How Hypnotherapy  in Brighton can Help You to Manage Exam Stress*

hypnotherapy for exam stressThere’s no doubt that at some point in everyone’s lives they will be face with taking a test or exam of some kind. This may be only during school years, but for many continuing in adult education or for career progression, exams can play a significant part in the long term. For those who experience exam stress this can be a daunting prospect.

So why do some people sail through tests while others lose sleepless nights worrying about how they will perform on the day? During hypnotherapy sessions  at the Conway Practice in Brighton, Jonathan will help you to make positive changes to the way that your subconscious mind and your physical body are responding to stress.* This can be the first step to helping you to understand the underlying cause of your anxiety and how the problem can be resolved.*

You may be able to trace back to a previous exam where you failed or achieved less than you had hoped for. Parents or teachers often set high standards which you may believe you are unable to attain, especially if you are compared unfavourably with siblings or fellow students. This lack of self-esteem is likely to have the negative affect of the misconception that you don’t have the ability to succeed and can only visualise failure. Anxiety is often caused by worrying about what others will think of you if don’t pass, which in turn weakens your confidence. If you need help to manage stress in a driving test or other exam conditions,  through hypnotherapy sessions with Jonathan you will be able to focus on relaxing and being in control throughout.*

Hypnotherapy is a completely safe and natural process which is medication free and is tailored to your personal needs.* During hypnosis while you are experiencing a pleasant dream-like state, Jonathan will use the power of positive suggestion to change any negative feelings, thoughts and behaviour that may have been self-limiting.* You will learn how to use deep-breathing and relaxation techniques, enabling you to approach exams in the future in a stress-free state of mind.*

Help to Control Your Weight With Hypnotherapy*

The Conway Practice - Hypnotherapy for weight lossIf you are finding it difficult to control your weight, you first need to understand what is triggering a need to overeat or to be attracted to the wrong foods. Hypnotherapy for weight loss addresses the various reasons why food has become a negative issue in your life, helping you to resolve what may have been a long term struggle to lose weight and to maintain the weight loss.*

If you were to keep a diary you would no doubt find that your poor eating habits follow a distinct pattern. You may eat through boredom when you’re looking for stimulation and when this happens to be provided by food, often of the unhealthy and fattening variety, it may well give you a feeling of self-reward and briefly make you feel better. If you are trying to lose weight however, this lift in spirits is likely to be swiftly followed by a feeling of guilt or regret. Your relationship to food may have been formed very early in life and much depends on the eating habits within the family home. You might find that you now eat for comfort to satisfy your emotional hunger when you’re not actually physically hungry.

Dieting is often something of a roller coaster ride with highs rapidly followed by lows, leaving you disheartened when you’ve failed to achieve the weight loss you had hoped for. If you have low self-esteem you may become easily discouraged and feel that if you don’t like yourself, others will also think less of you despite their reassurances. Hypnotherapy for weight loss can be extremely effective by helping you to recognise how misguided you are in assessing your worth.* Do you overeat due to loneliness or when you are stressed and anxious? While you are in a relaxed stated of hypnosis, you will be able to bring your true feelings to the surface that may have remained deeply buried over a long period of time.*

During hypnotherapy sessions at the Conway practice, Jonathan will take the time to talk to you about any personal issues that may be inhibiting your attempts to manage your weight.* You will be able to look at food differently and have a far more positive and healthy approach to your eating habits, putting you back in control both physically and emotionally.*

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Help to Overcome a Fear of Public Speaking with Hypnotherapy*

confidenceDo you have a dread of speaking in public? A fear of public speaking is one of the most common phobias and can affect people in both their professional and personal life. Stage fright is one form of this, where an experienced performer can be overcome with nerves when faced with an audience. However many may not be aware that for some, even giving a presentation on a one-to-one basis can be a stressful experience.

Hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice can help you to overcome your public speaking anxiety by addressing the reasons behind your fear.* You may be able to trace these negative feelings back to your school years when you were afraid you may be ridiculed by your peers or chastised by the tutor for giving a wrong answer in the classroom. These memories can be stored in your sub-conscious, surfacing whenever you find yourself in a situation where others will be listening to what you have to say. You may be so concerned that something will go wrong and you will be judged badly, you do everything possible to avoid making any speeches, including job interviews or delivering a presentation where you feel you will appear incompetent. For anyone who trying to cope with this phobia, even social celebrations can trigger anxiety when they are expected to give a wedding speech or address the guests.

