnotherapy can help to overcome a fear of flying or other related travel phobias.*

No one is born with a phobia. This develops through external influences, including upsetting personal experiences, parental conditioning or even exposure to distressing incidents through the media whether these are fact or fiction. It can be difficult to identify the source of the fear, or what exactly you are afraid of and a fear of flying can actually be a combination of phobias. During sessions applying hypnosis, Jonathan will help you to trace the source of your anxiety that is limiting the enjoyment of your daily life.*

The fight or flight reaction is often irrational, but nonetheless it can be both physically and emotionally distressing and difficult on your own to identify where this stems from. Hypnotherapy enables feelings stored deeply in the subconscious mind to be brought to the surface and replaced with positive thought and actions.* The fear may not be directly related to a concern that the aircraft will fail to get you safely to your destination, but more about a fear of not being in control and having to put your safety in the hands of others you don’t know and trust.

Your travel anxiety may be a form of claustrophobia, triggering extreme anxiety at the thought of being in a restricted space and unable to leave when you choose. This can be combined with a social phobia, when the anticipation of being in the crowded environment of an airport terminal triggers a feeling of extreme discomfort. Recognising how a fear of flying developed, allows the phobia to be managed and viewed from a far more positive perspective, putting you back in control. Jonathan will explain how hypnotherapy can open the mind to new thought processes, replacing negative beliefs with de-stressing techniques and positive coping mechanisms.* Once your mind is able to interpret the event of flying as pleasurable, you will experience the pleasure of excitement and leave the anxiety behind.*

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How Hypnotherapy Can Help to Reduce Executive Stress*

Executive stress  or workplace stress can develop over a considerable length of time before the problem is recognised and addressed. This may be partly due to a reluctance to open up to colleagues or friends and family for the shame of appearing incapable of meeting the demands of the job. A fear of failure can lead to isolation from others, with the need to shoulder the burden of responsibility alone. Hypnotherapy combined with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) can be extremely effective in bringing about positive and beneficial change.*

While you are in the calm and relaxed state of hypnosis at the Conway Practice, Jonathan will help you to bring feelings held deeply in the subconscious to the surface, enabling coping strategies to be applied in your daily life.* A problem based strategy will address the actual issues which are causing the stress, such as time-management or lack of co-operation from colleagues. NLP can be of value by helping you to appreciate how you can not only develop your communication and management skills in the workplace, but also understand how to improve your interaction in social situations.* If you are not getting the response from others that you’ve been hoping for, then you need to change the way in which you communicate. An emotional based strategy will focus on how you feel, including your level of confidence and self-worth.

Executive stress can be experienced as emotional, physical and behavioural. External pressures such as high work loads, meeting set targets, deadlines and performance levels, all have an affect on the ability to cope. When these demands outweigh what you are able to handle, it becomes extremely difficult to function effectively. Physical symptoms frequently include raised blood pressure, difficulty in sleeping and poor digestion. Hypnotherapy provides a natural, medication-free way of reducing work-place anxiety, increasing motivation, self-esteem and coping mechanisms to enable a return to a positive and manageable work-life balance.*

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Weight Management with Hypnotherapy in Harley Street*

The Conway Practice - Hypnotherapy for weight lossWhether you are about to make your first commitment to losing weight or you’ve been a serial dieter with little or no success, hypnotherapy in Harley Street can help you to lose weight by revealing the reasons behind a negative relationship with food.*

Compulsive eating is often a habit which has formed over a long period and is an emotional response, rather than a physical need. Lack of esteem and a feeling that you don’t deserve to be liked or admired, can result in the self-sabotage of any attempt to manage your weight.

A very high percentage of both positive and negative behaviour is automatic, without any conscious thought. Your actions are reliant on how you think and in order to change an unhealthy or harmful habit, conscious awareness of situational or emotional triggers needs to be increased. At the Conway Practice in Harley Street, during hypnotherapy sessions Jonathan will address the negative influences controlling your eating behaviour and help you to recognise where these originate.*

Comfort eating can often be traced back to early years when food was seen as a reward or punishment. During times of stress or anxiety overeating may be a subconscious need to resort to food as a way of coping with negative emotions due to childhood behaviour shaping. Emotional eating can’t be satisfied with food and will only provide a brief feel-good factor, often followed by a feeling of guilt and regret. Hypnotherapy can help with weight management, reducing stress, increasing motivation and improving self-esteem.* While in a deeply relaxed state during hypnosis, Jonathan will use powerful techniques such as positive visualisation, enabling you to imagine how you will look and feel once you have achieved your weight loss goal.*

Become a non-smoker with the help of hypnotherapy*

hypnosis to stop smokingWhat would it take for you to become a non-smoker? The aggressive anti-smoking campaigns and media reports have no doubt made you fully aware of the health risks and concerned family and friends are probably pressuring you to give up the habit. Hypnotherapy can help to stop smoking providing there is self-determination and not simply to please others.*

While deeply relaxed under hypnosis your unconscious mind is far more receptive to positive suggestion.* As smokers are generally able to condition themselves to circumstances where they are unable to smoke, there are equally times when they subconsciously feel the need to light a cigarette. This may have less to do with the nicotine addiction than to the actual hand-to-mouth habit of smoking. During sessions in hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice, Jonathan will help you recognise your tobacco triggers and introduce coping strategies, enabling you to deal with the emotions, environment and social situations associated with smoking.* 

The reasons behind your habit will be addressed and why it seems so difficult to break. This may be due to anxiety and stress, a means of social bonding or even boredom and loneliness when smoking is simply something to pass the time. Hypnotherapy can be very effective in relieving tension whether this is work-place stress or social anxiety, without the need for nicotine replacements or medication.* Negative beliefs will be addressed, releasing you from a deep-seated habit that no longer has a place in your life.* You will be able to imagine how much better you will feel as a non-smoker.*

Providing you have the motivation and commitment, you can quit smoking with hypnotherapy leaving you free to enjoy a far healthier life-style.*

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