Brighton & Hove Help For Weight Loss

lose-weightIf you want to lose weight, help in Brighton and Hove is available at The Conway Practice with hypnotherapy. If you are truly determined, you have within you the ability to succeed in changing any habits you want to. The key is to think positively and during hypnosis you will learn to visualise how you will feel once you attain your desired weight and are slimmer and fitter.

Hypnotherapy isn’t a magic wand. There are many contributing factors as to why it may be difficult for you to lose weight, with outside influence and conditioning playing a big part. Jonathan Conway, BSc Dp EHP.NLP MNCH (acc) NLP Master Practitioner & Certified NLP Coach,

will help you to identify the root cause and will show you how to use your own willpower to increase your motivation to succeed.

It’s important not to focus purely on losing fat, but to think of it as a new regime of fitness and good health. Of all the organs in the body, the mind is considered to be the most powerful and the most common cause of overeating is emotional. That may be through stress, feeling lonely or bored and you might have found that negative thoughts have caused you to eat for all the wrong reasons, leaving you with a feeling of guilt.

Lack of self-esteem can also be significant and if you don’t feel good about how you look you may well eat for comfort to cheer yourself up. So it becomes a continual circle of eating and dieting, followed by more weight-gain. 

By increasing your self-confidence during hypnosis, you will feel more empowered to lose weight and to maintain that weight-loss. Improved self-assuredness will enable you to enjoy new, healthier eating habits with long-term weight management.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to hypnotherapy and sessions for weight loss in Brighton and Hove are tailored for each individual.

Obstacles and negative emotions stored in the mind that have prevented you from succeeding in the past can be re-programmed while the unconscious is more receptive to suggestion and open to change.

Hypnotherapy helps to break the negative cycle, replacing ‘bad’ thoughts with a positive attitude, changing your mindset.

Through hypnotherapy in Brighton and Hove at the Conway Practice you can be helped to create a completely new relationship with food and your body. If you would like to know more about hypnotherapy services in Brighton and Hove, contact Jonathan Conway today, call 0-1273 540425 or leave a comment below.

How Hypnotherapy Services in Harley Street Can Help You

self-esteem-brightonYou may be reading this for a variety of reasons and are trying to deal with a particular physical or psychological problem. On your own this is likely to be difficult, but be assured that help is available using professional hypnotherapy services in Central London.

Perhaps for instance you are feeling particularly low in spirit, which isn’t unusual during the winter months. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can be the cause of depression when there is a lack of sunlight while the days are short, decreasing the level of Serotonin to the brain. When we feel down, other issues such as a lack of concentration, irritability, anxiety attacks and even physical ailments surface.
 Restoring the feel-good factor makes a world of difference to how we approach everyday situations and challenges.

During sessions at the Conway Practice in Harley Street, Jonathan Conway will focus on hypnotherapy and your emotional state in order to improve your general well-being. The chemical Serotonin is produced naturally by the human body, maintaining the mood balance and raising motivation, making us feel more cheerful. It also improves our mental ability to deal with everyday tasks and cope with stress.

Depression can also trigger eating disorders, social anxieties and the inability to perform well at work or during exams. If SAD is identified as the catalyst, hypnosis can reach your subconscious mind and address how your negative thoughts can be changed for a more positive outlook.

We often hear people say that they dread the winter with the long dark nights. Their mindset is already prepared for the feeling of melancholy. This perception needs to be replaced with a more optimistic attitude in order to break the depressive cycle.  Hypnotherapy services in Harley Street will help you to focus on the positive side of things and to erase the thoughts of past winters when you may have experienced periods of despondency and felt generally down in the dumps. So much more can be achieved when you feel good about yourself and your motivation to enjoy life to the full is restored.

If you would like to know more about how hypnotherapy services in Harley Street can help you, call the Conway Practice today on 07956 855027.

Harley Street is Great Place for Executive Coaching

executive-coaching-brightonThere’s no doubt that it can be tough when you’re at the top of your profession and at times it may feel that it’s a lonely place to be. In a senior position, every day is likely to present challenges with crucial decisions to be made.

If you feel that you need help to achieve all that is expected of you, Jonathan Conway, BSc Dp EHP.NLP MNCH (acc) NLP Master Practitioner & Certified NLP Coach provides executive coaching in Harley Street at the Conway Practice. During sessions in hypnotherapy combined with NLP, issues can be addressed and resolved.

To explain how executive coaching helps, hypnotherapy and NLP are psychological therapies and release negative thoughts stored in the unconscious mind. While you are relaxed both physically and mentally, your inner potential can be accessed, enabling beneficial change. In order to succeed, you need to truly believe in the potential for your success.