While you are relaxed during hypnosis and your mind is in a receptive state, Jonathan will help you to identify the root source of your anxiety that the conscious mind may have easily forgotten.* These buried thoughts are likely to surface as a ‘flight or fight’ response, with a surge in adrenalyn causing uncomfortable physical reactions including a racing heart beat and shallow breathing. When we speak of words ‘drying up’ this actually relates to a dry mouth as a common nervous reaction before giving a speech or a presentation in front of others.

Hypnotherapy can enable you to make positive changes in managing this stress overload, learning improved communication skills and developing increased confidence.* You will be able to conquer your discomfort of public speaking, release old fears and visualise a positive response to your words and opinions.*

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How to Break the Habit of Smoking with Hypnotherapy*

hypnosis to stop smokingIt’s not uncommon for smokers to believe that the only obstacle preventing them from giving up smoking, is the addiction to nicotine.* In reality, although nicotine is a very addictive substance, the withdrawal symptoms are relatively short-lived whereas the actual habit of smoking is often more difficult to break.

Hypnotherapy sessions with Jonathan at the Conway Practice provide a completely safe and natural help to stop smoking. The reasons why you first became a smoker and why you are now ready to stop are important factors in determining how your goal to quit can be achieved and maintained. Lifestyle and family are often very significant and Jonathan will discuss how outside influences may be preventing you from breaking the habit.* Although smoking may have become generally more anti-social, if you are spending time with other smokers as soon as someone lights up you may unconsciously mirror their action and immediately feel the need for a cigarette. This is often why adolescents living in an environment where parents or older siblings are smoking, are motivated to follow suit.

Lighting a cigarette becomes an automatic habit, triggered in certain situations and undermining any resolve you may have to stop smoking.* During hypnosis you will become aware of these triggers and how you can manage them effectively without the need for a cigarette.* If you smoke to relieve anxiety, hypnotherapy can help to reduce your stress levels with relaxation techniques and self-hypnosis you can use whenever you are feeling anxious.*

Regardless of how long you have been addicted to the habit, a smoking cessation programme with hypnotherapy will enable you to visualise yourself as a non-smoker, increasing your willpower to meet the challenge and make positive changes in your life.*

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Quit Smoking with Hypnotherapy During Stoptober*

hypnosis to stop smokingIf you are someone who really wants to quit smoking, like many others you may well find that the challenge set by the 28 day Stoptober campaign to become nicotine-free is the ideal time. Giving up on your own can without a doubt be tough, but hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice can provide help and encouragement in a completely safe and natural way.*

While you are in the deeply relaxed state of hypnosis, Jonathan Conway will sensitively address your reasons for smoking and why you are now ready to stop.* If you first became a smoker during your teenage years it may be difficult to think of life without a cigarette if you are now well into adulthood. The habit of smoking can be as addictive as the reliance on nicotine and perhaps even more so. You are likely to automatically light up in specific situations, reacting to subconscious triggers and feeling confused at what you should do with your hands without a cigarette as a prop. Breaking the habit or ritual is key to becoming a non-smoker.*

If you smoke to calm yourself when you are anxious, Jonathan will help you to understand how you can change your lifestyle and manage your stress levels without the need for an unhealthy stimulant which will only have a very brief affect.* Perhaps you smoke more when you are socialising with other smokers, feeling that it helps you to interact and fit in with others better. In fact there are some who never smoke when they are alone. During hypnosis to stop smoking the power of suggestion can be used to improve your level of self-esteem, giving you a greater confidence in social situations.*

Hypnotherapy can help you to break negative behaviour patterns, stay motivated and achieve your goal to stop smoking, whether the desire is to be fitter and healthier, or simply to give up a costly habit.*

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How Hypnotherapy can Help with Weight Control*

