How hypnotherapy can help to stop smoking in 2017*

hypnosis to stop smokingThe start of a new year is an excellent time to give up smoking as you are likely to have set yourself a goal and to be more determined to succeed.* No matter how much pressure others may have put on you, the decision to stop must be down to your own commitment and self-motivation and not simply to please friends and family.

Hypnotherapy can help to stop smoking naturally without the aid of nicotine substitutes which don’t address the reason for your habit.* Contrary to what you may believe, nicotine addiction isn’t the sole issue in preventing you from giving up. During sessions in hypnosis with Jonathan at the Conway Practice, the reason behind why you feel the need to smoke and why you find it difficult to quit will be uncovered while your mind is in a relaxed state and your subconscious is receptive to positive suggestion.*

If your first experience of smoking was due to wanting to emulate role figures in your life or to mirror your peers, you may now find that you continue to see sharing a cigarette as a social activity. Hypnotherapy will enable you to reprogram your conception to understand that stopping smoking doesn’t mean that you will be lonely and less accepted by your friends.* If you refuse a cigarette when you’re offered one, you’re not rejecting their friendship.

There are of course other reasons why you continue to smoke even when you’re aware that it’s harmful to your health or your finances. Stress or boredom can be  major factors, and although nicotine may provide a very brief feeling of relief, much is due to a psychological reassurance which again is short-lived. Hypnotherapy can not only be a very effective way to stop smoking but will also help you to identify and manage the underlying cause of your tension and anxiety which has been preventing you from giving up the habit.* Jonathan can help you to succeed in your resolution to become a non-smoker in 2017.*

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Lose Weight with Hypnotherapy in 2017*

The Conway Practice - Hypnotherapy for weight lossIf you’ve been seduced by food over the festive period and are now determined to improve your eating habits, hypnotherapy can help you to lose weight to maintain a healthier lifestyle.* You may well have given yourself permission to overindulge during family meals and party celebrations but are concerned that you will find it difficult to get your weight back under control. If you have tried to lose weight in the past you have probably found that crash diets aren’t the solution in the long term and are only likely to set you on a never ending cycle of unhealthy eating and dieting.

Hypnotherapy sessions at the Conway Practice provide a completely safe and natural way to enable you to address your relationship with food.* While you are in the deeply relaxed state of hypnosis, Jonathan will help you to understand how you can improve your feeling of self-worth and respect for your body.* You may be overweight due to a negative body image and find yourself sabotaging an attempt to introduce a healthier eating regime simply because you don’t feel you are worth the effort. Hypnotherapy can help you to overcome this negative self-talk.*

Jonathan will also identify the triggers to your poor eating habits.* These may be traced back to early childhood, resulting from family attitudes to food and you may now need help in re-programming your subconscious negative eating behaviour which has become automatic over the years. If your problem is comfort eating due to anxiety, hypnotherapy can be extremely effective in helping you to use relaxation techniques to reduce your stress levels.*

Hypnotherapy for weight loss can help you to achieve your goal to shape a healthy life balance in 2017 and in the years ahead.*   For more information call Jonathan Conway today on 01273 540425.

Help to Manage Anxiety with Hypnotherapy*

Managing AnxietyWe all feel anxious at times but for some, this anxious state is overwhelming and can have an extremely negative affect on everyday life. There are many different forms of anxiety with varying root causes that may be either easily recognised or in some cases remain deeply buried in the subconscious over a long period of time. Through hypnotherapy it’s possible to identify the source of the source of the anxiety and to deal with your vulnerability during stressful situations.*

During sessions in hypnosis at the Conway Practice, Jonathan will help you to trace the origin of your anxiety and identify the triggers to your anxious state of mind.* Social anxiety is common and may be linked to an upsetting incident in the past which you fear may reoccur, extreme shyness from childhood, or simply a concern that something over which you believe you’ll have no control, could happen in the future. These anxious feelings may start well before the event, or can be experienced intensely as a panic attack with no prior warning while you are in a social gathering. You may well find yourself avoiding situations where you fear your anxiety levels will be out of control, resulting in missed opportunities and a restricted social life.

