Stop Smoking in Highgate, North London with Hypnotherapy Services

Quit Smoking with The Conway PracticeAre you looking for help to stop smoking in Highgate, North London? You may have already made several unsuccessful attempts to quit, or perhaps you are only now ready to take the first step towards a nicotine-free healthier life.

Jonathan at the Conway Practice provides hypnotherapy sessions, helping you to retrain your mind on both a conscious and subconscious level, changing your attitude to smoking. 

Not only an addiction to nicotine, smoking is also a habit and as with all habits there is always an underlying cause. You may well find that it becomes automatic to light up a cigarette at certain times; during a work-break, after a meal or morning coffee, or in a social gathering. Stress however, plays a major part in the reason for smoking and also the prevention of giving up the habit.

Even the process of stopping is stressful in itself. The conscious mind knows that smoking is harmful to health but a self-limiting belief prevents you from having the confidence to stop. 

Nicotine is a powerful drug. You feel good when the substance is active, and bad when it’s not. Surveys have shown that the majority of smokers want to give up, whether that may be for health reasons or simply because they are aware of ‘burning money’ every time they light up.

During sessions at the Conway Practice, Jonathan will take time to understand your lifestyle, discuss why you believe you smoke and why you are now ready to stop. Everyone is viewed as an individual with their own account of why they first started to smoke and how they may have tried and failed in the past to stop. Hypnosis identifies the underlying cause of the dependence and can then change your way of thinking, enabling you to reach your goal and maintain it permanently. In 1992,

The New Scientist reported that hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking. 

Hypnotherapy services in Highgate, North London can help you to increase your motivation and change your way of thinking to break your habit. If you would like to stop smoking and to learn how to remain a non-smoker, please contact Jonathan at the Conway Practice, or leave a comment below.

Hypnotherapy Can Help You To Lose Weight in London This Summer

Hypnotherapy for weight loss.Have you failed with every diet but are determined to lose weight in London this Summer? With the onset of the Summer holidays the pressure is often even greater to slim down to look good on the beach or in lighter clothing and it becomes more difficult to hide under layers of thick garments.

However, losing weight is by no means simply an aesthetic need, it also improves health and well-being. We know that the latest weight-loss plan and crash diets aren’t the solution to maintaining an ideal size. Every time an attempt to diet fails, the weight is likely to rise again, leaving you feeling even more depressed.

In order to solve the pattern of yo-yo dieting where weight is lost and soon put back on again, old habits, perhaps from childhood, must be changed.

Jonathan Conway is able to help you to change this cycle of behaviour in a natural and safe way through hypnotherapy sessions at the Conway Practice in Harley Street, Central London.

There are many contributing factors for obesity.  Hypnosis identifies unconscious feelings and motivations, tracing the root of the problem. How you viewed food as a child and how your parents or carers approached the provision of food can be very significant to the part it now plays in your life.

Food may have been given as a treat, as with snacks and sweets, or as a form of control and even punishment. Hypnotherapy can be a great help in determining how you react to food, enabling you to make positive changes.

Periods of stress often trigger comfort eating and no diet will assist in altering that state of mind. Hypnosis however is found to have positive results in eliminating this pattern of behaviour, helping you to enjoy a more fulfilled and happier life.

Hypnotherapy services in Harley Street, near to Oxford Circus will increase your motivation to change your eating habits, enabling you to focus on a healthy lifestyle.

If you would like to lose weight and maintain that weight loss, please contact Jonathan at the Conway Practice, or leave a comment below.

lose-weight-brightonWould you like to lose weight in Brighton and Hove this Summer? There are probably two main peaks in the year when people decide enough is enough and they are determined to trim down and that’s in the New Year and pre-Summer holidays. It’s accepted that crash diets or trendy weight loss plans don’t solve the problem of a failure to maintain an ideal size. Each time a diet fails and the weight increases again you feel more miserable.

In order to break the cycle of losing weight and putting it back on, it’s essential to change old habits. Jonathan Conway offers a safe and natural way to change these patterns of behaviour through hypnotherapy sessions at the Conway Practice. Obesity has many different contributing factors. Hypnosis gets to the root of the problem, identifying unconscious motivations and feelings.

These may be traced back to childhood when we are rewarded with food as a treat, especially sweets and snacks, or we are made to ‘clear the plate’ before being allowed to go out and play. Food may be a reward or a punishment and hypnotherapy can be a great help in determining exactly what role food plays in your life, enabling you to change the way you view it. 
Comfort eating for example can be triggered by stress and while no diet will eliminate that state of mind, hypnosis is shown to have positive results. Food can also be used as a form of control. By using self-control over the amount of food you eat, you will find that you can lead a happier and more fulfilled life.