There may well be particular obstacles that confront you in your career that are difficult to deal with. Many executives find that they are considered to be the sole decision maker and are expected to always get it right. In fact the survival of the business may rest on your shoulders, or at least wrongly or rightly, you may consider this to be the case.

Coping with executive stress is often difficult on your own. Through hypnotherapy and NLP sessions you will learn how to deal with this in a positive and productive way. You may for instance not find it easy to delegate or communicate effectively with your colleagues. Have you lost sight of your goals or your confidence in achieving them?

NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming, will identify the negative words you use to explain how you feel. What we say mirrors how we feel inside, what we think and what we have on our mind. ‘I will do it’ for example has far more positivity than ‘I might’ or ‘I hope to’. When you really believe you can overcome a problem then you will achieve whatever you want.

This art of achievement can be learned through hypnotherapy, re-programming negative thoughts and increasing self-esteem.

At executive level you may feel that you’re always under pressure to perform and you lack the belief that you can maintain this. During hypnosis this critical inner voice can be stilled, reducing anxiety levels and enabling you to switch off and relax when you have valuable home time.

Your negotiation and communication skills will improve, your confidence for public speaking will be stronger and your motivation will increase.

If you would like to find out more about executive coaching in Harley Street, please leave a comment below contact Jonathan today on 07956 855 027.

Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching in Highgate

lose-weight-brighton-hoveIf you are considering seeking help through hypnotherapy in North London, Jonathan Conway combines hypnotherapy and NLP coaching in Highgate at the Conway Practice. You may be more aware of the beneficial affect that hypnotherapy has on the unconscious mind, but have less understanding of NLP.

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming and with the clue in ‘linguistic’ it refers primarily to the spoken word; what we say and how we say it. ‘Neuro’ relates to the mind and our words come from our thoughts, both positive and negative. There may be areas of your life where you are underachieving and although you probably say that you are ready for change, the words you use may give a different message.

How often do you find yourself using the cop out words ‘possibly’, ‘hopefully’, if I’m ‘lucky’, or I’ll ‘try’? You know for example when you’re talking to someone and they use phrases such as “I should be able to meet you” or “I’ll see if I can be there” that you won’t be able to rely on them as they aren’t fully committed.

During hypnotherapy and NLP coaching in Highgate, Jonathan will evaluate your speech and thought patterns. Although signals are given through the spoken word, body language is also a key and together they give a map to the mind. Often described as the science of achievement, NLP coaching will provide a set of insight and life-skills, facilitating clarity of thought and more effective communication.

You will find it easier to manage your moods and behaviour and to think positively. Combined with hypnotherapy, your subconscious negative perceptions can be changed, removing self-deceptive beliefs which have caused underlying problems. 

Improving your own communication skills also empowers you to interpret how others communicate with you.

You will learn how to spot just how frequently metaphors are used in conversation, helping you to identify when true commitment is lacking. This is invaluable not only in personal relationships, but also within a corporate environment, especially during negotiations. Sessions in NLP and hypnotherapy enable personal and professional development and the ability ‘to do’ and not simply ‘aim to do’.

If you would like to know more about Hypnotherapy and NLP coaching in North London, contact Jonathan Conway today.

Hypnotherapy Can Help You to Stop Smoking in Brighton & Hove

Quit Smoking with The Conway PracticeAre you a smoker who despite resolve and resolutions have seen Stoptober and national No Smoking days pass you by without being able to stop? As with any addiction, Nicotine can have a powerful hold and even with pressure from family and friends or being made to feel that you’ve become a social outcast, however determined you may be to give up it’s not going to be an easy habit to break.

That’s when The Conway Practice can step in with help to quit smoking in Brighton & Hove with hypnotherapy sessions.

You are probably well aware that apart from being hard on your pocket, smoking is bad for your health and nicotine is a highly toxic substance. The physical addiction however isn’t the only issue as there is also the problem of a psychological dependence.

You are likely to have certain times in the day when you ‘reward’ yourself with a cigarette, such as during a work break, when you’re out for a drink with friends, or to calm you down when you’re under stress and want to relax. You will therefore experience cravings on two levels when you attempt to stop, both physical and emotional. You may be surprised to hear that the psychological craving is often far more difficult to overcome than nicotine withdrawal.

Hypnosis in Brighton & Hove is a safe and holistic therapy, has been shown to have great success in helping smokers to quit. Smoking is to a large extent about habituation, but unlike some enjoyable habits it is actually a form of self-harm.

Hypnotherapy services available in Brighton & Hove will help you to identify and deal with the repetitive triggers that you associate with smoking. You will understand how you can use positive thought to eliminate the destructive side of your subconscious that has been allowing the addiction to continue. During this hyper-responsive state of mind, Jonathan Conway, BSc Dp EHP.NLP MNCH (acc), will guide you through a visualisation of personal motivation and change, learning how to respect your body.