Anxiety however is by no means only limited to socialising. General anxiety can cause sleeplessness, lack of appetite and an inability to concentrate on even the simplest of tasks. This is likely to affect your ability to perform efficiently in the work place with a cumulative effect on your home and family life. Help for stress management with hypnotherapy provides a natural and medication-free way to deal with issues which are making you anxious.* Jonathan will guide you through positive imagery techniques, calming methods and relaxed breathing exercises to reduce your anxiety levels and improve your emotional well-being.*

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How Hypnotherapy in Harley Street can Help to Stop Smoking*

hypnosis to stop smokingDo you have the determination to stop smoking without pressure from family and friends? Hypnotherapy can help you to quit the habit only if you have the self-motivation to become a non-smoker as during hypnosis you can’t be made to do something against your will.*

Despite others trying to persuade you to stop, do you find it difficult to give up? Hypnotherapy sessions with Jonathan at the Conway Practice in Harley Street will uncover the reasons why you are continuing to smoke and what smoking means to you.*

Most smokers will recall their first cigarette, but do you wonder why you are finding it difficult to smoke your final one? The habit may well have been formed over a number of years and as much as nicotine is an addictive substance, the habit is equally, if not more difficult to break. You probably find that you automatically reach for a cigarette at certain times of the day; during a work break as a self-reward, when you are under stress, or in a social group with other smokers. You are also likely to be pre-conditioned to situations when you are unable to smoke; during a flight, or in other enclosed public places.

Applying hypnotherapy while your subconscious mind is more open to suggestions and new ideas it can be re-programmed to accept that you no longer need to smoke, without being dependent on whether the situation permits it or not.* Stop smoking hypnosis sessions in Harley Street will help you to identify the specific triggers to your habit.* Perhaps you smoke to reduce anxiety or to fit in with the crowd and appear more confident in social gatherings or as an appetite suppressant to maintain your weight.

Whatever your reasons for a reliance on cigarettes, hypnosis can increase your self-worth and motivation, enabling you to value a healthier lifestyle as a non-smoker and quit the habit for good.*  For more information about how a hypnotherapy session in Harley Street could help you stop smoking please call Jonathan Conway on 0207 467 8460.

Manage Exam Nerves With Hypnotherapy in Brighton*

hypnotherapy for exam stressUnless you are one of those fortunate enough to sail through an exam without a care in the world, you may need to find a solution to calm your nerves when you are faced with any form of test. Exam stress doesn’t end with the school years and often relates to any situation where you have to perform to a certain standard.

Hypnotherapy can help to reduce anxiety, leaving your mind clear to focus on the task in hand.*

You may find that even after spending a great deal of time revising and preparing yourself for the test, you still doubt your ability to perform well on the day.

This lack of self-belief can have an adverse affect on your working life if you are expected to achieve professional qualifications in order to progress in your career.

Even having to present yourself well in an interview can seem like an exam environment, causing you to feel that you will forget everything you had prepared and be unable to answer the questions that may be asked.

Feeling anxious before a test can often be traced back to a previous situation where you have failed to accomplish the result you had hoped for and you now feel that you will fail again. Parents or tutors may have set high standards and compared you unfavourably to siblings or peers, leaving you to believe that you are not capable of achieving your true potential. Hypnotherapy with Jonathan at the Conway Practice in Brighton will help you to improve your confidence and self-esteem, enabling you to visualise a positive outcome whenever you are challenged to perform well in an exam or interview, or you want to pass your driving test.*

During hypnosis you will learn how to retrain your subconscious mind so that you no longer see tests as a stressful situation.* Jonathan will show you relaxation techniques which can be applied whenever you need to feel calm and in control.*

Hypnotherapy in Brighton & Hove is a completely safe and natural way to manage your exam nerves without the need for habit-forming medication.*    For more information call Jonathan Conway on 01273 540425

Achieve Weight Loss With Hypnotherapy in Brighton*

The Conway Practice - Hypnotherapy for weight lossIf you have set your self unrealistic targets to lose weight rapidly before an event or a special occasion you are likely to recognise the fact that crash or fad diets simply don’t achieve the results you’ve hoped for in the longer term. Your life may have become a cycle of yo-yo dieting, with short periods of abstinence followed by over-indulgence.

Hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice in Brighton takes an holistic approach to weight management and will help you to appreciate why you have a negative relationship with food.* Overeating can be a result of being scolded as a child for not clearing your plate and you may now subconsciously feel that you will upset the feeder if you don’t eat all the food being offered. These familial eating traits are frequently carried through to adulthood, continuing a negative and unhealthy eating pattern. During hypnosis Jonathan will help you to re-evaluate your self-belief with the understanding that by eating less food than everyone else at the table, no one will think badly of you.*

Compulsive eating is habitually consuming food when you’re not actually hungry.

This may be through boredom when your automatic response is to reach for a snack simply to pass the time. You may find that you eat compulsively as a means of self-reward and comfort when you are feeling lonely or are anxious or angry. Hypnotherapy can help you to recognise true hunger from emotional hunger and to enable you to understand how you can eat mindfully and find positive distractions from food.* Relaxation techniques will reduce your stress levels and activate your coping mechanism during difficult situations, without the need to eat for emotional well-being.*

Hypnosis can be very effective in a weight management programme, enabling you to improve your self-esteem, achieve your target and maintain your weight loss.*

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Help to Quit Smoking with Hypnotherapy in Brighton*

hypnosis to stop smokingAre you a smoker who has promised yourself that this is the last cigarette from the very last packet of cigarettes, time after time? Being free of any habit is a challenge, but even more so when this involves a highly addictive substance such as nicotine. The intense cravings for nicotine however will generally ease after only a few days and hypnotherapy in Brighton at the Conway Practice in Brighton can help you to not only prepare for these initial withdrawal symptoms, but also to deal with the habit of smoking.*

Sessions in hypnosis will focus on managing your stress and anxiety levels which often a trigger a need for a cigarette, identifying certain situations and times of the day when your automatic response is to smoke.* You may in fact be psychologically dependent on cigarettes as a prop to make you feel better when you’re out of your comfort zone and need to appear more confident and in control.

Understanding the associated factors of what led you to start smoking can be a good indication of why you find it difficult to break the habit. Perhaps you were influenced by family or friends who were considered as role models and you didn’t want to feel like an outsider. Even though the majority of smokers would admit to it being unhealthy, smoking is still a social habit and often a way to bond with fellow smokers. Hypnotherapy can help to improve your confidence and self-esteem, no longer needing to mirror the habits of peer groups in order to fit in and be accepted.*

At the Conway Practice, Jonathan will tailor a personal plan to help you stop smoking, addressing both the physical addiction and the psychological habit.* You will understand how you can use alternative ways to handle difficult situations and negative feelings without the need for a cigarette. You will be able to set a goal for becoming a non-smoker, visualising how much fitter and healthier you will feel.* Hypnosis is a completely safe and medication-free therapy *

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How Hypnotherapy in Brighton Can Help With Social Anxiety*

welcomeDoes the festive season fill you with dread, knowing that you will be expected to join in with the celebrations? For some, anxiety can spoil what should be an enjoyable time spent with friends and family, ranging from shyness to fear when faced with a social situation. So how can hypnotherapy help with social anxiety?* During sessions in hypnosis at the Conway Practice, Jonathan will sensitively reveal the core issues which trigger negative feelings.*

This problem is often related to a fear of being poorly judged and considered as the outsider within a group. You may be able to trace back to a particular incident which has left a negative imprint stored within your subconscious mind. However much you may wish to socialise with others, you may be reliving the same feeling
of a bad experience in the past and expect it to happen again. Recognising how you felt at the time and how you can now release and erase these feelings can be achieved through hypnotherapy.*

Social anxiety is often a combination of phobias. Agoraphobia for example manifests as a fear of being away from what you consider to be your safe place. You may be afraid that if you are not in control, you will be trapped and unable to leave if you wish to. Even if you are with people that you know, you might still be worried that you will say the wrong thing and be ridiculed in front of others and that a feeling of mild anxiety may turn into full blown panic. Whereas for some, an adrenalin surge is experienced as excitement, for others unable to manage their stress levels it could be felt as physical and emotional panic.*