Hypnotherapy services in Brighton & Hove will maximise your motivation to change eating habits and focus on a healthy lifestyle. If you would like to know more about how hypnotherapy can help you to lose weight and maintain that weight loss, contact Jonathan at the Conway Practice, or please leave a comment below.

Hypnotherapy in Brighton and Hove, East Sussex

In the fast pace and high demands of modern life, stress-linked conditions are becoming more common and difficult to cope with. The most severe form of stress can be seen in a panic attack, when the ‘fight or flight’ response is triggered. Jonathan Conway has a wealth of experience in managing anxiety through hypnotherapy in Brighton and Hove.

Anxiety is often a matter of ‘what if’, worrying about what might happen and anticipating a negative outcome. A fear of flying for example can start to build well before the day of travel. You may find yourself avoiding activities that trigger your anxiety, limiting growth and performance in your personal or professional life.

Your subconscious or ‘inner voice’ tells you that something bad will happen to you or you will fail. Phobias and fears are often deep-rooted from childhood experiences that you may not be consciously aware of. Research has shown that around 80% of our behaviour is done without conscious thought.

Think for a moment what you’d like to change in your life.

This probably feels like a huge challenge, as you would need to change how you feel about yourself and how you believe others see you. An inability to stop smoking or a dependence on alcohol may be a form of comfort due to a lack of self-esteem and confidence. Hypnotherapy 
is extremely successful in helping to change negative thought patterns giving you the freedom to experience life as you would like to do.lose-weight-brighton-hove

For more information about Hypnotherapy Services in Brighton & Hove please leave a comment below or if preferred use the contact form.

At times in our lives it is common for feelings of fear or negativity to take control, leaving us in a distressed and anxious state. Providing professional hypnotherapy services in Harley Street, Central London, Jonathan Conway with his many years of experience can help significantly with this.

Negative conditions have an underlying cause and may be psychological, psychosomatic or emotional and through hypnosis the root of the problem can be identified and managed positively.

How often does the way you think, your ‘inner voice’ or subconscious, prevent you from taking 
confident steps to move forward in your life? When an opportunity presents itself, lack of self-confidence or anxiety may hold you back. This is frequently apparent when a phobia such as a fear of travel or of presenting in public is restricting your life and limiting your choices.

You may be struggling with an eating disorder or an addiction and need help with understanding and severing the link that keeps you addicted. Perhaps you have carried with you a habit or belief from childhood that has now become the pattern of your life and you are at a loss as to how you can let go of it. Your unconscious mind can hijack your behaviour, severely limiting your personal growth and well-being, adversely affecting your career or relationships.

Hypnosis is a completely natural state, effective on the deepest level, opening the subconscious level of the mind and is safe, relaxing and medication-free. At no time during hypnosis will you lose control. Hypnotherapy enables you to absorb positive suggestions while you are in a comfortable dream-like condition, leaving you to act and think in a far more stress-free, self-assured and positive frame of mind.

lose-weight-brighton-hoveJonathan will work with you to find a resolution to your specific problem and monitor your progress throughout your hypnotherapy sessions. If you would like to seek help to make positive changes in your life, please contact Jonathan at The Conway Practice in Harley Street, Central London or leave a comment below.

A Helping Hand

Article appeared in Latest 7

Jonathan Conway, Hypnotherapist & NLP practitioner, answers your questions on changing the way you view the world.

Q. I want to run Brighton Marathon one day. Can Hypnotherapy help me perform better in sports?

A: Yes, absolutely. Using hypnosis to visualise being successful in sports is very powerful. It can also be helpful to use the anchoring techniques of NLP to help you get into a resourceful winning state and also to model success on other successful performers in professional sports.

Q. I wish I had more confidence. Can hypnotherapy make me more outgoing?

A. Yes. Hypnosis can be a careful tool in helping a person focus on the things that help them to feel better about themselves and help you to find the resources that every person has to do this. As you begin to notice your success there is likely to be a cumulative effect. In my experience confidence from the inside out is likely to be more effective and longer lasting than doing things with a short term boost in confidence. Also the more accepting a person can be of themselves the better they are likely to feel in their lives.

Q. I would love to fly abroad but have such a fear of flying after a bad experience when I was younger. Can hypnotherapy help me to overcome this phobia?