The Conway Practice - Hypnotherapy for weight lossIf you are someone who is constantly striving to maintain an ideal weight, you will probably be well aware of how diets may not achieve the long-term results you have been hoping for. Hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice can help you to lose weight by focusing on the reasons behind a negative relationship with food, which may be causing you to overeat or to follow an unhealthy eating regime.*

For many, bad eating habits start from a young age and are often influenced by the dietary routine within the family, leaving you in a lifestyle trap well into adulthood. If you were made to finish everything on your plate even when full, this early conditioning is likely to remain stored in your subconscious mind, with the belief that if anything is left you are wasting good food that may have been lovingly prepared for you. When someone close to you is a ‘feeder’ it may be even more difficult to lose weight, when food is given as a symbolic symbol for caring and it feels disrespectful and ungrateful to refuse the offering. During hypnosis your food-related emotions will be addressed, enabling you to understand that no one will think less of you if only eat the amount you are comfortable with, rather than trying to please others.*

Emotional eating when you are feeling stressed or low will only provide a very brief release and a mood lift is often followed rapidly by a feeling of guilt that you’ve been over-indulgent. Using hypnotherapy Jonathan will help you to reduce your weight by defining a strategy to manage the triggers which weaken your resolve to maintain a balanced and healthy relationship with food.*  You will be able to transform any negative thoughts into positive self-talk, increasing your confidence and motivation to achieve your weight loss goal.*

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How Hypnotherapy can Help if you Want to Stop Smoking*

hypnosis to stop smokingEven a long term smoker may reach a point in their life when they want to quit smoking. Quitting however, can prove to be far harder than it was to become a smoker in the first place. The very first seemingly harmless cigarette, can also be the first step towards becoming hooked very quickly not only on the highly addictive substance of nicotine, but also on the habit of smoking.

Hypnotherapy can help you to stop smoking by not only helping you through the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms, but also by retracing why you began to smoke and why you are now determined to stop.* Influence from peers during the teenage years often plays a major part and can continue to do so even in adult life when it becomes far more difficult to stop smoking if you are surrounded by smokers. Hypnosis however can help to increase your willpower and self-discipline by making personal changes on a deeper level in your sub-conscious mind.*

Although you may believe that you are unable to give up smoking due to the reliance on nicotine, this may well be a false belief. There are certain situations where you are conditioned to not lighting a cigarette; during a flight, in a restaurant or other public places, or out of courtesy when enjoying a meal with non-smokers. You have consciously accepted that you will be able to cope without smoking. During hypnosis Jonathan will help you to visualise what triggers your need to smoke, even when nicotine may no longer be in your system.*

You may reach for a cigarette purely out of habit at certain times of the day, perhaps while on a work break, after a meal, or socialising with friends. Anxiety may also play a significant part in why you continue to smoke. With guidance from Jonathan Conway using hypnotherapy, you will be shown relaxation methods enabling you to reduce your stress levels and to respond more effectively to external stressors as and when they occur in your life.* You will learn how to replace habits when you would normally be tempted to smoke, with positive distractions which will take your mind off any cravings.*

Hypnotherapy to help you stop smoking is completely safe and medication free and effectively works by giving you control to find the inner strength to achieve your goal to become a non-smoker.*

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Lose Weight with Hypnotherapy in Harley Street*

The Conway Practice - Hypnotherapy for weight lossFor anyone who finds it difficult to control their weight and maintain a size that they feel comfortable with, this may become an issue that eventually dominates their life. It’s common to be tempted by fad diets that promise significant weight loss, often in unrealistically short times, leaving the dieter disillusioned when they fail to achieve their target.*

Hypnotherapy in Harley Street takes a completely different approach by looking at the reasons behind a negative relationship with food, helping to change long term attitudes to why someone may overeat or be drawn to unhealthy and fattening foods.* Much can generally be traced back to earlier life, with family habits and how food was provided in the home. As an example, for anyone who can recall confectionery being de-rationed in the early 1950’s there were celebrations that a long period of perceived ‘deprivation’ had come to an end, with children in particular being encouraged to treat themselves and over-indulge in something that had previously been a limited luxury.