If you would like to know more about how the Conway Practice in Brighton & Hove can help to stop smoking and use hypnotherapy for a healthier lifestyle, contact Jonathan Conway today on 01273 540425.

Hypnotherapy Services Available in Brighton & Hove

lose-weight-brighton-hoveIf you feel you need help with a particular issue in your life that you are unable to resolve on your own, there are hypnotherapy services available in Brighton & Hove at the Conway Practice. Under hypnosis, many emotional and psychological disorders can be addressed in a purely safe and natural way without the use of medication. Hypnotherapy can in fact be the most effective method for prompting positive life changes.

Contrary to the opinion of many, during hypnosis, although you will feel extremely relaxed, you won’t go into a deep sleep. In fact your awareness will be heightened, leaving you more receptive to suggestion. This trance-like state of mind could be likened to when you ‘switch off’ during a long train or plane journey and find yourself daydreaming until you reach your destination. You are aware of everything going on around you but you’re not focused on your surroundings.

Hypnotherapy services in Brighton & Hove can assist you in changing areas of your life where you feel you are being held back by the inability to change the way you cope with certain situations, for example in your career, relationships, education, or simply in your everyday routine. You may have the mistaken perception that old habits can’t be changed, such as phobias, diet, smoking, or other forms of addiction.

Negative thoughts will have been gathered over time and under hypnosis in Brighton & Hove these can be unlearned and transformed into something positive. Jonathan Conway BSc Dp EHP.NLP MNCH (acc) will help you to discover how you can take control of your life by letting go of any blocks or past traumas that have been holding you back from achieving your full potential.

Hypnosis in Brighton & Hove can help with issues such as;


  • Travel Phobias
  • Social Anxiety
Stop smoking
  • Exam Stress
  • Fear of Public Speaking
  • Losing weight
  • Executive Stress
  • Personal development

Telephone and Skype coaching is also available.

Jonathan Conway is a qualified hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Coach with more than 20 years experience. Contact Jonathan today. On 01273 540425

How hypnotherapy in Harley Street can help you lose weight.

Are diets simply a waste of time? Jonathan Conway of the Conway Practice is unsure how helpful they are. Global Market Research company Mintel has reported that generally, at any given time one in four adults in the UK is attempting to lose weight and feel fitter or more attractive, which equates to around 13 million of the population.

Realistically, if dieting is effective and the excess weight stays off at the first attempt, companies producing the slimming products or promoting the diet plans would soon be out of business.

SoHypnotherapy for weight loss. how is hypnotherapy different? Primarily it looks at the relationship you have with food and helps you to change your behaviour and attitude to eating. Your subconscious mind is far more receptive to suggestion while you are under hypnosis and can be retrained to focus on positive goals, such as being slimmer, healthier and less reliant on ‘comfort eating’ during periods of stress.

Jonathan Conway, a fully qualified hypnotherapist, will explain how you can lose weight with hypnotherapy and show you how to use this focused concentration that you experience under hypnosis while you are at home or work, enabling you to achieve improvement in your eating habits and a better self-image.

Hypnotherapy will help you to avoid eating for the wrong reasons, such as boredom, anxiety, depression, or wrongly believing that you are rewarding yourself by eating ‘comfort’ food. The ‘reward’ is only likely to be followed rapidly by a feeling of guilt and disappointment. This is a familiar feeling when diets are broken.

When you need help losing weight, hypnotherapy sessions can bring about positive change and allow you to control the problems you may have been experiencing with your eating behaviour. Unlike dieting, this will have lasting affect and long-term weight maintenance with absolutely no risk to your health.

Contact the Conway Practice today or leave a comment below.

Making Positive Changes With Hypnotherapy Services in Harley Street

lose-weight-brighton-hoveHypnotherapy Services in Harley Street at the Conway Practice, provide help and support in making the changes that you may feel are needed in order to improve the quality of your life. Jonathan Conway, BSc Dp EHP.NLP MNCH (acc) NLP Master Practitioner & Certified NLP Coach,

will encourage you to identify personal goals and discuss what may be holding you back from achieving them.

Fears and phobias are common and although some may be mild while others cause considerable limitations on everyday life, to whatever degree they are likely to have an affect on how you fulfil your true potential at home, at work, or within relationships. Hypnosis services in Harley Street can be extremely effective in helping deal with a wide range of conditions. When attempting to stop smoking for instance, respected studies have found that with hypnotherapy three times more success can be achieved than with nicotine replacement products.