A. Flying phobias are usually connected with a past flying experience that didn’t go well such as extreme turbulence or engine failure whilst on board a flight. It is a feeling of being out of control sometimes accompanied by panic and anxiety. Hypnosis accompanied by an NLP Fast Phobia cure can help with overcoming a flying phobia and to help the person have a positive flying experience. To do this, the flying experience needs to be reframed to something more positive, in particular, the language that is used in thinking about the flying experience.

Q. Can hypnotherapy cure physical pain?

A. Pain management is a complex topic and before a non-medically trained hypnotherapist uses hypnosis for pain control it is important that the person has had a medical investigation beforehand. Once this has been done – and with a medical practitioner’s approval – hypnosis can be a powerful too in assisting with pain control. Hypnosis can help to change the perception of the pain into something more manageable and something which the unconscious mind is able to control.

Q. My new job means that I need to give public presentations. How many hypnotherapy sessions would I need to improve my public speaking performance?

A. Speaking in public is one of life’s greatest challenges and fears. Hypnosis and NLP can really assist a person to speak fluently and confidently, and to create a greater level of rapport with the audience. Even two or three sessions can make a significant and valuable change to someone’s ability to be a competent public speaker. The first task is to help the person build up some positive resources. NLP Anchoring techniques can be useful here followed by visualization and also learning a practicing self hypnosis techniques. Like all new skills it is necessary to practice and the more times you are able to do so, the easier it will be to perform well in presentations.

Q. I’m seeing a hypnotherapist to help me to kick my smoking habit. Am I going to be able to handle passive smoking after my hypnotherapy?

A. The biggest part of smoking addiction is not the physical craving but the psychological need to have a cigarette. Once the urge to smoke is replaced by other healthier and creative behaviours the person will have a sense of freedom and be in control of the unconscious urge to smoke. It is also probable that the hypnotherapist may have given some hypnotic suggestions that the person will no longer be attracted to the smell of nicotine and therefore passive smoking should not bother the person.

Many executives  and senior management are often under pressure and stressed. They often need to meet deadlines increase profits  with less staff and have less time to themselves.

High achievement comes at a price . Executives can start to be self critical and a perfectionist and this can begin to affect their self esteem and general confidence and even affect their physical as well as psychological health .

NLP Coaching can be helpful to identify and help to resolve any stressful issues that the person may have helping the person to realise their full potential .

The Conway Practice is proactive  in helping clients overcome these issues. Appointments are available in Hove Sussex and London or at the clients office by arrangement.

Coaching can also be given by phone or on skype if more convenient

If you would like to find out more about how executive coaching can be helpful contact Jonathan Conway on 07956 855027

The start of 2014 is a good time to consider making changes in your life both personally and professionally.

Perhaps you want to gain that promotion at work or be able to manage stressful situations more effectively.

Jonathan Conway is an experienced and effective qualified hypnotherapist, certified NLP master practitioner and coach – with practices based in the Highgate Consulting Rooms in Swaines Lane, and also in Harley Street, central London.

Hypnosis and NLP coaching (neuro-linguistic programming), can help with a number of areas in life including public speaking, presentations and interview technique.


NLP is a method of influencing brain behaviour through the use of language and other types of communication to enable a person to “recode” the way the brain responds to certain situations with new and better behaviours. It often incorporates hypnosis and self-hypnosis to help achieve the desired change. Jonathan works with people of all backgrounds, from corporate executives, middle managers and professionals to people undergoing a life transition. He applies his philosophy to assist clients in reaching their potential by helping them recognise their own inner resources and strengths. He said: “Hypnotherapy is considered to be a powerful tool in helping people to overcome the urge to smoke or to control their weight by utilising the power of the unconscious mind through visualisation of various changes in your life.

“Self-hypnosis through positive visualisations is very effective, for example if you want a promotion at work. Visualise yourself in that role, or if you want to find a happy relationship, visualise yourself in that relationship. Everybody has challenges and regular positive visualisation can help overcome those. It is also important to be kind to ourselves and not beat ourselves up about what we haven’t achieved. We always talk about nourishment in terms of food but emotional nourishment is important too. Hypnotherapy can also help resolve travel phobias such as flying and help a person feel more confident and have greater self-esteem.”

Article published in Ham and High Newspaper – 16th January 2014

Emotional Nourishment

The diet industry is big business (no pun intended), with fad diets the go to solution for yo-yo dieters and obesity an increasing problem here in the UK in recent years. The solution sounds simple enough: eat well, eat less, and move more. But actually doing so is another thing entirely, which takes us back to the diet industry making the big bucks. It’s a vicious cycle, but getting to the root of the problem through hypnotherapy can help.