These or similar memories of associating food with reward or comfort remain stored deeply in the sub-conscious and frequently surface when unhappy or distressed, resulting in comfort eating.* Choosing to lose weight can be stressful, resulting in a negative cycle of overeating as a means of responding to emotional hunger meaning that you are more likely to turn to food which you sub-consciously associate with comfort as a child.* If you turn to food when you are anxious or bored, eating can become a distraction to take your mind off what may be missing in your life.

During hypnotherapy sessions at the Conway Practice in Harley Street, Jonathan will help you to discover the triggers to your eating patterns and to understand how you can improve your attitude to food with a far healthier balanced approach.* While in the deeply relaxed state of hypnosis you will learn how to bring suppressed emotions about lack of confidence and self-worth to the surface, not only helping to achieve your desired weight loss, but also to increase your motivation to reach your other life goals.*

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Giving up Smoking with Hypnotherapy in Harley Street*

hypnosis to stop smokingBreaking any habit can not only be challenging but also very stressful, even more so if it’s been part of your life for a considerable time. Smoking is a particularly difficult habit to break as the body also has to adjust to the physical symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. Hypnotherapy can help you to stop smoking safely and naturally without the use of medication or the need to replace a cigarette with tobacco substitutes.*

During hypnotherapy sessions at the Conway Practice in Harley Street, Jonathan Conway will help you to recognise why you have found it so difficult to quit smoking and how the habit first started.* You may have become a smoker quite unintentionally; perhaps accepting a cigarette from a friend and then buying your own packet to return the gesture. When everyone around you is smoking, the social influence of wanting to fit in with the crowd is common, making it all the more difficult to stop. Bad habits are often a means of coping with boredom, stress or low self-esteem and smoking is no exception.* Although nicotine withdrawal will actually last a relatively short time, breaking the habit of smoking requires dealing with the deeper issues.*

Hypnosis can help you to appreciate why you continue with a habit even though you know it may be harmful to your health and limit enjoyment of certain physical activities* You will be able to recognise the triggers which compel you to smoke and to find new routines, different rewards and positive ways in which to change your behaviour instead of reaching for a cigarette.* Using hypnotherapy in Harley Street, Jonathan Conway will show you how to look ahead and visualise how you can respond differently when faced with a situation where you would previously have craved tobacco.* You will begin to focus on your future as a non-smoker, with the understanding that bad habits really don’t have to last a lifetime.*

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Weight Loss with Hypnotherapy in Brighton*

The Conway Practice - Hypnotherapy for weight lossDo you feel that your life is controlled by food and you are unable to manage a healthy balance of how much you are eating? You may find that you are either on a diet or between diets, with no neutral ground. Hypnotherapy in Brighton & Hove can help you to lose weight by understanding your relationship with food and why it may be affecting your quality of life.*

Perhaps you have tried every fad diet and become disheartened when each one has failed, leaving you believing that you’re the failure rather than the diet regime. This is likely to result in a feeling of guilt, mentally punishing yourself for not achieving the desired weight loss. You may find that dieting is followed by periods of comfort eating in an attempt to feel better after breaking the strict rules you’d set for yourself. Dieting is frequently a negative cycle of highs and lows.

During hypnotherapy sessions at the Conway Practice in Brighton, Jonathan will address the reasons behind your disordered eating.* Do you turn to food when you are stressed or feeling bored and have a compulsion to eat high calorie food for comfort? Are your family or friends ‘feeders’, insisting you consume more than you would choose to eat but you’re reluctant to reject the food they’re offering, concerned you will hurt their feelings? You may for instance have been programmed as a child to believe that you must finish everything on your plate regardless of being full.

These subconscious triggers, whether due to anxiety, low self-esteem or pre-conditioning are a result of your feelings and beliefs which lead to your behaviour and relationship with food. While under hypnosis any negative thoughts and emotions can be brought to the surface and resolved.* Jonathan will guide you in positive imagery, enabling you to visualise how you will look and feel once you have achieved your ideal weight.* Hypnotherapy in Brighton & Hove  is a completely safe and natural way in which to lose weight. It can be effective not only in establishing a healthy eating balance but can also be self-empowering, enabling you to accomplish your personal goals with positive intention.*

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