Most of our actions are unconscious and they can at times lead us off-track, perhaps by smoking or drinking too much or allowing eating habits to get out of control. If our subconscious is the root of our problems it’s also the place where our solutions can be found. Under hypnosis your thought process can be re-trained, re-educating your unconscious mind, with a positive affective on how you react instinctively.

While you are in a relaxed state, Jonathan will show you how to imagine situations that make you feel good and how to apply these to experiences where you feel anxious or out of control. 

You must however, be clear about what changes you are ready to make in order to give your unconscious mind that message.

You can’t be made to do anything during hypnosis that you truly don’t want to do. During the hypnotherapy sessions in Harley Street your mind will be hyper-attentive and far more open to suggestion. This will provide you with the tools which will enable you to make the desired changes in your behaviour, whether that be breaking bad habits, being free of fears and phobias, or simply having a more positive approach to life in general.

If you would like to understand more about how hypnotherapy services in Harley Street can help you, please contact Jonathan at the Conway Practice or leave a comment below.

Hypnotherapy Services In Harley Street Can Help With New Year Resolutions

self-esteemAs we approach the time when New Year resolutions are made, you may feel the need to seek help with the challenge ahead from hypnotherapy services in Harley Street. The first step however is to be sure that you’re really ready to change and to do it for yourself, not simply due to nagging or pressure from others.

You may have decided that you want to make the coming twelve months, your year. Perhaps you want to lose weight, give up smoking, or generally feel less stressed and more relaxed; to enjoy life in the way you want and to achieve more. Whether the changes are within your work and life balance or involving new personal challenges, hypnotherapy and NLP are proven to be very effective in getting results where you may not succeed on your own.

Before your first hypnotherapy session it’s essential that you have a clear goal, a vision of what difference you intend to make in your life and a positive picture of how you see yourself once the changes have been made. Hypnotherapy will help you to turn a wish into the desired result, to see yourself in a positive light and not as a failure.

Imagine how much better you will feel when you’ve maintained your resolution and visualise what you’ll gain from the changes you’re going to make.

Hypnotherapy and NLP services available in Harley Street will help you to re-programme negative thoughts that may have been holding you back and increase your self-belief. During hypnosis your subconscious mind is more open to suggestions, but you can’t be forced to do something against your will and the desire for change has to come from within yourself.

Through sessions at the Conway Practice in Harley Street, Jonathan will teach you self-hypnosis that you can use to eliminate irrational fears of failure, giving you the potential to achieve any personal goal you set yourself in the future.

If you would like to know more about how hypnotherapy and NLP can help you keep your New Year resolutions, please contact Jonathan at the Conway Practice by calling 07956 855027 or leave a comment below.

How Hypnotherapy in Brighton & Hove Can Help With Social Anxiety

self-esteem-brightonAt this time of the year whilst many are eagerly awaiting the start of the Christmas and New Year festivities, for some this brings a feeling of dread. If you panic at the thought of celebrating with others, you may need to seek help for social anxiety using hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice in Brighton & Hove.

Hypnotherapy is extremely effective in dealing with a social anxiety disorder and related phobias. You may feel that you will be under scrutiny and judged by others in a social situation and this anxiety can wreak havoc in both your work and personal life. It’s not simply a case of shyness, but a far more deep-rooted fear of being humiliated or embarrassed when interacting socially.

This can mean that your enjoyment of life is severely limited, affecting relationships and family activities. These anxieties can even have an impact on everyday routines such as mixing with work colleagues, presenting at an interview, forming new relationships or joining clubs and social groups.

Typically, the social phobia is triggered by an incident as far back as childhood and may have seemed insignificant at the time. There is often a combination of phobias involved such as a fear of being away from home or where you consider as ‘safe’ (agoraphobia), or a fear of enclosed spaces and of having no escape (claustrophobia). These anxieties can cause an overwhelming feeling of stress which result in a full panic attack with a physical reaction such as breathlessness and feeling close to collapse.

Social phobias can be an extremely heavy burden to carry, leaving you feeling very much alone and unable to enjoy yourself with others. You’re likely to turn down invitations to parties and social gatherings which then makes you feel an outsider when people stop inviting you.

Phobic anxiety will restrict you from making the most of any opportunities that come along in your life due to fear and a lack of self-confidence. Any deep-rooted phobias and anxieties can be identified and addressed during hypnotherapy and NLP sessions with Jonathan at the Conway Practice in Brighton & Hove. You will learn how to release your fears and approach social situations in a positive way, changing your behaviour pattern and releasing negative thoughts that have been preventing you from fully enjoying life.

Hypnosis is medication-free and completely safe and you will remain in control and relaxed at all times. If you would like to know more about how hypnotherapy and NLP can make a positive difference in your life, please leave a comment below or contact Jonathan at the Conway Practice in Brighton & Hove.

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