When I first introduced Kate to Jonathan Conway of The Conway Practice, I myself had some doubts. Can hypnotherapy really help her to shed the unwanted pounds?

Kate, who is director of a Brighton business, a manager of 35 staff, a wife, and a mum of three, is by no means obese. However, she has fallen into a cycle of unhealthy eating, where she knows she doesn’t want it, but she eats it anyway. Sound familiar?

Delving deeper into the reasons behind Kate’s overeating, it’s a by-product of low self esteem (like many unhealthy psychological habits), being a perfectionist, and a fear of losing control. By choosing to eat recklessly, Kate is in control. But, as is always the way with bad habits, she feels worse afterwards. And so the cycle continues.

What may be surprising is that on the outside Kate doesn’t appear to lack confidence at all; she has no time to worry while she’s managing staff and meeting clients. It goes to show that problems can be underlying, and issues such as anxiety and stress can affect anyone, no matter how perfect things look from the outside. A lovely analogy Kate tells me is that she is like a duck: on the surface she is gliding along, composed and fine. Beneath the water she is paddling like mad.

Kate knows that her self esteem takes a knock when her clothes are tight in the morning, and that when she looks good, she feels good and has more energy. Hypnotherapy will be used to improve her outlook and help her regain control and eat healthily.

Through hypnotherapy, Kate can see food for what it is: nourishment. If she finds the time to look after herself, doing the things she loves and being kinder to herself, she has the emotional nourishment she needs and won’t turn to food and alcohol instead.

Hypnotherapy allows the conscious and unconscious mind to become open. Counting up from one to 20, Jonathan encourages Kate to enter a hypnotic state. It is now that she can address her feelings and adjust her thinking patterns. These include stopping to ask herself if it’s a physical or emotional hunger she feels before she reaches for food, and what other options does she have? Jonathan tells Kate to find resources within herself to become slimmer and take control. He tells her to picture her clothes fitting looser and feeling more confident, lighter and calmer.

Tapping into the unconscious mind can make changes easily, safely and effortlessly and this is what I witness firsthand. Kate lets go of her conscious desire to overeat and is naturally drawn to healthier foods. At the same time as addressing Kate’s eating patterns, Jonathan encourages her to be kinder to herself, taking time for herself and to allow healing.

As Kate is counted back to reality, she is calm but emotional. She feels peaceful and looked after. Jonathan has enabled her to use her unconscious mind to move forward past the unhealthy eating. Being in touch with this feeling of calm has encouraged Kate to be more at peace and letting this quality into her life. Through the hypnotherapy session, she feels the spirit and warmth from within herself and realises there’s a difference between being and doing.

Try it for yourself, whether your problem lies with overeating, alcohol abuse, smoking or low self esteem. Hypnotherapy is an emotional and individual experience and witnessing it firsthand is incredible. It’s a tried and tested effective tool for changing destructive thinking patterns and facilitating positive change. Remember we’re human beings, not human doers. By witnessing Kate’s hypnotherapy session, even I am allowed to step back and smell the roses for a while. It’s so easy to get caught up in the demands and stresses of modern life, but hypnotherapy lets you focus on you. It lets you just ‘be’.

Article appeared in Latest 7 magazine August 2013

Of course, with every great adventure there is risk. Once it’s all over, you’ll be glad you took the plunge but be prepared as much as you can, flight socks, travel sickness pills, travel insurance etc.

Not many people can put their hands up and say they love to fly, but, for some, a deep rooted fear of flying can mean they never board a plane. The end result of a holiday destination and fantastic sights and adventures is enough for most of us to sit in cramped conditions for 10 hours or more. But a real phobia of flying can stop you seeing the big wide world. Remember that, when compared to travelling on the roads, flying by aeroplane is actually incredibly safe.

A fear of heights as well as feeling out of control are often the reasons people fear flying. The person can experience physical sensations such as feeling sick, shortness of breath, or an increase in heart rate at the mere thought of flying. There are ways a person can overcome the fear. At the Conway Practice I teach the ‘NLP Fast Phobia Cure’ which enables you to let go of the way information is stored in the body and change the way you respond in the situation.

Visualisation techniques can help you feel calm and in control, as you picture having a positive flying experience. I can also teach self hypnosis tricks for you to take with you on your journey.

Don’t miss out on the holiday of a lifetime because of a negative voice in your head.

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