Social anxiety is often a result of low self-esteem and Jonathan will help you to gain greater confidence and self-belief, enabling you to approach social situations in a relaxed state of mind.* Hypnotherapy can help you to look forward to socialising with others, opening up new friendships and opportunities.*

For more information about how hypnotherapy in Brighton can help you overcome social anxiety please cll Jonathan Conway today on 01273 540425

Hypnosis for Weight Loss in Brighton*

The Conway Practice - Hypnotherapy for weight lossHow can hypnotherapy help you to lose weight?* If you have tried to reduce your weight and not had the success you had hoped for, during hypnosis sessions at the Conway Practice in Brighton, Jonathan will help you to recognise why you are finding your relationship with food has such a negative affect on your life.*

A fad or a crash diet isn’t the solution as it won’t be sustainable in the long term and bad eating habits with simply return. Approaching weight management in this way creates a negative cycle of dieting, followed by periods of unhealthy eating. You may find that you have a brief determination to lose weight, perhaps for a special occasion or for medical reasons and when you don’t achieve rapid success you immediately become disheartened and turn to food for emotional compensation.

There are many contributing factors to obesity and hypnotherapy can help you to identify the unconscious motivation behind your poor eating habits.* Stress can be a contributing factor when food is a substitute for comfort. There may be certain foods that you reach for when you are under pressure, but realistically the lift in mood will be brief and eating for comfort won’t actually improve your day. Jonathan will show you relaxation and breathing techniques which can be followed whenever you need to reduce your stress levels, avoiding the temptation to turn to unhealthy, high calorie food.*

Eating through boredom when you are not actually hungry is a compulsive disorder and you may find yourself snacking without consciously being aware of what you are eating. You will recognise the triggers to your overeating and come to appreciate that food isn’t the solution to relieving your boredom.* During hypnosis you will learn how to focus on a positive activity as a distraction from eating mindlessly.* Hypnotherapy can help you increase your willpower to step out of your comfort zone and take positive steps to fill your life with more rewarding diversions.*   

With hypnotherapy, weight management need not be a struggle and you can be back in control of healthy and well-balanced eating with a new and positive attitude towards food.*

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How Hypnotherapy in Brighton Can Help You to Manage Exam Stress*

hypnotherapy for exam stressThere’s no doubt that at some point in everyone’s lives they will be face with taking a test of some kind. This may be only during school years, but for many continuing in adult education or for career progression, exams can play a significant part in the long term. For those who experience exam stress this can be a daunting prospect.

So why do some people sail through tests while others lose sleepless nights worrying about how they will perform on the day? During hypnotherapy sessions at the Conway Practice in Brighton, Jonathan will help you to make positive changes to the way that your subconscious mind and your physical body are responding to stress.* This can be the first step to helping you to understand the underlying cause of your anxiety and how the problem can be resolved.*

You may be able to trace back to a previous exam where you failed or achieved less than you had hoped for. Parents or teachers often set high standards which you may believe you are unable to attain, especially if you are compared unfavourably with siblings or fellow students. This lack of self-esteem is likely to have the negative affect of the misconception that you don’t have the ability to succeed and can only visualise failure. Anxiety is often caused by worrying about what others will think of you if don’t pass, which in turn weakens your confidence. If you need help to manage stress in a driving test or other exam conditions,  through hypnotherapy sessions with Jonathan you will be able to focus on relaxing and being in control throughout.*

Hypnotherapy is a completely safe and natural process which is medication free and is tailored to your personal needs.* During hypnosis while you are experiencing a pleasant dream-like state, Jonathan will use the power of positive suggestion to change any negative feelings, thoughts and behaviour that may have been self-limiting.* You will learn how to use deep-breathing and relaxation techniques, enabling you to approach exams in the future in a stress-free state of mind.*

For more information about how hypnosis can help you to overcome a fear of exams call Jonathan Conway today on 01273 540425

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